3 Ways to Reset Xiaomi Mobile to Factory Settings [berhasil]

Cara Reset HP Xiaomi – therantnation.com. For those of you Xiaomi smartphone users, it’s not uncommon to find problems like HP suddenly error, freezing, or other problems. This sometimes makes users feel annoyed, so they look for solutions to overcome this.

One way that can be done is to factory reset the cellphone, but how do you reset the Xiaomi cellphone to factory settings? This smartphone vendor from the bamboo curtain country is here by offering low-priced phones, but equipped with advanced features and specifications.

Even in the Indonesian market, Xiaomi has made it into the top three popular smartphones. No wonder because in addition to the relatively cheap price, this Redmi also carries an elegant and unique HP design made by an innovative company.

For Xiaomi smartphone users who want to do a factory reset, here’s an easy and safe way to reset a Xiaomi cellphone!

Preparation Before Doing Factory Reset

Factory reset is the process of returning the smartphone to its initial settings or factory settings, so that after this process is successful, the smartphone will return to the way it was when it was first taken out of the box.

Factory reset has various functions, ranging from cleaning cache files or garbage that has accumulated on the cellphone, deleting data privateremove viruses as well as malwareto overcome the smartphone error.

But before doing a factory reset, first need to do some important preparations. The reason is that a factory reset can eliminate all files and data on the smartphone. So before doing this process, make sure:

  • Back up important files such as contacts, photos, videos, documents, and other important files. You can move all files on other devices or store them in online cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others.
  • Mem-backup chat history from the messaging application on the smartphone.
  • Back up the applications on your phone, so you don’t have to re-download them later.

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3 Ways to Reset Xiaomi Phones to Factory Settings for All Types

Preparation Before Doing Factory Reset

For those who can’t wait to find out about resetting Xiaomi cellphones to factory settings, then the following are some options that can be used as an option. Do what you want, because everyone has different choices.

1. Factory Reset Via Settings Menu

The first method below is very easy to do, because users only need to access the settings menu. Before starting the factory reset process, don’t forget to do the preparations mentioned above. Check out the steps below!

  • First prepare your Xiaomi cellphone then open the menu Settings on mobile.
  • If so, click on the menu option Additional Settings.
  • After that select the menu Backup and Resetthen click on Factory Reset (restore to factory settings).
  • Next click Reset Phonethen confirm by clicking Delete.
  • If you have waited until the factory reset process is successful.
  • If the reset process has been successful, the Xiaomi cellphone will automatically carry out the process Reboot.
  • Factory reset has also been successfully done.

After the Xiaomi device restarts automatically, it will be brought to the menu Home Screen. Next, you just need to reset the smartphone as usual.

2. Hard Reset Melalui Recovery Mode

How to reset the next Xiaomi cellphone is hard reset through recovery mode. But before doing this method, make sure the Xiaomi device battery is not less than 50%. So that later the process hard reset can run well. Follow the steps below!

  • Before starting the process hard reset with a menu recovery modefirst turn off your xiaomi phone.
  • After that, need to access recovery mode by pressing the button Volume Up and button Power simultaneously for a few seconds until the Xiaomi logo appears.
  • If so, enter the menu My Recovery and select English on the available language options.
  • After that click Wipe Data or Factory Reset to start the process hard reset.
  • Next click All Wipe Data and confirm by selecting Yes.
  • Wait a few moments until the reset process is successful.
  • If the process is successful, the Xiaomi device will carry out the process reboot automatically.

3. Hard Reset Via Mi Cloud

The following last method can be an alternative if the two methods above do not work. To be able to reset using this method, you need to access the Mi Cloud site via a computer or laptop. You also need to do Sign In using the Mi account used on the Xiaomi device to be downloadedreset.

  • First open Browser on your computer or laptop, then type us.i.mi.com.
  • After that click on options Sign in with Mi Account.
  • Next, you are asked to enter your email and mobile number used on the Mi account.
  • If so, type the password and select Sign in.
  • Next step click Find Device on the available menu options.
  • Then wait a while until later it will be listed which type of Xiaomi is detected by Mi Cloud.
  • After that click Wipe Device to start the hard reset process.
  • If so, a page will appear showing what data will be deleted.
  • Click Wipe to confirm deletion.
  • Wait a few moments until the reset process is complete.
  • After that the Xiaomi device will do reboot automatically.

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Advantages of Performing Xiaomi Factory Settings

Advantages of Factory Reset Hp

Performing a factory reset on a smartphone brings many benefits, including:

Making Phone Performance More Optimal

The default settings and application settings made by the user can apparently affect the performance of the mobile device. So that when HP performance often experiences errors and feels heavy, a factory reset can optimize smartphone devices again.

Clean Phone from Virus

Factory reset can also clean the phone from viruses and harmful malware that can damage the Android cellphone system. To be able to get rid of it, it is enough to do a factory reset, the steps have been described above.

Throwing Junk Files

Smartphones store junk files that have been stored on your cellphone for a long time. So if it accumulates too much, it does not rule out the possibility of an impact on its performance. By doing a factory reset, the smartphone will be smoother and lighter because the junk files have been erased to the root.

Make Phone Storage Space More Free

Not only that, a factory reset on a smartphone can also make phone storage space more spacious and loose. Because the files and data on the smartphone will be deleted as a whole, so the cellphone can work faster and lighter like a new cellphone device.


Each smartphone brand recommends doing a factory reset a maximum of three times. So if there are no serious problems with the smartphone, it’s better not to do a factory reset on the cellphone.

That’s how to reset a Xiaomi cellphone for all types of Xiaomi cellphones, both old and new. After successfully doing a factory reset, it’s a good idea to set the application installation so that it doesn’t burden the phone’s performance.

Just install the applications that are important and needed, so that later it doesn’t become a burden for your cellphone.

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