4 Easy Ways to Extend Axis Card Active Period (2022)

Just like other cards, Axis has a different active period. This active period is mandatory if you want to use Axis services. Such as internet, telephone and SMS.

When the card has passed the grace period, all services will be deactivated. You will also not be able to top up credit or enter the Axis voucher code to reactivate the card.

So, how do you know the active period of the Axis card? Also how do I reactivate an Axis card that is already dead? Here, Uplotify.id will explain it for you.

How to Extend Axis Active Life

Axis provides its users with several ways to extend the life of the card. You can choose these methods according to your needs. For those of you who want to know, here’s a guide.

How to Extend Axis Active Life

1. By Replenishing Credit

First you can top up your credit. When you top up your Axis card, the active period will automatically increase according to the nominal pulse.

This active period varies. Starting from 5 thousand for 7 days, 10 thousand for 14 days and so on.

You can top up your own credit through regular counters, through minimarkets such as Indomaret, Alfamart, through e-wallets such as Dana, OVO and others.

2. Buy Axis Active Time

Refilling the credit with the nominal mentioned earlier, it can be said that the active period obtained is not so long.

So what if you want to get the old card active period but you don’t want to top up too much credit? The solution is you can buy an active period.

The advantage of this method is that the active period you can reach is more than one month. Even if you top up your credit with a small nominal. For example 10,000 for 30 days.

The method is as follows:

  1. Open the menu first Phone on your cellphone
  2. Next type *123# then OK or Call
Kode Dial Axis HP
  1. Next, several options will appear. Please choose My Info (For example by pressing the number 7) then Send
Opsi MyInfo Axis
  1. If you see other options, please select the menu Extend Active Period
Option to Extend Axis Active Life
  1. Here you can choose the number of active periods according to the nominal credit you have now
Choose Axis Card Active Period
  1. Wait a while until Axis sends a notification that the addition of the active period is successful

3. By Transfer / Request Credit

In addition to topping up credit by buying it, if you get credit from a transfer, whether it’s fellow Axis or other operators, your active period will also automatically increase.

You can try asking your friends or family to transfer their credit to your card. Minimum recommended nominal is 5000.

For how to request credit, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the messaging application first on the cellphone
  2. Then type Share (spaces) Destination number (spaces) Credit Amount
  3. Send message to number 168
  4. If there is a confirmation notification, you can reply Y
Transferring Axis Credit to Get Active Period

4. Purchase Axis Packages

In some Axis packages that you buy, it will generally increase the active period of your card as well.

For example, if you buy an internet package with an active period of 30 days, you will automatically be able to use your Axis card for the next 30 days.

With a note not all. You must see the details of the package, and confirm to the call center if there are changes at any time.

How to Check Axis Card’s Active Period

The active period of your Axis card will be notified in the form of a notification via SMS from the operator. Usually a date. For example, on the number of months, so many years.

So if you want to check the active period of the Axis card manually, of course you can. The easiest way is through the code dial:

  1. Open the menu Dial / Phone on your cellphone
  2. Press *123# then tap Call
  3. Wait for a while, you will see the card information
  4. Check the active period of your Axis card there

In addition, if you use Axisnet, and the card is already registered in the application, when you open Axisnet you will see the active period of the card on the main dashboard.

What if the Axis Card is Dead

What if the Axis card you are using is already dead? As mentioned earlier, we cannot reactivate it by filling up credit or entering a voucher code.

Now the only way is that you have to go to the nearest Axis outlet. Or to be precise, go to the XL Center, then bring the dead Axis card and identity (KTP is recommended).

There you just go to CS, explain if you want to reactivate your Axis card which is already dead. The process generally does not take long.

Note: Sometimes you also need admin fees and fees for recharging.

For those of you who want to extend the active period of the Axis card, it is hoped that this explanation can be useful. You can also choose whichever way you want.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below. Share it with your friends too.

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