5 Abnormal Signs When Your Body Will Get Sick

Khasiat.co.id 5 Abnormal Signs When Your Body Will Get Sick – Beyond headaches and body aches, there are tidal symptoms that can help tell you that your body is in trouble. There are at least 5 strange symptoms your body will get sick.

Here are 5 strange symptoms that occur when your body feels sick.

1. Urine turns strange

Changes in the color or smell of urine can occur because of something you eat like asparagus or a medication you take, such as a new medication or a multivitamin.

Well, it can happen because of a urinary tract infection, even if you don’t have pain or go to the bathroom often.

Immediately consult a doctor if the foul odor or strange color in the urine persists. Urinalysis can determine if something unusual (such as diabetes or kidney problems) is going on.

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2. Kliyengan (light dizziness) when suddenly standing up after sitting

This could be because you are slightly dehydrated or perhaps orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension) which occurs when blood rushes to the legs as well as away from the head when suddenly standing up. This condition is usually prone to occur in people with low blood pressure.

3. Painful swelling under the arm or armpit

This is usually caused by hair follicles being pulled out or hair growing in your armpits (could be from shaving) or swollen lymph nodes (from an infection).

Do not forget to consult a doctor if it lasts longer or if the situation gets worse (red or irritated). This condition can be a sign of a breast infection, tumor, or cyst.

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4. Feet numb

If you move your foot repeatedly during exercise or tie your shoelaces too tightly, then the tiny nerves between your toes can get pinched when you put pressure on your foot which can make it feel uncomfortable and numb,” says DR Sabrina Strickland, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery, in New York City.

Do not forget to consult a doctor if numbness or tingling occurs in other activities and does not go away. This is due to a nerve problem in the leg.

5. Leg cramps at night

This could be due to a subtle electrolyte imbalance (such as potassium, magnesium or calcium) or it could be mild dehydration. Get up and take a walk, then massage the muscles to help relax.

Those are the 5 Abnormal Signs When Your Body Will Get Sick that you need to know more about, hopefully it will be useful.

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