30+ Songket Kebaya Models (Skirt, BOTTOM, MODERN, GRADUATION)

Indonesia is rich in art and culture.

On this equatorial earth, you will find various riches of the country that are the identity of the nation.

Well, one of the wealth that we must preserve is the songket kebaya.

Songket itself is a special fabric woven with metallic metal threads to give a shiny effect.

So, those of you who like kebaya, of course you are familiar with this songket kebaya, right?

Here are 30 songket kebaya inspirations that you can use in various events.

Who knows with your attractive appearance, your soul mate will come in front of you, you know.

Various Models of the Latest Songket Kebaya

1. Maroon Songket Kebaya

Image source: www.fimela.com

The modern maroon kebaya is also not to be missed.

With this suit, your appearance will be more charming.

The combination of top and bottom is so harmonious, plus the stunning songket scarf.

2. Kebaya Songket Eye Catching

kebaya and songket palembang
Image source: www.idntimes.com

Well, this kebaya is also good for collection.

Handsome, eye catching and beautiful.

The price is only Rp. 750,000 you knowvery friendly to the contents of your pocket.

3. Black Songket Kebaya

classic songket kebaya
Image source: www.instagram.com

Want to dress up with a modern and elegant look?

You must wear this kebaya.

The black color is combined with a gold scarf, what a harmonious combination.

4. Kebaya Songket Light Blue

children's songket kebaya
Image source: www.twitter.com

Going to a party still confused about what to wear?

Curious-in deh this one kebaya suit model.

With the color light blueyour appearance looks cute and kece, you know.

5. Muslimah Songket Kebaya

yellow songket kebaya
Image source: www.muslimahclothing.com

You are a Muslim, don’t worry about appearance.

Get this latest kebaya at a price of Rp. 450.000,-

The motive is good, contemporary, and eye catching.

6. Kebaya Songket Silver

selling songket kebaya
Image source: www.pinterest.com

Now you can be more confident to come to various events.

Choose a kebaya suit silver like this, so that your appearance looks charming and modern.

You can get this kebaya at a price of Rp. 700,000,-.

7. Red-White Songket Kebaya

type of songket kebaya
Image source: www.dodyphotography.blogspot.com

The kebaya with the scarf is quite slick, too.

Choose the color balance also, like the red-and-white mix in this photo.

8. Kebaya Songket Abu-Abu

songket kebaya inspiration
Image source: www.cloudfront.net

Well, the gray songket kebaya is also suitableho to walk to the party.

The design looks relaxed, but still elegant to look at.

9. White-Green Songket Kebaya

Instagram songket kebaya
Image source: www.flickr.com

Wow, the motif of this kebaya is also very good, isn’t it?

Carrying green, so it looks neat and pretty fresh.

Especially when paired with white clothes for the top, so eye catching the result.

10. Purple Songket Kebaya

selling songket hijab kebaya
Image source: www.dewimagazine.com

To make it look different, you can really modify the bottom of this kebaya with a middle part.

Try deh Choose a striking color too, so that your appearance looks perfect.

11. Millennial Songket Kebaya

green songket skirt kebaya
Image source: www.langkung.com

Millennials should indeed appear staylish like this yes.

The kebaya bottom is enough glowing and looks elegant.

You who have fair skin, are suitable you know wear this kebaya suit.

12. Kebaya Songket Emak-Emak

songket kebaya price
Image source: www.dialeksis.com

Well, if this one looks elegant the kebaya.

Even being used by mothers is good, not inferior to the young ones

13. Kebaya Songket for Worship

hijab songket kebaya
Image source: www.bajuide.blogspot.com

Well, even going to worship you can wear a kebaya.

You don’t need to be adventurous, just a simple suit, okay?

14. Chocolate Songket Kebaya

kebaya songket hari raya
Image source: www.idntimes.com

Well, this kebaya looks beautiful when worn.

The lower songket is quite elegant with a combination of golden brown color.

The top is also good with the red color soft.

15. Popular Songket Kebaya

hijab songket kebaya
Image source: www.twitter.com

It’s also very possible to go to an invitation you know wear this red kebaya.

