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5 Causes of Blacklisted Pre-Employment Accounts and How to Restore Them!

Looking for information about or finding out why is the Pre-employment account on the Blacklist? The following is an explanation of the cause and how to return it.

Pre-employment itself is a government program for the community in the context of a welfare mission. After that, the beneficiaries of this pre-employment program receive monetary incentives that can be used for on-the-job training.

This is to prepare the beneficiary community to enter the world of work directly. But now that many users know that their Pre-Employment account has been blacklisted, why is this happening? Check on this article.

Pre-Employment Card on Blacklist

The pre-employment program itself is a continuous program by the government to make human resources competitive and able to work in the field.

Therefore, this project is not a random scheme and the beneficiaries are expected to make the most of the opportunities presented. However, many registered pre-employment accounts are currently blacklisted (Blacklist) by the government and can no longer be used. So that makes many people ask why this Pre-Employment Card can be blacklisted?

In fact, the pre-employment account blacklist is indeed carried out by the government on certain accounts that are not in accordance with the work system that has been set.

Often, these users do violation, so that their Pre-Employment account access is disabled and they are no longer the beneficiary of the Pre-Employment program. This is the reason why is my pre-employment account blacklisted?.

Causes of Pre-employment Accounts on the Blacklist?

Pre-employment accounts themselves will not just get blacklisted. Usually the account that is finally blocked has made a mistake or violated the rules. Pre-employment accounts themselves will not be banned like that. if you don’t do anything wrong or break the rules. This is the reason why your pre-employment account is blacklisted:

1. Enter Blacklist Criteria

As a program for those who need work, this means that pre-employment programs are not available to employees. The government itself has set criteria for those who cannot become pre-employment recipients, including the following:

  1. Registered as a State official.
  2. Registered as a Regional Official.
  3. Registered as TNI/POLICE/ASN.
  4. Registered as Village Head/Village Head/Village Apparatus/Village Equipment.
  5. Registered as a Commissioner, Manager or Board of Directors of BUMN/BUMD

Those who meet these criteria have served the government and not entitled to become a participant in the pre-employment program.

2. No Purchase Training For 30 Days

Communities should use part of the program incentives to purchase the job training provided when they qualify as pre-employment card recipients. However, there are also many pre-employment beneficiaries who do not use the award funds to purchase training, but instead use it for other needs.

Therefore, the government itself has given 30 days to immediately purchase a pre-employment training package. If you do not follow these rules, the associated Pre-Employment account will be blocked/banned and immediately entered the blacklist.

These are some of the reasons why your Pre-Employment account is blacklisted or blocked by the government. For those of you who are confused by this issue, here are some things you can try to recover your Pre-Employment account.

How to Restore a Blacklisted Pre-Employment Account

If you are one of the people who know that your account is logged in blacklist and think you didn’t do anything wrong, you can actually recover the account to reactivate it.

The trick is to contact Pre-Employment customer service directly to confirm the blacklisting that occurred. You can contact the Pre-Employment CS at 08001503001. Not only that, you can also make a complaint to the Pre-Employment HR through the official website HERE.

Be sure to contact the Pre-Employment Service between 08.00 – 20.00 WIB for an immediate response. Wait a few moments for a response, usually the account recovery process will take place by telephone between the Pre-Employment recipient and Pre-Employment Customer Service.


That’s a little review why is the Pre-employment account on the Blacklist which is currently viral, the complete reasons and how to get it back that we have described above, hopefully it can be useful. Thank you!


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