5 Best WA Hacking Apps 2021

Best WA Hacking Applications 2021 – Tap your partner’s / children’s cellphone easily and quickly, only needing one application. Check out his review below.

Have you ever felt suspicious of your partner? For those of you who feel this way, we are here suggesting that you tap your partner’s activity on the WhatsApp (WA) chat application. It could be that your partner often calls or chats with their mistress using the WA application without you knowing, so it’s better for you to just tap in case.

To be able to tap WhatsApp, you can use several WA tapping applications that are already widely available on the Google Play Store. The goal is that you can see your partner’s chat and phone history, so you can know whether your partner is cheating on you or not. Some applications also provide a feature to view the history of photos or videos sent via the WA application.

Whatsapp can indeed be said to be the main application for smartphone users such as Android or iOS. This WA application can indeed be very helpful in all our daily activities, for example for work in the office or other activities.

On this occasion, KlikPrint will review an application that can remotely tap other people’s WhatsApp accounts. Of course, the whatsapp tapping application that we will review is not for negative things or endangering the safety of others. However, you can use it for positive and useful things.

You can use this application to your lover / partner’s cellphone or to the cellphone used by children if you are married. That way, as parents you can keep an eye on your children while playing social media whatsapp.

Besides being able to be used to find out who your children or partner are communicating with, you can also track their whereabouts very accurately with the features in this application.

WhatsApp is also known as a chat application that has many modified versions, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Aero, and many more modified versions of other WA applications.

For those of you who want to try to keep an eye on your children or your partner using this WA tapping application, here we have provided recommendations for the best application applications for you. For more information, you can see the review below.

What is a WA Tap Application?

As we wrote above, you can use this WA tapping application to remotely monitor and track someone’s whereabouts. In addition, all the contents of the chat on the WA account that you have tapped can also be known.

That way, for those of you who already have children and want to always be able to control their activities while playing this WA chat application. Please use one of the several applications that we will recommend below.

There are many types and types of WA tapping applications, some can be used to tap without scanning a barcode and some need to scan the barcode first. It all depends on the application developer.

For more details, you can choose one of the WA tapping applications to be able to try it. So, you can immediately know the advantages and disadvantages of each application.

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List of WA Hacking Applications

Well, please refer to the reviews of some applications that you can use to remotely tap someone’s WA account without requiring a barcode scan or those that need to be scanned first. You can see the list of applications directly below:

1. iSpyoo

If you want to tap on your partner’s WhatsApp account or someone else’s without them knowing, you can use this iSpyoo application. Unfortunately, you can’t download this iSpyoo application through the Appstore or Playstore.

Although the iSpyoo application is still difficult to find, because the Playstore & Appstore have not provided it. However, most netizens are very interested and happy with this one application.

Because, this iSpyoo application has many features of tracking / monitoring someone. You can find out the contents of chats and calls and also track GPS very easily, if you use this application.

What you need to know, you can’t get this application for free. You have to buy it for Rp. 245,000 thousand rupiah per month to subscribe. If you don’t fully trust this application, you can experiment by using the free version which can only be used for 2 days.

2. Air Droid

The second wa tapping application is an application called Air Droid. Actually this Air Droid application is not a WA tapping application, but you can use this application for this kind of thing.

Because, the main feature of this app is to control an Android device remotely. However, the way this application works can be said to be very complicated, where you have to download the application on the target’s android phone.

If you have successfully downloaded the application, you must also be able to hide the application so that the person whose cellphone you want to tap is not aware of it.

3. Smartphonelogs

The next WA tapping application is Smartphonelogs. This one application is very much in demand, because smartphonelogs can be downloaded very easily and for free.

Although this application is free, you cannot underestimate the features in it. The way the Smartphonelogs developer works is also very simple, and you don’t need any special steps.

You just have to save this application on the Android / iOS device that you want to secretly tap. Create a smartphonelogs account and hide the application, so that the phone owner doesn’t realize that Smartphonelogs is already installed on his cellphone.

4. Mobile Cilent for Whatsapp

The next WA tapping application is Mobile Cilent for Whatsapp. Unlike the applications that we discussed earlier, the way this application works is very easy to use.

You just need to download the application first, you can also download the application via Playstore & Appstore at a free price. If you have, you will later get a special barcode code.

Well, please borrow the target’s cellphone that you want to tap, then scan the barcode secretly using the victim’s cellphone. If you have, surely the cellphone that you borrowed has been successfully tapped.

5. Clone App

Finally, there is an application called Clone App. You can use this clone app to tap someone’s whatsapp without the target realizing it. This application is very well known, almost all WhatsApp users will know the main function of this application.

The process of tapping wa using this application is also not much different when you use whatsapp web. Scan the wa barcode that you can open via your Laptop / PC, then scan it using the WA account that you want to tap.

For your information, the Clone App application has been downloaded by more than 1 million Android & iOS users. With that much download data, this proves that this application is classified as the most popular and most popular WA tapping application in 2021.


That was our discussion about the wa tapping application for all of you. Hopefully this article can help those of you who want to monitor your spouse or children more easily. Good luck, hopefully useful.

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