5 Powerful Ways to Save, Must Try!

For some people, saving is a very difficult thing to do. Even though I have done various ways to save money, but at the end of every month there is always a shortage of money. Indeed, to start saving, you have to do some powerful and effective ways.

Here are 5 powerful ways to save, what do you think?

1. Cancel unnecessary subscription and membership services

To save even more and start saving, get rid of unnecessary subscriptions. Maybe you signed up for a new streaming service for a free promotional period but forgot to cancel.

It’s also possible that you have a gym membership that you no longer use. Check your credit card or monthly bank statement for recurring subscription fees. After you cancel unnecessary services, put the money into your savings account.

If this subscription service is really needed, you can choose one service that you really need and limit it to other subscription and membership services.

2. Automate your savings with the app

If you often forget to put money in your savings account or have trouble knowing how much to save, consider using an app that works for you.

There are many apps that will automate your savings. You can try saving while investing by using money market type mutual funds. Besides being able to be used for saving, you can also benefit from your savings in this mutual fund.

3. Set up automatic payments for bills if you get a fixed salary

It’s all too easy to forget to pay all our bills on time. One easy way to save money is to pay your bills when they are due, assuming you can afford it.

Currently there are various payment automation features that you can use to pay your monthly bill. For those of you who have a fixed income, setting up this automation is the best choice because your salary can be allocated well.

4. Create a budget

Assessing your expenses is a way to find areas where you may be wasting money. This can be a process that will help you in opening your eyes. Budgeting will help you plan your expenses. Bank and credit card statements can help you assess past expenses.

You can create this budget manually in the book you have. For those of you who prefer to use digitization, you can use a financial application that will help you create a budget.

5. Buy with cash

You can trick your brain into saving money every time you go to the store by using cash instead of a credit card to make a purchase. Any cash you have is your spending limit.

Research shows that using a credit card or non-cash payments makes you feel less guilty about spending a certain amount of money. So, for those of you who want to save money, buying and paying with cash is the best choice.

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