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3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Apps for Beginners

Are you curious about how to make Android apps? Is it difficult to create a simple Android app? Or even easy? Actually, the answer to that question depends on your own intentions and sincerity.

As the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way. This also applies to the creation of an Android application. But did you know that Android applications can be created without having to use complicated coding? The following is a further explanation that needs to be considered.

How to Make Android Applications Without Coding

If you’re interested in making an Android app but don’t know coding, don’t worry. There are several software that can be used to create simple Android applications. Immediately, see the information below.

1. Using the Quickappninja Website

Quickappninja is a basic site that you can use to create Android apps without coding. Even this application is quite popular among novice developers. Well, here’s how to make android app simple using Quickappninja.

  • The first step, open the web browser application using your device.
  • After that, visit the site com.
  • On the main page of this Quickappninja site, you need to register first.

  • If you have successfully registered an account, then select menu Android Games.
  • Continue by selecting one of the types of games provided. Among them there are puzzle games, guess the picture, and so on.


  • After choosing a game type, it’s time to edit the look, sound, content, colors, menus, and various parts of the game to be created. Don’t worry, because at this stage, you only adjust by choosing one of the options provided.
  • If you have finished editing, you can fill in the game name, conditions, developer email, and also the number of optional letters.


  • Interestingly, this game can be used to earn money. To do so, activate the service AdMob by Google which is in the Monetization.
  • If all the steps above have been completed, then now is the time to download the game. The trick is to click the button Earn Games which is located in the lower right corner.
  • You need to wait at least 1×24 hours if you want to upload the game to Google Playstore, and download it by someone else.

2. Using Appsgeyser Situs Site

Many say that Appsgeyser is a site that is able to create simple apps quickly and without the need for any coding. Interested in trying this application? Listen how to make android app with the Appsgeyser application as follows.

  • First, open the web browser application present on your device. However, it is recommended to use a PC or laptop to make it easier.
  • After that, visit the site called com.
  • If the site is already open, when the keywords “game” in the search field provided. Then press the button “see all”. Besides being able to be used to make games, this site can also be used to create simple applications such as business applications and so on.
  • The next step, you can choose one type of game you want to make. In this site, there are several types of games such as Puzzle, Quiz, Mahjong, Flappy, and others. Well, this time an example of a game that will be made is Flappy. Just click option Flappy.


  • Here, you can customize and replace existing objects freely. This site also provides a demo of the game being made to make it easier for you to understand.
  • When finished with the editing stage, then press the button Carry on.


  • The next step, write the name of the game and its description in the column provided. Then click the button Carry on more to go.
  • If you want to change the icon of the created application, then press the button custom icon. Select the image to use as the icon, and click Make.


  • Then register by entering your email address. To make it easier, you can use a Google or Facebook account stored in the web browser application.
  • Later you will be taken to the dashboard. Scroll down and press the button Download game which was created earlier. To make downloading easier, this site also provides features QR Code to be scanned to an Android device.

3. Using the Draw Your Game Application

If the previous two methods allow you to create simple Android apps with websites, then this one uses the help of a dedicated app. The application is called Draw Your Game.

As the name implies, Draw Your Game is an application that can be used to create games by drawing on an HVS paper using 4 colors. Well, here how to make android app with the Draw Your Game application.

  • The first stage, of course you need to download and install the application Your Game Image first. Don’t be confused, this application is widely found on the internet.
  • After the application is successfully installed, do not open it immediately.
  • All you need to do is draw a game world on HVS paper as you wish with the following conditions.

Use green to make a trampoline (an item for bouncing).

Use black to make floors and walls (hard objects that can’t be moved).

Use red to make dangerous objects (items that if you touch a character, the character will die).

Use the blue color to make objects make things move when touched by the character.

  • Try to draw as neatly as possible, and don’t let the colors mix and look blurry.
  • If you have finished drawing, now is the time to create the Draw Your Game application that was already installed.
  • In the main menu of the application, click the button Picture. This button is used to take a photo of the image that you created as the world in the game. However, if the previous image has been photographed or scanned, then you can choose the option Gallery to open it from the gallery.
  • If the photo has been successfully imported into the application, then click the button MAKE.


  • Just follow the instructions given until the button Okay the latter.
  • The next stage, you can put a character in the form of an Android robot at the desired starting point.
  • Then try clicking on the button play which is in the middle of the app, to play games like Super Mario with a world you draw yourself.


  • First try to touch all the created colors. If it is in accordance with the provisions above, it can be ascertained that the making of this game is successful.

It’s quite easy, right, three ways to create Android applications as described above? Well, now it’s up to you to choose which method to use. No need to worry, because the sites and applications that are used are not paid or free.

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