30+ Long Dress Batik Models (COMBINATION, BROCATE, MODERN, Plain)

Clothing for women is not only rich in motifs, but also has many choices of models in terms of size and shape.

Regarding motifs, batik is the right reference for various kinds of moments.

In this post, we will share specific women’s outfits for batik long dresses.

Model Long Dress Batik

Both women who wear hijab or not, this type of model is equally suitable to wear.

Regardless of having a tall or short body, fat or slim, everyone can wear it.

The most important thing is to be smart in choosing a batik long dress style that suits your body shape.

Let’s explore your fascinating outfit here!

1. Long Dress Batik Maxi

Source: google.com

This long dress is an alternative for those of you who don’t like complicated.

The floral machete motif is dominated by brown color with a sleek style that looks cute to wear.

The length is above the ankles and the arms are up to the elbows.

2. Long Dress Merah Gold

picture of long dress batik
Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Perfect for a party, this two-layer red, gold-coated long dress is very charming.

Wear a hijab and a handle bag of the same color to make it compact. A collection with a similar model for Rp.890,000.

3. Creepy Flower Motifs

ethnic batik long dress model
Source: https://www.asos.com

This long dress has a beautiful flower motif.

Starting from the navel to the bottom, full batik. While at the top consists of plain colors.

Only on the front, in the area where buttons are generally attached, there is also a vine motif.

Immediately collection at a price of Rp. 98.000.

4. Trumpet Sleeve Long Dress

long dress batik fat people
Source: https://www.brilio.net

Artist Shoimah’s style of dress is one of the coolest batik fashion references.

Her modern batik long dress is exclusive and far from old-fashioned.

The selection of motifs and designs is in harmony. The trumpet-style sleeves make the wearer look elegant.

5. Long Dress Batik Simple

batik long dress model
Source: https://shopee.co.id

Looking feminine even on a non-special day has its own story.

With this simple batik long dress, your appearance will still be stunning.

Also combine it with a simple hijab and soft colored pantoefel.

6. The Combination of Kalem Baroque Batik

long dress for batik
Source: https://designmodelbaju.com

Want to impress calm and calm?

This pink baroque combination long dress is a recommendation for you.

Girly and really awesome.

7. Spectacular Baroque Batik Combination

long dress batik for party
Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Your look is guaranteed to be spectacular when you apply this long dress design concept.

Baroque in the chest and shoulder area creates the impression of level and field.

While at the bottom which is full of batik motifs accompanied by a front cleavage, it makes you elegant and sexy.

8. Long Dress Batik Party

batik long dress inspiration
Source: https://www.ladiesory.id

Yuni Shara is one of the homeland divas who likes the history of batikeven his life is not far from the traditional impression but still fashionable.

She is maximally beautiful with a long batik dress with a sparkling machete motif.

Combined with black to be exotic at a luxurious party.

9. Contemporary Batik Long Dress

photo of long dress batik
Source: vienscouir.com

The work of the people of Jogja consists of contemporary motifs.

There is lace and a diagonal line motif at the bottom.

For those of you who have a fat body posture, it is also suitable to wear it.

10. Long Dress Batik Slim Fit

photo of long dress batik
Source: https://www.pinterest.com

This sleeveless Batik Long Dress is very tempting to be a new collection.

The slim fit model helps you to look naturally beautiful.

11. Unique Batik Long Dress

luxury long dress batik
Source: batikamarillis-shop.com

Batik Amarillis busan designs are always amazing.

Including this unique batik long dress. The price is bombastic, which is above Rp. 1,500,000.

12. Long Dress Floor Mewah

cute batik long dress model
Source: https://today.line.me

Want to be beautiful and charming with a royal princess-style dress?

This is one of the references. Long dresses hanging on the floor with eye-catching motifs and colors.

13. Long Dress Belt

image long dress batik
Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Additional outfit belts can change the impression of your appearance from ordinary to more trendy.

As in this batik long dress, the motifs are the same from top to bottom.

14. Long Dress Style Baju Kurung

hijab batik dress model
Source: https://difastore.com

The lace and the quilt are sweet. Add a calming effect to your simple look.

