5 Benefits of Becoming a Millennial Farmer in 2022

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Benefits of Being a Millennial Farmer in 2022 Many would think this farmer is a field occupation that often heats up and deals with soil, let alone managed with a shovel.

For this reason, it may not become a prestigious profession and not many people look at it, so this profession is done only by parents.

Meanwhile, many rural young people prefer office work profession and become the main choice, the influence of this behind the farmer is now rare, while our country is ranked as the richest country in agricultural products.

It is a shame if all the agricultural potential of our country is not used correctly, although all the existing types of plants may not be present in other countries.

Then it can become a much-needed export item in other countries. According to the information received from Mr. Ali Jamil of Kartini Agricultural Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has many factories, some of which are emerging products, which become very expensive when exported.

Konafa in our country is very cheap and has no selling value at all, for this reason. It is too bad if all the wealth from this lifelong disorientation is not used again.

So, with that, let’s all start exploring some of the initial steps to becoming a millennial farmer, at least we can see the many possibilities in a bright future, especially in this field of farming, here are 5 advantages of being a millennial farmer.

5 Benefits of Becoming a Millennial Farmer in 2022

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1- Be your own boss

While we are office workers we must obey the rules that are made in the office, there may be some conflicts with our habits or personality when working.

If that is the case, the drive and potential we have is not ideal to do, and now while we are farmers, we are free to know when to act as effectively as possible.

Moreover, it is not regulated by others, we must also be disciplined with the time made and our own rules, as this is part of the next step towards success.

2. Do not doubt the clothes

If you go to the office, of course, you should wear a uniform or tidy office clothes. That’s why being a millennial farmer can be free to wear any comfortable and well-mannered clothes. If you want to be cool and smart, you are also free, how can we feel comfortable when we work.

3. Body health

Being a farmer, going to the fields or gardens almost every day, automatically moves all parts of our bodies.

So you don’t have to exercise anymore to get sweaty and healthy, because you don’t sit for hours like in the office making the body stiff and tense. As a result, this can affect the health of our bodies in the future.

4. Get your satisfaction

Being a farmer, we automatically witness what we have sown. Take care of yourself, look at the body and then reap the profits.

This is what has been said of the work which satisfies itself, all the processes and results of the hard work that have been done and can be directly felt by us.

5. Bright export prospects

Meanwhile, according to the information from Mr. Ali Jameel, we can do any plants that other countries need and we have promising or excellent export potential, such as coffee, sugar, orchid, cactus, mini or spices.

So we can see on the website of the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency, what we can use and make it an export item.

When it is produced, we can work with the Indonesian Plant Quarantine Agency, how the good and correct procedures of our exports can be well received in other countries.

It is the duty of Barantan RI to become and protect Indonesia’s living natural resources for the purpose of public welfare and food security.

So it has already been exported, and it will be carefully checked so as not to disappoint other countries as importers.

If you are ready to become a millennial farmer with many benefits to be had? It is no longer a prestige to become a farmer, it is great because the future prospects are very promising.

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