5 Facebook Video Downloader Applications For Android, Must Know!

On Facebook, there are indeed a lot of interesting videos, but unfortunately Facebook does not provide a feature to download videos. That’s why a Facebook video downloader application is needed so that videos can be downloaded safely. This time, we will review some applications that can be used.

With some applications that will be described later, users do not need to copy the link in order to download the video. But some of these applications will immediately bring up the download button on the video being played. For that, here are some application recommendations:

Facebook Video Downloader App For Android

1. Video Downloader For Facebook By Inshot

Inshot is a developer who has developed many advanced applications for editing photos and videos. But it seems that Inshot also released a video downloader application for Facebook. So, there is no doubt about the quality of the application.

In addition to downloading videos on Facebook, this application from Inshot can also be used to download videos on IGTV. It’s also easy to use. That is, just login to Facebook, then open the video to be downloaded later there will be a download option.

2. Video Downloader Application For Facebook

Then there is the Video downloader application, this application can be a second choice if you want to download videos that are in the Facebook application. In fact, almost all videos on the Facebook platform can be downloaded using this application. Includes videos that signify user accounts.

Moreover, the quality and speed of this application is quite good, so there will be no such thing as cracked download videos. The download size of this application is also relatively small, which is only about 8.1 Mb. In addition, it can be used on android at least 4.4.

3. FB Video Download

There is another Facebook video downloader application that you can try, namely an application called FB video download. This application has a light storage capacity, so it will not make the cellphone lag due to running out of space. Using the application is also quite easy.

The use of this application is quite easy, just search for the video and then click it, then there will be an option to download it. It is said that this application is lightweight because the download size is also small and only 9.8Mb. It’s even been downloaded more than 10 million times.

4. FB Video Downloader

There is another application with the same function, namely the application called FB Video Downloader. The name is almost the same as the previous application, but both are applications made by different and from different developers. However, it has almost the same function.

There are lots of supporting features in it, such as a clean UI that is also easy to use. In addition, there is also no need to copy the link to download it. Apart from that, the app also supports HD quality videos.

5. HD Video Download For Facebook

This application with the name HD Video Download For Facebook will also help to easily download videos from Facebook. The features in it are also quite complete. Such a download button will appear on every video in the Facebook timeline.

This HD Video application can also be used for free, which is no need to subscribe or buy in the Play store. If you want to download videos in large quantities, then this application can be used. In addition, to download the video is not required to copy the link.

This is a Facebook video downloader application that you can try. From the five lists, users can guess which application is suitable for use. But keep in mind, that each application offers its own flagship features, so just choose the right one.

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