3 Ideas to Find Practical Capital for Starting a Business

Bakrabata.com – Capital resources are indeed a struggle for novice entrepreneurs. Especially if you are not a child from the “upper class” which can be said to be easy to get this one resource.

So, these 3 practical capital ideas to start a business can be the right reference for those who are just starting a business, Superfriends.

Yup, the difficulty of obtaining capital resources is sometimes one of the challenges in realizing the ideas and business models that have been designed. But don’t worry, because there are 3 practical capital ideas for starting a business that you can learn, Superfriends!

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Use Personal Funds

Using personal funds as capital to start a business is indeed a relatively safe option. Because, this will definitely make you have complete control over the business you run, Superfriends.!

There is no intervention, there is no need to consider other people’s opinions about business operations because you are the sole owner of the capital. However, on the other hand, you can also take a long time to realize the business because you are waiting for sufficient savings, Superfriends.

Starting a business using personal funds also has other risks, especially if you use all of your savings for the business. Yup, if it turns out that your business has suffered losses while you’ve used up all the savings, then you don’t have enough money to survive, Superfriends.

In addition, the average beginner businessman often does not have funds that are not too large in their savings. The impact, if you use a little capital to open a business, the possibility of a slow growing business is very large, Superfriends.

Apply For Business Loans To Banks

The idea of ​​looking for practical capital to start a business is to apply for credit to a number of commercial banks, Superfriends. Currently, many banks offer credit for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with competitive loan interest rates.

The government has poured capital funds through the people’s business credit program (KUR) of Rp. 120 trillion to be distributed to MSME actors throughout 2018, you know!

The government also lowered the KUR interest rate from 9 percent to 7 percent per year. Even though the loan interest in the market reaches 17.5 percent per year. As an additional program, the government provides entrepreneurship workshops for Kur recipients.

Unfortunately, this program is not widely used by small entrepreneurs, Superfriends. The number of entrepreneurs who do not take advantage of this capital may be due to a lack of understanding and the process of applying for capital which is considered rather difficult to fulfill.

In fact, if every small entrepreneur got these funds to start a business, it would definitely come in handy, Superfriends!

Looking for investors and business partners

If you feel that you will not be able to run a business and get capital to fund it, then you can consider looking for investors and business partners, Superfriends.

Today, many companies or institutions offer financial assistance to small entrepreneurs as part of their social responsibility programs.

There are also large companies that tend to create business competition for small entrepreneurs to get new business ideas which they will later fund and get production rights, you know.

Superfriends can also go to various business seminars to expand their network of friends in the hope of meeting partners who share a similar vision in business and would like to be invited to work together.

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