Provide a budget of Rp. 150,000 to have it.

15. Long Dress Detail Ruffle

long dress batik gamis
Source: https://jakarta.tribunnews.com

The machete motif is always suitable for any type of clothing model.

Including a long dress equipped with ruffle decoration on the sleeves.

16. Long Dress Monokrom

the latest batik long dress pictures
Source: https://www.hijab-style.com

Monochrome themes can be one way to conjure up yourself to be elegant without a lot of make-up.

You really have to try a monochrome outfit like this.

17. Long Dress Ala Artis K-Pop

short sleeve batik long dress
Source: https://www.preview.ph

The female model who wears this batik shirt is a K-Pop idol who now doubles as an actress in the Korean film world.

The long dress model with many full batik folds is very charming.

Supported by a choice of beautiful motifs and a scoop neck collar, this is the perfect combination.

Simple but classy.

18. Long Dress Batik Motif Maple

long sleeve batik long dress model
Source: https://www.clbxg.com

Maple leaves are so admired that they are used as motifs in many ways.

This long batik dress also participated.

19. Bat Sleeve Long Dress

long dress batik jumbo
Source: https://www.brilio.net

Not only with baroque cloth, batik clothing can be more attractive, mixing and matching with velvet is no less cool.

Like this bat-sleeved batik dress.

20. Combination Parang Batik

picture long dress batik combination
Source: https://www.lazada.co.id

Pastel colors are what support the performance of this combination batik long dress.

Six patterned buttons sweeten the design. The price is sweet on the pocket, Rp. 110,000.

21. Long Dress Batik Rempel

green batik long dress
Source: https://www.popbela.com

Complete your appearance with a choice of elegant motifs.

This is the right recommendation to maximize the party you are hosting.

22. Pastel Color Batik Long Dress

elegant batik long dress model
Source: https://kebayabatik.net

More flexible modern batik is also available on this long dress.

The motive and the model are very young people. The price is IDR 130,000.

23. Long Dress Bohemian

today's batik long dress
Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Traveling to many areas and even abroad, don’t forget to wear batik.

One of the batik long dresses that are suitable for the bohemian is this one.

24. Long Dress Batik Model Kimono

types of long dress batik clothes
Source: https://www.idntimes.com

Don’t be bored with the machete motif.

Even in kimono-like fashion designs, machetes remain the prima donna.

25. Monochrome Long Dress

teen modern batik long dress
Source: https://fabelio.com

Composed of three motif components; plain white, plain black, contemporary batik.

The belt in the form of a ribbon concluded on the left gives extra charm.

26. Long Dress Batik Floral

long dress batik jogja
Source: https://katalogbajugamismu.com

Filled with flowers, this long batik dress provides positive energy to look cheerful all day long.

27. Long Dress to Relax

long dress batik model for pregnant women
Source: https://www.bukalapak.com

Choosing a costume on a casual day can also wear a long batik dress.

As the theme of your agenda, this combination robe is perfect for enjoying your day off.

28. Trumpet Sleeve Long Dress 2

long sleeveless batik dress
Source: https://www.bbc.com

This style is also suitable for relaxing. The price is relaxed alias affordable.

This trumpet-sleeved long dress can be obtained for Rp. 95,000.

29. Long Dress Batik Satin

cute batik long dress
Source: https://shopee.co.id

The satin base is slippery and has a drop effect that provides comfort when worn.

The floral motifs are strikingly eye-catching. Comfortable to wear in summer.

30. Long Dress Special Batik Wayang Motif

the latest teen batik long dress
Source: https://www.popbela.com

Be beautiful because of the charm that is emitted from this elegant long dress with a puppet pattern.

Not only the movie, there is also a machete motif on the left side. So awesome!

31. Long Dress Batik Brocade

long dress batik brocade combination
Source: http://nelyafifi.com

Batik and brocade are a perfect combination for party dresses.

Like this long batik dress, it can be an inspiration for your party dress.

The batik has contemporary motifs that will maximize your charm.

Are you ready to explore your outfit with a long batik dress?

Choose one of our recommendations, then look stunning at various moments!

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