5 Best Car Audio Brands that are Good and Quality

BrandBagus.Co.Id – Drive away sleepiness when driving alone, it is suitable to place the stereo in the car. Even audio is included in the mandatory car variation that all these four-wheeled vehicles have, don’t be surprised if the best car audio brand is always in a hurry to feel the booming sound.

Most car owners always provide additional audio features, not just relying on the car’s default. This can make the car more comfortable, even when making the car a second home. Now there is even technology that makes the soundproof in the car.

5 Best Car Audio Brands that are Good and Quality

Just about to add a touch of super bass audio or just want to add variety to your car, here are some recommendations for the best and quality car audio brands. So that it not only gives a booming sound but remains comfortable and safe when driving.

1. Pioneer TS-F1634 . Car Audio

The pioneer brand is already known as an audio device product that has high quality, even being the best subwoofer choice for the home. Especially for vehicles, it has an attractive, unique design and the size can be adjusted. Can choose a custom design according to the car.

In addition, the issue of pioneer brand audio prices there are many variations. Best seller product Pioneer TS F1634, equipped with 4 channel amplifiers and can be changed in two channel modes with different features. Channel A has full range speaker power, while channel B has a unique variable filter.

Advantages of Pioneer TS-F1634 . Car Audio

  • The cheapest and best car audio brand
  • The best trusted brand for 20 years
  • In great demand
  • Easy to get
  • Sold as a unit
  • 2 Way Speaker with 12 centimeter long coaxial cable
  • Minimum power 24 W max. 200W
  • Easy installation
  • Various shapes
  • Get a custom design

Disadvantages of Pioneer TS-F1634 . Car Audio

  • The sound often breaks after long-term use

Price Car Audio Pioneer TS-F1634

Store Name Price note.
Shopee Rp. 250,000 6 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Speaker
Tokopedia Rp. 250,000 6 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Speaker
Bukalapak Rp. 245,000 6 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Speaker
hit Rp. 255,000 6 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Speaker
Blibli Rp. 250,000 6 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Speaker

2. Harman Kardon Onyx 4 . Car Audio


An audio brand that is known for its quality, but many complain about the price of Harman Kardon. Because all series prices are not friendly but provide premium quality. Even the price of the Harman Kardon car audio package reaches ten million rupiah.

It is without a doubt the best subwoofer for cars. Bass and treble sound in sync, for a bang that won’t hurt. Even this is safe for children with safe frequency. Usually used private cars upper middle class.

Advantages of Harman Kardon Onyx 4 . Car Audio

  • The best audio system and best seller
  • Not only for car audio but home
  • Unique, premium and classic design
  • Available in black and white, best seller black
  • Suitable for car interior decoration, can be planted or placed outside
  • Premium materials, a combination of metal, plastic and rubber
  • Durable and long lasting
  • The sound produced is loud, strong and without buzzing
  • Deep sound, bass sounds more viscous and clear
  • Can be purchased in units
  • Wireless speakers that can be connected with other devices

Disadvantages of Harman Kardon Onyx 4 . Car Audio

  • The price is too expensive
  • Its weight is quite heavy, reaching 2 kilograms
  • The battery doesn’t last long, only 8 hours

Price Car Audio Harman Kardon Onyx 4

Store Name Price note.
Shopee Rp. 1,945,000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Tokopedia Rp. 1,949,000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Bukalapak Rp. 1.850.000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
hit Rp. 2,149,000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Blibli Rp. 1,969,000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Jd.id Rp. 1,999,000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

3. Alpine 3 Way Rogers Car Audio


Japanese manufacturer’s car power audio, a complete audio set suitable for personal cars. It can even be customized according to the size of the car, there are eight speakers that are ready to pamper all corners of the car. Two 6.5-inch midbass speakers, two three-inch midrange speakers.

Two dome tweeters with metal grille, usually placed on the front dashboard. It includes two 3 way passives that are useful as a network crossover, this is the main control in the audio power. Even the price of alpine car audio power is quite cheap, because it includes eight audios.

