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5 Steps How to Solve Microsoft Excel Can’t Print

NTB TODAY | How to Solve Microsoft Excel Can’t Print – Microsoft Excel is a leading spreadsheet software program as well as a powerful data visualization and analysis tool. in this article we will discuss various kinds of problems and how to fix (solutions) or other ways to overcome we didn’t find anything to print, current printer is unavailable excel, why word can’t print and how to remove excel protection and locked excel print area.

Why File Excel File Can’t Print?

Microsoft is famous for its many digital products, one of which is Microsoft Office. These products can be used to process various office documents. In the Microsoft Office product line, there is one application that can be used specifically for processing spreadsheets, namely Microsoft Excel. but there are problems that occur in excel such as excel can’t print preview, excel can’t print all pages and how to remove printer setup in excel.

With Excel, you can perform various data processing in a spreadsheet format. Like other Microsoft Office applications, Excel allows you to print the document you want. However, in some cases, Excel cannot print user documents when needed, which actually hampers the work. As a result, excel cannot change the printer, the excel print result is blank and the excel print area is locked, therefore it is necessary to fix excel that cannot print.

Microsoft Excel Solution Can’t Print

The following is a solution if Microsoft Excel cannot print documents. Read the methods below carefully so you don’t make a mistake.

1. Restart the printer and computer

If it’s the first time that Excel can’t print, the first thing you can do is to restart the connected device for printing purposes. What is restarted is not only the printer, but the PC and laptop that are used.

To restart the printer, you need to turn it off first by pressing the Power button. Then, unplug the printer power cord from the wall outlet and the USB cable from the PC or laptop for at least 5 minutes. After that, try plugging in the power cord again, turn on the printer, then plug the printer’s USB cable into your desktop device.

If your computer can’t detect the printer even though it’s been restarted, try restarting the PC and laptop that you are using. Then, try plugging the printer back into the computer and check whether the Excel can’t print problem has been resolved or not.

2. Connect the printer to the computer

A common problem that occurs when an Excel file cannot be printed is that the printer to be used is not detected. This undetected printer can be caused by several things, one of which is because it has not been connected to the PC and laptop.

If you can’t print Excel, first try to check the cables needed for printing purposes, such as power cords and USB cables. First plug the power cord into the proper outlet, then turn on the printer that is used to print the document.

Then, plug the USB cable into the available jack on your laptop or PC. If the cable above is already installed, try to check again whether the problem of not being able to print Excel still appears.

3. Install the printer driver on the computer

In addition to the cable that has not been installed, another cause of Excel not being able to print is the absence of a functioning driver to enable printer performance. Some types of printers, both old and newest, require driver installation from the intended device.

Installing the driver will install some software that will support the needs of printing documents. Drivers between printer types are not always the same. You have to look for a suitable driver to solve the Excel file can’t be printed.

To find the required printer driver, you can search for it through Google by typing “printer driver” followed by the brand and type of printer, and adjust it to the type of operating system used. Try to download the driver from the official website so that the cause of Excel not being able to print can be resolved immediately.

4. Editing the registry

If the printer you are using is still having problems with Excel not being able to print, the next thing you can do is fix the registry. Registry is a series of files that function to run various applications in the operating system. So it takes courage and knowledge to tinker with it.

The following are steps to replace some registry values ​​in Microsoft Windows to eliminate the problem of Excel not being able to print. Read the steps below carefully so that you don’t go wrong in operating it.

  • On the desktop menu, click Start > Run. You can also use a unique shortcut combination by pressing the Windows key + R on the keyboard to go directly to the Run window
  • In the empty field, type regedit, which will take you to the Registry Editor
  • In the menu Registry Editor, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > Windows
  • Right-click on the Windows folder, then select Permissions. In the Permissions window, you can change the permissions of the Windows folder
  • Change the permissions of the Windows folder by ticking the Full Control option, ending by pressing the OK button when finished
  • Then, click the Windows menu again, and select Device options inside it. On Device, the name of the printer you are using on your PC or laptop will appear, which will be deleted first. To delete the registry, right-click on Device, then press Delete. When finished, close the Registry Editor window

To ensure that the Excel cannot print problem does not reappear, immediately restart your computer or laptop. Wait a few moments for the desktop preview to appear, reopen Excel, and try printing the spreadsheet document

Indeed, changing the registry value through the Registry Editor is one of the ways to overcome Excel’s inability to print, which is the most risky to the system. However, it is undeniable that this method is quite powerful to solve printer problems in some cases.

5. Replace the new printer

If you have done various steps, the Excel solution does not print but the printer still cannot be used for printing purposes? There is one solution that you can do, namely by replacing the printer.

The solution to replacing this printer can be tried by using another printer, you can use a friend’s printer or someone who is unemployed around you. If the alternative printer used can be a solution for Excel not being able to print, maybe it’s time for you to change to a new printer.


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