4 Ways to Overcome Google Drive Access Denied (Need Access)

Google Drive is a storage medium that allows users to store their files online.

There are so many advantages of this, one of which is that we can share our files with other people remotely.

To share files is also fairly simple. Users simply send a link from the file to someone they want.

But have you ever gotten a Google Drive message “access denied” or “need access?” This is what Uplotify will cover.

Causes of Google Drive Access Denied

There are several reasons why an “access denied” message like this appears. In general, the main reason is because of the settings of the submitted file itself. Here’s the full explanation:

Causes of Google Drive Access Denied

1. Owner Doesn’t Set Sharing Features

The first thing that is very likely to happen is because the owner or the person who is sharing files with you has not set the sharing feature because they forgot and so on.

By default, if this feature is not set beforehand, files stored in Google Drive will only be accessible to the file owner.

So if you as a visitor of the link want to open the file, it will not be possible and an “Access denied” message will appear like this.

Make sure to the person sharing the file that the sharing feature is turned on, so that other people can visit the file page.

2. Wrong Email Account

Wrong Account Used

If you are sharing files with the scope of a company, school, or campus, then this one cause is very likely to happen.

In Google Drive itself, we can set our files to only be accessed by people with certain domains in the email used.

So, for example, if the owner uses a company email to log into Google Drive and the sharing feature is set up, then the file will only be accessible to people who have the same company email as the owner.

As for others, such as those who use personal emails such as @gmail.com, they will not be able to access the file and an “Access Denied” notification will appear on their device.

This kind of feature is certainly not unreasonable because with this feature other people outside a company will not be able to access the company’s files easily.

Google Drive Tips Collection:

3. Email is not logged in

Email Is Not In Login Condition

The next case that might happen is that the device you have is not logged into any Google account, so you can’t access the shared files.

Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that your device is signed in first using a Google account or create a Google account if you don’t have one.

If you have, then try again to open the same link and see if you can access the file or not.

4. Access Permission Removed

File Access Permission Removed

The owner of the file can change the settings on the existing sharing feature at any time.

This includes removing our access to that person’s files. If this is done, then we or other people who previously could access a file or folder will not be able to open it again (sometimes it is also marked with a 403 error in Google Drive).

This kind of thing can also happen due to accidental factors. Like the owner accidentally closed the file access. So, you can try to make sure it goes back to the owner.

How to Solve Google Drive Access Denied

After knowing what causes the “Access Denied” message to appear when we want to open a link to a file or folder in Google Drive, then we can know how to solve this problem.

Of course, in general we have to make sure that our email is compliant in order to be able to access the link and that the sharing feature of the link is set up for everyone.

In more detail, here are three things you can do to get around Google Drive denied access:

How to Solve Google Drive Access Denied

1. Asking the File Owner to Activate the Sharing Feature

Asking File Owner For File Sharing

The first thing you can certainly do is contact the owner of the file to ask him to activate the sharing feature.

That way, the owner of the file will open the sharing settings so you can access the link.

2. Asking the File Owner to Give File Permissions

In addition to contacting the owner of the file, you can also request direct access through the Google Drive page.

Precisely if you find the message “Access denied” at the bottom you will also find a section that contains a button to request access to the owner of the file.

By using this button, the owner of the file will receive an email notification that you are requesting access to the link.

If so the owner can give you permission so you can access the link.

3. Make sure the email used for file access is appropriate

Make Sure The Email Is Appropriate To Access Files

As we explained above, sometimes the email used must match the email used by the owner.

So for example you are a worker in a company or you are a student, make sure you always use your official email at the company or campus.

Because the owner of the file may be from the same institution as you, he also uses the official email of the company or campus.

Well, that’s a brief discussion on how to deal with denied Google Drive access. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to open the file again.

I have experienced this problem quite often when opening RAR documents that were shared via Google Drive. Hopefully the experiences shared here can help you.

Feel free to post a comment below if you have any questions.

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