Advantages of Alpine 3 Way Rogers Car Audio

  • Cheapest car audio set
  • Audio set can be custom
  • Suitable for private cars to large mini buses
  • A set of eight speakers
  • Two 6.5-inch midbass speakers
  • Two 3-inch midrange speakers
  • Two 1.5-inch dome tweeters with metal grille
  • Two 3 way passives for network crossover
  • Material of rubber, wood and metal grill
  • Woofer magnet size 80 x 32 m
  • Maximum power up to 40 watts
  • Frequency 60-20 Khz and 90 d/b/w/n

Disadvantages of Alpine 3 Way Rogers Car Audio

  • The speaker size is too small so the sound is often broken
  • The material is not thick enough so it is prone to damage when dropped or hit by an impact

Alpine 3 Way Rogers Car Audio Price

Store Name Price note.
Shopee Rp. 1,435,000 SPK 3.18Sx All Set Black
Tokopedia Rp. 1,425,000 SPK 3.18Sx All Set Black
Bukalapak Rp. 1,450,000 SPK 3.18Sx All Set Black
hit Rp. 2,250,000 SPK 3.18Sx All Set Black

4. Car Audio Kicker CVR-12


Audio brand that has been known since 1980, has many types. Best seller product Kicker CVR-12, super complete with cheap quality car audio package. Suitable for small size private cars to mini buses. The shape is square, black and classic. Hidden with a booming sound.

Smooth sound quality with good volume settings. It is recommended that new users look at the kicker car audio price list first, so they can get the right subwoofer and within their budget. It is rectangular in shape and uses little power without big power.

Advantages of Car Audio Kicker CVR-12

  • Trusted car audio brand since 1980
  • Sold as a set at an affordable price
  • Easy to get in the market
  • Suitable for small private cars to mini buses
  • The sound quality is good, clear and the volume setting is very good
  • Subwoofer with rectangular size, black color and easy to hide
  • Can choose custom design
  • Speaker with two coils and produces 4 ohm coils
  • Minimum power usage 50 watts maximum 400 watts
  • Sound frequency 25 to 500 Hz
  • One year warranty from Kicker, especially for repair without spare parts

Disadvantages of Car Audio Kicker CVR-12

  • The outer frame is quite vulnerable, when a big shock occurs it will affect the sound quality

Price Car Audio Kicker CVR-12

Store Name Price note.
Shopee Rp. 1.025.000 Large Double Coil Magnet
Tokopedia Rp. 1.102.000 Large Double Coil Magnet
Bukalapak Rp. 1.105.000 Large Double Coil Magnet
hit Rp. 1.105.000 Large Double Coil Magnet
Blibli Rp. 1.105.000 Large Double Coil Magnet

5. Bose DS16F Mobil Car Audio


The sound system, which is usually in the trunk, is a typical minibus. Offers a pretty good audio system at a mid-range avanza car audio price. Pretty good, but can’t produce maximum quality. The outer shape is too big and difficult to hide.

Best seller product Bose DS16F, can produce a more powerful and louder sound. No buzzing or shattering, perfect for internal audio without the need for additional mufflers. Bose car audio prices are quite varied, some can even be purchased individually, depending on your needs.

Bose DS16F Car Audio Advantages

  • Recommended sound system in the trunk of the car
  • Suitable for minibus cars with large luggage
  • Produces a more powerful sound and can improve low sounds
  • Bass is louder and treble is louder
  • Speaker with coaxial type, suitable for small car doors
  • Only requires 90 watts of power, suitable for all types of cars
  • Maximum frequency 50 Hz
  • No need for power supply and silencer
  • Safe for baby’s hearing in the car

Disadvantages of Bose DS16F Car Audio

  • The speaker size is too big to fill the room

Bose DS16F Car Audio Price

Store Name Price note.
Shopee Rp. 2,560,000 All Black and White
Tokopedia Rp. 2,385,000 All Black and White
Bukalapak Rp. 2,400,000 All Black and White
hit Rp. 2,600,000 All Black and White


All the best car audio brands will produce a more powerful sound, louder, booming bass and does not cause echoes. There is even an additional additional power supply from the default. For small cars available car audio with small power, without the need to add a power supply.

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