4 Anti-Theft Mobile Applications To Prevent Cell Phone Theft

No one wants their smartphone or cellphone stolen or lost. Therefore, we need to store it properly so that the cellphone is protected from thieves.

As extra protection, there’s nothing wrong if you install an anti-theft application for HP. There are many anti-theft apps for Android devices available for free on the Google Play Store.

This application can prevent cellphones from theft and restore lost devices with various strategies, such as taking photos of people trying to access the device, sending emails containing device coordinates, and others.

Anti-Theft Mobile Application To Secure Cellphones from Thieves

There are various Android applications to secure cellphones from theft available on the Play Store, each with their own uniqueness. Here are some recommended applications as a thief detection tool.

CrookCathcer – Anti Theft

Mobile Anti-Theft Application 2022


  • Take pictures secretly when someone tries to access your device with the wrong code
  • Sends an email containing images, GPS coordinates, accuracy, approximate address, maps and links to Google Device Manager which can be tracked 24/7
  • Works with password, pin code and pattern lock

CrookCatcher Anti Theft not only helps you get your lost device back, but also brings the fun of identifying the thief.

When someone enters the wrong PIN code to unlock the device, the device will take a picture of that person and immediately send the picture via email.

The email will contain an image, GPS coordinates, approximate address as well as a map. Another advantage of this application is that it does not quickly drain battery power. Because the theft detector only turns on when you enter the wrong code.

Download: com.harteg.crookcatcher

Alarm anti pencurian / Anti-Theft Alarm

Mobile Anti-Theft Application 2022


  • Thief can’t close app or reduce alarm volume without password
  • The alarm will resume when the device is turned on again
  • Alarm sounds loudly even in silent mode

Anti Theft Alarm can secure your cellphone from thieves by sounding an alarm under certain conditions.

Other features that can be found in this application include a flashing screen and a vibrating device such as a police light when the alarm is active as well as a choice of alarm sounds and various other settings.

Some of these conditions include when the device is being charged and someone disconnects it, when the location of the phone changes, when the SIM card is replaced.

When your device is stolen, you can activate a remote alarm. The alarm will continue to sound until you enter the password.

Download: com.ralok.antitheftalarm&hl=in&gl=US

Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Mobile Anti-Theft Application 2022


  • Take photos secretly using the front camera when the code entered is wrong
  • Calculate device location with WiFi and GPS
  • Immediately send an email with photos and GPS location, before the phone is turned off

The next application to prevent theft is Lockwatch. This app will take a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your device with the wrong code.

Lockwatch will send the device’s current GPS location via email. You can detect theft by knowing if someone is snooping on your device or finding the thief who stole it.

Download: com.bloketech.lockwatch&hl=in&gl=US

Comodo Anti Theft

Mobile Anti-Theft Application 2022


  • Full control of all your devices
  • View device location on a map
  • Monitor device activity

The next anti-theft application that you can download for free is Comodo Anti Theft. With this app you can completely control your device from anywhere, anytime.

Download: com.comodo.mobile.comodoantitheft

Several applications on this list have proven to have an important role in securing devices from various brands of HP Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, OnePlus, ZTE, Mito, Advan and other HP brands.

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