4 Ways to Install WiFi Drivers on Windows 10 (Complete and Easy)

To use WiFi on Windows 10, we must first install the driver so that the settings can be turned on. Also if you haven’t installed the WiFi driver, you won’t be able to find the WiFi icon.

This applies to both computers and laptops. But unfortunately not everyone knows how to install the WiFi driver. Moreover, looking for a suitable driver.

Now, here Uplotify will discuss ways to install WiFi drivers on a computer or laptop with the Windows 10 operating system.

Cara Install Driver WiFi Windows 10

There are four ways to install it. You can choose whichever you want. Namely using Windows Update, using Snappy Drivers, using DVD drivers, and downloading through the official website.

1. Using Windows Update

The first and easiest way to install WiFi drivers on Windows 10, is to run Windows Update.

Through Windows Update, you can get the appropriate WiFi driver for the PC or laptop you are using. In addition, at the same time your system version will also be updated.

Here’s how to install Windows 10 WiFi using Windows Update:

  1. In the Windows search field, you type Windows Updatethen open.
  1. Then click on options Check for Updates.
Klik Check For Updates
  1. Wait for the process for a while. If so, please click View optional updates.
Click View Optional Updates in Settings
  1. Check the WiFi driver section, then click Download and Install.
Install Driver Wifi
  1. Finally, you just need to restart your PC or laptop. Then the WiFi driver has been successfully installed.

2. Using Driver Pack

For those of you who don’t know, Driver Pack is an application that functions to find drivers automatically according to the type of PC / laptop, as well as download and install the drivers.

This application is available for free. And you can download it through the official website at driverpack.io.

Here’s how to install WiFi drivers on Windows 10 with Driver Pack:

  1. Please download the driver pack for the offline network version.
Download Driver Pack Versi Offline
  1. Next, please extract the application into one folder.
Extract Driver Pack ke Satu Folder
  1. Please open the Driver Pack application, then wait for the network detection process first.
Wait for the process to finish
  1. Slide the slider to the right then select Install all automatically.
Pilih Install All Automatically
  1. Wait for the process. Then the WiFi driver in Windows 10 is successfully installed.

3. Using DVD Driver

For those of you who still have the DVD driver on your laptop or computer, you can use the DVD to find and install the WiFi driver.

Of course, this way you don’t need to download or install any additional applications.

Here’s how to install the WiFi driver in Windows 10 using the driver DVD:

  1. First insert the DVD driver into your PC or laptop.
  2. Find the Wireless / WiFi driver and open it
Open Wireless or Wifi Driver
  1. Install the WiFi driver by clicking Next > Install > Finish.
Install Driver Wait Until Finish
  1. Then the WiFi driver has now been successfully installed on Windows 10 that you are using.

4. Download the WiFi Driver on the Official Site

Some PCs or laptops do not provide built-in drivers. Because of that you usually have to download the driver yourself. This also applies if your DVD driver is missing.

For those of you who are confused about how to choose the right WiFi driver, first, please visit the official website on the computer or laptop driver page first.

Here’s the link:

If you have opened the page, then set the type to suit the device you are using. For example, here I use the Nitro AN515-54. Then set as follows:

Set Laptop Type to Match

If so, you search and download the WiFi driver for Windows 10. For this I downloaded the Wireless LAN Driver file:

Download the Appropriate Driver

Once downloaded, you just need to install the WiFi driver as usual, just like installing an application.

Install Wifi Driver to Laptop

That’s the way to install the WiFi driver on Windows 10. With this, your WiFi should be able to be connected as usual.

If you experience certain problems, please also read that the laptop cannot connect to WiFi, the laptop WiFi is lost, WiFi often breaks in Windows 10. Or ask through the comments column the problem.

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