5 Easy Live Streaming Tips For Beginners To Be Interesting To Watch

Ruang.kosongin.com – 5 Easy Live Streaming Tips For Beginners To Be Interesting To Watch – Live streaming is one of the fields that is growing in popularity.

The more people who spend their time on online media, the faster the growth of live streaming in recent times.

Some social media with live streaming features also make it easier for someone to live stream themselves, so that live streaming, anyone, anytime, and anywhere can be done.

With the growth of live streaming, being a live broadcaster has also become an interesting job for those who enjoy communicating and exchanging insights with others.

1. Prepare the necessary equipment

Before starting live streaming, you must prepare some equipment to support your video quality. However, this equipment does not need to be well-known or expensive brands.

Just prepare a smartphone camera and make sure the camera is clear, so it can capture images well.

2. Choosing the right platform

Many platforms are available for live streamers. For example, the Likee application, a short video creation platform from Singapore, which also provides a live streaming feature.

Live streaming on Likee is fun with the various features available. For example, the Beauty filter feature which has many choices of face filters to make our appearance on the screen better and more attractive.

3. Interact with the audience

When you start a live streaming session, you can greet the audience in attendance to thank them for taking the time to watch your live stream.

In the middle or end of the session, take the time to read the comments that come in and answer questions from the audience.

4. Invite friends or bring other speakers

So that live streaming is not boring, you can also combine it by collaborating with friends or other speakers.

This activity also opens up opportunities to promote themselves to each audience. Maybe there you have additional fans from friends and other speakers.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the information that admin can share with you about 5 Easy Live Streaming Tips for Beginners to Be Interesting to Watch, hopefully it can be useful for all of you, thank you.


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