4 Ways to Root Android Phones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo) Work 100%

If you root your smartphone, then this can certainly provide various benefits. Even so, you still have to be vigilant because there are a number of risks that must be considered. You should also really have to know how to root HP well.

When you root your cellphone, you can get full or super user control of the smart phone. You can perform backups, restore applications, control the kernel, CPU and other things.

How to Root All Android Phones Will Work

Usually people who want to root HP because they want to improve the performance of their Android. Apart from that, people also want to tweak android battery, memory and more. Of course, you want to get a lot of benefits from rooting your cellphone. Then, how to root HP?

1. Using PC

When compared to other methods, how to root a cellphone with a PC turns out to have a much higher success rate. It’s just that to do it right, you need to pay attention to the following steps. First, you need to enable USB Debugging.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and click on the ‘About Phone’ or ‘About Phone’ option.
  • Tap the ‘Build Number’ option and click it several times until the ‘You are now a developer’ screen notification appears.

  • Return to the initial ‘Settings’ menu and enter ‘Developers Options’.
  • Find the ‘USB Debugging’ option and click on it to enable.


  • Return to the initial ‘Settings’ menu and find the ‘Security’ or ‘Security’ settings.
  • Click the ‘Unknown Source’ menu as the last step to enable USB Debugging.


After activating USB Debugging, next you can root using the Android PC rooting software. One of the best recommendations is iRoot. How to root a cellphone with a PC using iRoot is as follows.

App Name iRoot for Mobile
Developer Possible
Category Developer tools
Version 3.5.3
Update 2020
Licence Free
Size 13.7 MB
  • Download the iRoot app first on your PC.
  • After the download is complete, install the application immediately.
  • Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable.
  • Open iRoot which you have installed on PC.


  • Wait for a while until your phone is detected by the iRoot app.
  • If it has been successfully detected, immediately click the green button available on the PC.


  • Wait a moment until a blue tick appears.
  • Next your phone will restart automatically by itself.
  • Root your phone has been done.

2. Using the KingRoot App

To root a cellphone, it turns out that you can without using a PC or laptop. This method is certainly very practical and more efficient. You only need to prepare the best mobile root application such as KingRoot to start the root process.

When compared to other similar applications, KingRoot has a number of advantages that are certainly very useful for you. Before knowing how to root your cellphone with KingRoot, you should first know the detailed information about this application.

App Name KingRoot
Developer Studio KingRoot
Category Developer tools
Version 5.4.0
Update February 20, 2020
Licence Free
Size 10 MB
  • To start rooting your cellphone with KingRoot, you should download the application first.


  • Open the internet search page on your cellphone.
  • In the search field, enter the keyword ‘KingRoot’ and let the system find the application in question.
  • Immediately download the application by pressing the ‘Download’ button in the blue box.
  • Let the application download perfectly.
  • If the application really has been downloaded, then you just have to install it.
  • If you have, then you can immediately open the application by tapping the available button.
  • Wait a few moments until a notification appears about the root execution method of the cellphone can run on your cellphone or not.
  • If successful, your smartphone will automatically be rooted with KingRoot.


  • Wait for some time until the root process is completely finished.

3. Using the Framaroot App

In addition to using the KingRoot application, you can also use the Framaroot application. How to root a cellphone with Framaroot is also no less easy than the previous application. You can try using this application if you fail to root your cellphone with other applications.

Framaroot also has many advantages compared to other root applications. Besides being able to root very quickly, Framaroot also supports almost all mobile devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Vivo and many more.

App Name Framaroot
Developer Alephzain
Category Developer tools
Version 1.9.3
Update January 31, 2020
Licence Free
Size 1 MB
  • Download the Framaroot application first to be able to use it.
  • Go to your website’s search page.
  • In the search field provided, type ‘Framaroot’ as a keyword.
  • After finding the application in question, immediately download and install it.


  • Open the Framaroot app and select ‘Install Superuser’ or ‘SuperSU’.
  • Select the method you want to use which is ‘Aragorn’ or ‘Gandalf’.

Choose-method-you-want-to-use-that is-Aragorn-or-Gandalf

  • Wait a moment until a notification appears on your screen display. Click ‘Ok’.
  • Restart the cellphone to complete the root process.
  • The process of rooting your cellphone has been successfully carried out.

4. Using the Towelroot App

If it still doesn’t work using the previous root application, then try the last method with Towelroot. To root a cellphone without a PC with the Towelroot application, it is also very easy to do. Of course, you can root this cellphone right now.

This application can be used to root many smartphones. However, it is highly recommended for Samsung Galaxy S Series users. Here is a table of Towelroot specifications that you need to know before implementing the root steps.

App Name towel root
Developer Geohot
Category Developer tools
Version 1.0
Update January 17, 2018
Licence Free
Size 12.2 MB
  • Download the Towelroot application first on your cellphone.


  • Like other application downloads, you only need to type the keyword ‘Towelroot’ in the search field of the internet page.
  • Once you find the page in question, you can simply tap on the ‘Download’ option to download it. Leave it until the download process is completely finished. Make sure your internet connection is smooth.
  • Proceed with installing the application. You need to be patient a little because the installation process takes a little longer.
  • After the installation process is completely finished, then you can open the application.
  • Open the application that you have installed and directly click on the ‘Make it rain’ option in the dialog box that appears on the screen.


  • Let your smartphone be rooted automatically by the app. Just wait until the root process is completely finished. Don’t be in a hurry to end the root process before it’s completely finished.
  • Check the root process to find out whether your smartphone has been successfully rooted or not. If it is successful, then you can benefit from root HP.

There are so many ways to root HP. You just need to choose which one is easiest to do and certainly works. Don’t forget to always be patient during the root process. Usually the root process takes a long time.

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