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4 Ways to Buy Indosat Active Period via Credit, Points, etc

Burning the number and having to buy a new number again is a bad impact that you will get if the active period of your Indosat number runs out. To anticipate this, you need to buy Indosat’s active period periodically. Do this in a relaxed situation and not in a situation of urgency.

There are several ways to increase Indosat’s active period. You can increase your active period by topping up your credit, buying an active period, exchanging points, and transferring credit. All of these methods are easy to do.

How to Buy Indosat Active Period

1. How to Purchase Indosat’s Active Period by Replenishing Credit

The first way to increase Indosat’s active period is the most popular way. Replenishing credit regularly will make the active period of the Indosat card always increase. Some Indosat users are not even aware that there is an active period that should not be ignored if they do top up regularly.

Before filling out, it’s a good idea to know the information on the nominal credit and the addition of the active period.

Credit Amount Active time
5.000 7 Days
10.000 15 Days
25.000 30 days
50.000 40 Days
75.000 45 Days
100.000 60 Days
150.000 90 Days
250.000 120 Days
500.000 120 Days
1.000.000 120 Days

In addition to the active period of credit and nominal credit, you also need to understand that the accumulated active period of IM3 is 90 days. Meanwhile, the active period of the Mentari card is 120 days. Apart from Mentari card users, it is not possible to top up credit with nominal amounts of 250,000, 500,000, and 1,000,000 at all.

After you know the important information above, immediately visit the nearest credit counter or find another way to top up your Indosat card. The larger the nominal pulse, the longer the active period. Always check the active period before buying the right Indosat active period.

2. How to Buy Indosat Active Period by Buying Active Period

You can buy the active period of the Indosat card with the existing credit on your cellphone. Before doing this, make sure you have at least 2,000 credits. This method can be used if you are in a desperate situation and do not have the opportunity to top up your credit by all available methods.

Please pay attention to the list of prices for the active period and the cost of the credit below.

Credit Price Active time SMS Code Destination number
Rp 2.000 3 Days aktif3 555
Rp 5.000 14 Days active14 555
Rp 10.000 30 days aktif30 555

To be clear, here’s how to buy Indosar’s active period with credit on your cellphone.

  • Open the SMS menu or send a message on your cellphone.
  • Type SMS code + destination number.
  • For example, type active3 and send to 555 for a 3-day active period (Rp 2,000).


  • For other options, you just need to change the SMS code.
  • After the SMS is sent, you will get a notification of the addition of the active period.

The Indosat points you get are not just for display or collection. These points can be exchanged for things related to Indosat cards. One of the things that can be exchanged for Indosat points is the active period of the card. You don’t need money or credit to be able to exchange points.

Before redeeming your points, check the availability of your Indosat points. The minimum points so that you can redeem points is 25 points. If you don’t have enough points, then you can’t buy and buy Indosat’s active period through the point exchange method.

The 25 points are the same as Indosat’s 1 week active period. 50 points equals 2 weeks of active period. Then just multiply the number of points and the active period will double. Follow the steps below to be able to exchange points with Indosat’s active period.

  • Check the number of points you have.
  • The way to check is to send an SMS.
  • Open the SMS menu and type POINTS.
  • Then, send it to 7887.


  • If sufficient, exchange points with when MA (space) Total Points.
  • Then, send it to 7887.
  • For example, type MA 25 and send it to 7887.
  • Another example, type MA 50 and send to 7887.
  • If you have, you will get a notification that Indosat’s active period has increased.

4. How to Buy Indosat Active Period by Transferring Credit

How to add the last active period that you can do is to transfer credit. Before transferring credit, the sender and recipient of credit must be in an active period first. If not, then the addition of the active period through this method cannot be done and it will be in vain if it is done.

There are exceptions to these requirements if you use Matrix Ooredoo. This method is not recommended if you are in an urgent situation. How many active periods and nominal pulses are needed to increase the active period? The following is a list of nominal and additional active periods.

Credit Amount Active time
5.000 – 9.999 3 Days
10.000 – 19.999 7 Days
20.000 – 49.000 15 Days
50.000 – 99.000 22 Days
100.000 – 149.000 30 days
150.000 – 199.000 45 Days

For every sending or transferring credit, you will be charged Rp 600 per transfer. Make sure you have enough credit to be able to do this. Here’s how to buy Indosat’s active period with credit transfer.

  • Open the SMS menu on your cellphone.
  • Type Transferpulsa (space) Destination Number (space) Nominal Credit.
  • Example: Transferpulsa 0856xxxxxxxx 20000.
  • Then, send it to 151.


  • Wait for a reply SMS containing the TOKEN number.
  • Reply to the SMS by typing OK (space) TOKEN.
  • Example: OK 4231.
  • Then, send it to 151.
  • Wait for the SMS notification that the credit transfer was successful and the credit was deducted by Rp 600.
  • The active period of your Indosat card has now increased.

What Happens if Indosat’s Active Period Expires?


Don’t let that happen to you. The expiration of Indosat’s active period will result in your Indosat card being forfeited and unusable. The card will also be blocked and locked so that you absolutely cannot communicate through the Indosat card.

Here are some signs that your card is blocked and forfeited.

  • SIM card not detected.
  • Internet access not detected.
  • Mobile data off.
  • SMS cannot be sent, either to Indosat or to other operators.
  • A description of the unknown number will appear.
  • Calls with UMB code cannot be made.
  • When making a call, an active conditional call sign appears.

If this happens to you, then there is no other choice but to replace your old card with a new card. It’s easy and cheap, but you will be busy moving contacts and registering. Not to mention you will regret this because old cards usually contain memories.

Once you know how to buy Indosat active period above, you are expected to be able to increase the active period at any time. Do not wait until the time limit to increase the active period. Perform additional active periods periodically for the convenience of communicating with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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