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4+ How to Restore a TikTok Account whose number is no longer active 2022 – 100% SUCCESS!!

Many people are still confused about how to restore a TikTok account whose number is no longer active. Don’t worry, there are some easy steps that you should try.

There are various reasons why the number you are using is suddenly inactive. One reason is because the active period has expired. Therefore, you should regularly top up your credit at least once a month to stay active.

4 Ways to Restore a TikTok Account whose number is no longer active

For those who log in to their TikTok account by using a phone number, you should read this article to the end. The method that will be explained is made easy to understand so that you are not confused when practicing.

Actually, even though the number used to login to TikTok can no longer be used, you can still carry out various activities with the application smoothly. But for security, we recommend doing the following steps:

1. Trying to Reactivate an Inactive Number

When the number used is no longer active, you can actually activate it again. Keep in mind, activation must be done as soon as possible because there is a possibility that a number that has died will be transferred to a new card.

The process of activating this card is not so difficult, you only need to visit the grapari office of the relevant cellular operator that is closest to where you live. A further explanation of the process is as follows:

  • Prepare the requirements that may be needed, such as an official identity in the form of an ID card.
  • Go to the nearest grapari office, then please take the queue number.
  • Wait until your number is called by CS.
  • Convey the intent and purpose of visiting the Grapari office clearly.
  • Follow all instructions given by the CS on duty.
  • If the number you mean can be reactivated, you will be given a new SIM card.

2. Change Verification to Email

Verify to Email

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When you first log in to TikTok, you are faced with three choices of login methods, namely using a phone number, email, and Facebook.

If you want to restore an account that previously logged in using a phone number, you can try changing the verification method to email. The method is relatively easy, here’s a further explanation:

  • Run the TikTok app on your phone.
  • After the main view of the application appears, look for the profile menu.
  • Select the menu with the hamburger icon, then click the manage account option.
  • Tap the email section, continue by entering the email password used.
  • Select the send code menu.
  • Switch the view to the Gmail app you have.
  • Open the message sent by TikTok.
  • Please in addition to the verification code sent by TikTok via the message.
  • If it is successful, go back to the manage account page.
  • Select the password menu, tap the use email option.
  • Enter the email you just added.
  • Select send code, verify as described previously.
  • Change your password as directed by the system.

3. Contacting the TikTok Help Center

This technique is recommended for those of you who have logged out of the account but it turns out that the number to login is no longer active. It doesn’t take long, just look at the steps in the following review:

  • Run the TikTok application that is already installed on the phone.
  • On the Sign up for TikTok page, select the question mark icon.
  • Tap other options that appear on the screen.
  • Select the menu need more help?, then write down the complaints you feel.
  • Also attach a screenshot if necessary.
  • Select the report menu and wait until you get a reply.

There is a possibility that you will get a response in a long time for one reason or another. Therefore, make sure to be patient waiting for an answer from TikTok.

But if you still don’t get a response at all, try contacting TikTok personally via the official social media website or email.

4. Contacting Service Center Provider

For those who are unable to come directly to the nearest Grapari office, you can contact the service center provider. This method is quite practical because it can be done anytime and anywhere.

Before that, you need to make sure you have credit on the number you want to use to contact the relevant service center provider. Regarding how the procedure will be explained in the following review:

  • Enter the phone menu, then type the destination provider number
  • Click call, wait until it connects with CS.
  • Later you will be asked the reason why you made the call.
  • Say that your card is not active.
  • Also convey the length of inactivity so that CS can analyze whether it can still be reactivated or not.
  • Follow all the instructions given.
  • Wait until they provide more information.
  • If it can still be reactivated, then the related number can be used as usual.

This is an explanation of how to restore a TikTok account whose number is no longer active. The information above is indeed very important to know so that if you later experience such a problem, you can handle it yourself quickly and accurately.

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