4 Ways to Block BRI ATMs when the ATM Card is Lost or Swallowed

Maybe you are one of those people who diligently keeps ATM cards in your wallet, but bad luck comes to you when you go to BRI ATM outlets to take money or want to transfer where your ATM is stuck on the ATM machine. But don’t be in a hurry to panic and worry, please follow the 4 Ways to Block BRI ATMs when the ATM Card is Lost or Swallowed

Talking about a lost or swallowed atm certainly makes you panic, especially when an atm card is needed to support your transactions, such as taking money, paying bills, and much more.

Well, if the atm is swallowed, it’s a good idea for you the first thing you can do is immediately block ATM access.

But before we talk about swallowed ATMs, it’s a good idea to listen to tips on using ATMs safely.

Tips for Using ATM Safely

  • Store your ATM in a safe place such as a special card wallet for storing important cards.
  • Use a pin that is easy for you to remember but not too simple.
  • Bring an ATM card only when traveling
  • Use an ATM machine when the neighborhood feels completely safe or no one seems suspicious.
  • Don’t forget to always take an ATM card when you’re done using the ATM machine.
  • Always keep proof of transactions to protect yourself from unauthorized card users.

Well, if you feel that you have stored your card properly and safely, but suddenly your ATM card is swallowed.

So it’s a good idea to follow the explanation that we have prepared regarding the swallowed atm, see the following explanation;

1. How to Take Care of a Lost or Swallowed ATM

There are 2 ways you can do if your ATM is really lost so that the desired things don’t happen.

  • Immediately Contact Call Center Customer Bank BRI

The first thing you have to do if you find out that your BRI ATM is lost or swallowed, the first step is for you to immediately contact the BRI call center at Call BRI 14017 or (021) 1500 017 to immediately request to block your ATM as soon as possible.

When you contact the call center, the call center will ask several questions such as your account number and provide the account number along with the name of the ATM owner listed on the card.

So that the process of blocking the BRI ATM card can be completed quickly, answer the questions correctly.

  • Visit soon Customer Service Bank

The next step you have to do is that you can immediately come or visit the nearest BRI Bank office in your area. And customer service will help to block atm.

Before you visit the bank office, it’s a good idea to prepare and bring documents that will help with atm blocking requirements and the documents you need to bring, such as your ID card, savings book and a certificate of loss from the nearest police station.

Now, after that you can ask the customer service for help to replace the new AtM card, which you will use later.

2. How to Block BRI ATMs via BRI M Banking.

The more advanced and developing of technology makes banking transactions can be done only by using the smartphone you have. Not only to check balances, transfer money between banks, purchase credit, or make payments, using M Banking BRI you can also block ATM cards. How, see the following explanation below.

1. Please open the M Banking or BRI Mobile application which is installed on your cellphone.
2. Then find and click on the Customer Service menu.
3. Then select and click the Enable/Disable Card submenu.
4. Next you are asked for your M Banking PIN, please enter your BRI Mobile PIN.
5. Then the system will automatically send an SMS to the registered mobile number in the form of a notification that your BRI ATM card has been deactivated.
If you want to reuse your BRI ATM card, you can reactivate it in the same way as above. Disabling ATM cards is not a way to completely block ATMs, so you can still use M Banking and BRI Internet Banking. To reactivate, you don’t need to go to the bank.

3. How to Block BRI ATMs via Internet Banking

Another easy way to block BRI ATM cards is to use internet banking services. which you make sure to activate first so you can use it. Following are the steps:

  1. The first step you can open a browser either on your laptop or on your cellphone
  2. Then visit the official website of BRI internet banking.
  3. After that type in the browser https://ib.bri.co.id.
  4. Don’t forget to enter your username and password.
  5. Fill in the validation code in the Login box.
  6. After entering on the main page.
  7. Then select the Customer Service menu again.
  8. Pilih menu Disable and Enable Card.
  9. Enter your BRI ATM password.
  10. Then Press OK and wait for the process.
  11. Your BRI ATM card has been blocked.
  12. Please logout from the internet banking service.

4. Manage the Creation of a New ATM

The first step you have to take if you want to create a new atm is to go to the nearest bank branch office that you have chosen.

Ask security for the procedure for making an atm and then follow the instructions from security to take the queue number with the aim of customer Service

After your number is called, the officer will direct you to the customer service listed according to your queue number. You will be asked about problems they will be able to help with. then you explain what you want which is to create a new atm. You must also attach proof of identity that you have that is still valid or up-to-date such as an ID card or driver’s license and attach a photocopy of a passbook.

Customer service usually asks about the issue of the importance of making a new atm and usually asks about the last balance you have.

If you have completed the steps above, the customer service will immediately process the creation of a new ATM with the same account number you have without changing the old password.

Ask to print proof of checking account so you can make sure there are no withdrawal transactions in your account balance

There are several problems that often occur in the management of making new ATMs, including:

  1. Swallowed card in ATM machine
  2. Left the card in the ATM machine after the transaction is complete
  3. ATM card is broken, burned or damaged
  4. ATM card lost, dropped or pickpocketed


That’s our discussion this time about 4 Ways to Block BRI ATMs when an ATM Card is Lost Or Swallowed and don’t forget to remind you to avoid swallowing an ATM card by not placing it on a rough surface because this can scratch the sensor on the card.

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