The suit design is simple, suitable for even mothers to wear.

16. Kebaya Songket Sapodilla Leather

black songket kebaya
Image source: www.detik.net.id

This kebaya suit is suitable for those of you who have brown skin.

Your appearance will feel more elegant you know with this modern kebaya.

17. Beautiful Motif Songket Kebaya

picture of teenage songket kebaya
Image source: www.pinterest.com

Wow, this kebaya has quite heavy and sharp coloring.

But that’s okay, because the order of the motifs is quite slick.

So, if you wear this kebaya, your appearance can be more elegant and modern.

18. Color Songket kebaya Soft

Muslim songket kebaya picture
Image source: www.popbela.com

To be contemporary, millennial children like you can look slicker with this simple kebaya.

Color soft you can choose because this color is indeed again in too on various occasions.

19. Modified Songket Kebaya

modern songket kebaya images
Image source: www.bajupengantinmuslim.co.id

In this case, the appearance is quite elegant with a modified kebaya suit.

The color is quite soft with soft pink that, makes your beauty more enchanting.

20. Moss Green Songket Kebaya

songket kebaya picture
Image source: www.kebayakilat.blogspot.com

Going to a party wearing a moss green kebaya?

It can be very kokeven your appearance can be different you know than the others.

21. Graduation Songket Kebaya

kebaya songket dress
Image source: www.idntimes.com

For the graduation ceremony, you can also wear a kebaya suit to make it look more attractive.

For example, a navy blue kebaya like this, yes, if your appearance is contemporary and instagramable.

22. Luxurious Red Songket Kebaya

songket kebaya photo
Image source: www.instagram.com

If you wear this kebaya, you look like a princess. you know.

With its luxurious and modern red color, you are ready to come forward with your friends.

23. Green Songket Kebaya

kebaya songket fashion
Image source: www.muslimahclothing.com

How about a staylish green kebaya suit like this?

The songket suit is quite slick combined with green clothes for those of you who are hijabers.

Let it be contemporary, use it too deh let your glasses be stylish.

24. Kebaya Songket Eye Catching

kebaya encim songket
Image source: www.instagram.com

If it’s this one, the kebaya is enough eye cacthing to be seen.

Neat, color balanceand worth it kok worn to various formal events.

The price of this kebaya is in the range of Rp. 350.000,-.

25. Simple Songket Kebaya

songket kebaya dress design
Image source: www.kokaindonesia.blogspot.com

Well, this one combines elements of traditional kebaya with kebaya.

Your appearance will be simpler with this suit.

26. Purple Shawl Songket Kebaya

modern songket kebaya dress
Image source: www.idntimes.com

Well, kebaya like this is also good to wear.

The combination of the blue flea kebaya with the songket shawl which is dominated by purple and gold.

Your appearance is kece yes if like this.

27. Purple Hijab Songket Kebaya

kebaya with red songket
Image source: www.evemuslimpratunam.com

The style of wearing hijab with purple kebaya is truly unique.

Beautiful, attractive, and makes you confident.

Especially if your facial skin is bright white, well your charm will definitely look as beautiful as this.

28. Green Songket Kebaya

kebaya and songket padang
Image source: www.inkaprawirasasra.wordpress.com

Going to an invitation with the kids?

Don’t worry about clothes, just wear a green kebaya like this so that fresh your appearance.

Prepare a budget of Rp. 350.000,- yes to get this beautiful kebaya.

29. Kebaya Songket Contemporary

modern kebaya and songket
Image source: www.idntimes.com

Going to a party with friends is no longer necessary.

Because by wearing this kebaya, your appearance looks modern and contemporary.

Moreover, the price is only Rp. 375.000,- only, so you can definitely buy it.

30. Sweet Hijab Songket Kebaya

kebaya with songket palembang
Image source: www.langkung.com

Brown kebaya also looks cute when worn.

the model simplewith a special hijab suit for you who are Muslim.

The price is only Rp. 375.000,- only, yes.

Well, those were 30 kinds of songket kebaya suits that could be an inspiration for you.

Songket fabric is special, so make sure it’s in your collection too, OK?

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