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5 Best Alternative Office Suite For Android

Office suite has, at least until the explosion of the Internet via the World Wide Web, the collection of the most important applications that most end users have on their computers, something that is evident in the fact that the pair that formed and continue to shape Windows and Microsoft Office over the years became the flagship of the Redmond giant, which in the last decade has diversified its business model to focus more on services.

Obviously, things have changed so much over time, that web browsers have finally replaced office suites as the operating system’s main application. The advantages of web browsers are strengthened if we see that today the web does more than just display text, but is also a powerful video platform and the types of content, proposals and other tools that, depending on the user’s approach, are found in it. it makes it unnecessary to install so many apps locally or many that have almost no locally stored music and videos.

Although they have lost interest, especially among users with more general profiles, the office suite is still widely used for the creation of text, spreadsheets, and presentations (besides other possibilities like mathematical formulas and databases). . And while on a PC it’s normal to be able to do a lot of things via a web browser, including office tasks, the situation changes a lot when we use mobile phones.

In the mobility sector, locally installed applications continue to be used mainly because they offer greater immediacy than web browsers and allow data to be stored, as data and interfaces must be loaded via the web, whereas in applications interfaces are present locally and only data is downloaded (or at least initially). Another aspect to note is that it is easier for local applications to take advantage of the characteristics of the operating system itself.

5 Best Alternative Office suites for Android Phones

With this panorama, mobile office suites are usually served through applications. Here the most famous options are Microsoft Office and Google Docs , which are well known and their quality has proven time and time again. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only quality option available, so here are five alternative office suites for Android it, at least in appearance or at first, had nothing to do with giants like Microsoft and Google.

Collaboration Office

He implementation of LibreOffice developed by British company Collabora , which has close ties to Linux and free software. In the absence of an official implementation of the suite promoted under the umbrella of The Document Foundation, Collabora Office is an excellent alternative that fully respects the ethical values ​​of the original project.

As for the Android suite, it provides everything users need to edit documents, allowing them to create and modify formats in text, spreadsheet and presentation generator . Moreover, it offers high compatibility with Microsoft document formats and a high level of privacy thanks to the fact that it is free software and is not tied to any service in the cloud.

The fact that it’s not tied to any cloud service provides privacy value, an aspect that is amplified thanks to the nature of the free software, which is why it offers more transparency than proprietary solutions like Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

WPS Office

Probably the most popular alternative to Microsoft Office after LibreOffice. This suite is from China renowned for being one of the best at preserving the format and layout of documents created with the giant Redmond office suite factor that has won many followers.

WPS Office for Android offers a word processing, spreadsheet, slideshow maker, and easy file sharing. It also supports cloud storage, online editing, a template library, and is compatible with Google Classroom, Zoom, Slack, and Google Drive.

Of course, this suite has its drawbacks, namely that it is offered with the trial period is only fifteen days after that you have to checkout to pay €35.99 per year.

WPS Office

SoftMaker Office

SoftMaker Office is a German office suite that offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and planning. It is paid, but as an alternative it offers a free version for Windows, Mac and Linux called FreeOffice. It is proprietary software in two aspects.

SoftMaker Office made three different applications available for Android, namely word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and planner . Compared to other solutions in the same segment, it offers a more classic interface and is more similar to what can be found in a desktop office suite, making it ideal for use with a keyboard and mouse via a tablet.

All of the apps are fairly complete and offer advanced functions, although there are features that can only be obtained through checkout. Of course, the free functionality is left to users on a permanent basis, at least for now.

SoftMaker Office


ONLYOFFICE is LibreOffice’s great rival among free office suites. On the desktop, it stands out for having a similar interface to the Microsoft Office Ribbon and for many it offers better compatibility with Redmond’s giant format.

Like the other options mentioned in this post, it provides a word processing, spreadsheet, and slideshow application. On a feature level, it stands out because it allows synchronization via ONLYOFFICE’s own cloud, supports collaborative editing and lets you password protect documents , which is useful in terms of privacy and to ensure that only authorized persons can access documents. contents.


Polaris Office

And we close the list with Polaris Office, an office suite that includes, as we’ve mentioned on several occasions, word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and PDF file opening. It is proprietary, ad-supported in the app and contains in-app purchases for additional features.

Polaris Office boasts of being a compact suite by occupying, according to files in the Play Store, just 60 megabytes on disk. It supports Microsoft formats and is available free of charge for 24 templates, 20 2D/3D charts, 37 slide transition effects, 173 different shapes, and 300 spreadsheet formulas. . It also supports cloud integration via services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive.

Users who wish to upgrade to the Smart Plan ($3.99/month or $39.99/year) or Pro Plan ($5.99/month and $59.99/year) to benefit from many premium features.

Polaris Office


As we can see, there is a lot of life outside of Google Docs and Microsoft Office when you want to use the office suite, a set of applications that are still considered essential on PCs, but whose presence on mobile is not so common.

Google Docs and Microsoft Office are two good solutions, but they have the downside of being proprietary, managed by large corporations with monopoly aspirations and raising doubts about the privacy they offer if you don’t work locally exclusively with them, so here we present the list. this encourages users to explore and find which office suite best suits their preferences and needs.


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