5 Simple Ways to Fix Internet Network on Android

Internet connection is certainly needed in this increasingly sophisticated technological era. It will be very disruptive to activities if the internet connection does not exist or is intermittent. So, how to fix the internet network on Android that is easy and not complicated?

There are several things that can cause signal or internet connection to be lost. One of them is far from the tower provider. Many people often change providers because of this. Even though it does not guarantee that the signal will come. To be clear, here are some ways to improve the signal:

1. Check Internet Packages

How to fix the internet network on the first android is by checking the data package used at that time. It is possible that the signal is lost because the internet package runs out so the connection will slow down.

Frequently check the remaining data packets. If you run out immediately to buy. Currently, there are many places where you can buy internet packages. If not, users can buy credit and then package it themselves. Usually using pulses will be cheaper.

2. Activate Airplane Mode

The next step so that the signal can return is to activate airplane mode. Don’t worry, because every cellphone already has an airplane mode that users can take advantage of. Why airplane mode can improve signal or internet connection?

By turning on airplane mode, all hp systems will stop. After a minute turn off airplane mode again. The signal will also enter the user’s cellphone. Many have proven this way. Try a few times if it still doesn’t work.

3. Restart HP

The next way to fix the internet network on Android is by restarting the phone. This step is very easy to do and implement. Every type of HP can be restarted. In addition to the signal or connection being able to return, it turns out that there are still many benefits that can be obtained when restarting the cellphone.

By restarting, the phone will return to its original settings. All systems will also stop at once it will fix any errors or BUGs on the phone. This will certainly make the internet network will be smooth when entering the cellphone. Press power and swipe to restart.

4. Remove the SIM Card

The fourth step to improve the signal or internet network is to remove the sim card. When the signal is lost try to remove the SIM card first. This method has been proven by many people and works. Before removing the SIM card, it’s best to turn off the phone first.

After the phone is turned off, remove the SIM card. Clean using a clean cloth or tissue. Clean carefully on the shiny metal parts. After that, reinsert the SIM card and the phone can be turned on again. Usually the signal will return.

5. Selecting a Network Manually

The next way to fix the internet network on Android is to enter the network manually. This step is quite efficient to do when the like signal is lost. So, how to manually select a network?

User can login to setting or settings. Next select the network and go to connection priority. Actually every phone has different settings so the way is different. However, in essence to manually select a network can be done through settings or setting.

That’s how to improve the internet network on Android that can be used as a reference for users. Don’t panic first when the internet connection suddenly disappears. First, find the cause of the lost internet connection. After that find a solution to overcome it like the steps above.

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