3 Easy Ways to Unlock Modem / MiFi Smartfren to GSM (2022)

The Smartfren modem is a CDMA MiFi device. So that the network that can be used is only the provider from Smartfren, nothing else.

So that the Smartfren modem can use other providers, especially GSM (XL, Telkomsel, Axis, Tri, Indosat and others) then you have to unlock it first.

Now for how to unlock this Smartfren modem, you can follow the guide that we will provide here.

How to Unlock Smartfren Modem

If you want to unlock the Smartfren modem, of course, you have to prepare some of the necessary tools first.

Here are the tools needed:

  • Smartfren Modem
  • USB cable
  • GSM provider card for testing
  • Unlocker software such as DC Unlocker 2, Balong USB Downloader or Huawei Unlocker (Choose one)

If the tool is ready, you can immediately follow the instructions according to the desired Unlocker application.

1. Using DC Unlocker 2

First, you can unlock the Smartfren modem in DC Unlocker 2. Actually, this is the application that we most recommend for you to try the first time.

Because if you use the DC Unlocker 2 application, your Smartfren modem cannot be unlocked, of course, other software will also be the same.

Here’s how to unlock the Smartfren modem with DC Unlocker:

  1. First connect Smartfren modem the PC by using a USB cable.
  2. Next, please access the official site DC Unlocker.
  3. After that, click Download.
  1. If DC Unlocker 2 has been downloaded, then extract the file first.
  2. Then run the file dc-unlocker2client.
Open DC Unlocker App
  1. The DC Unlocker 2 application will open, please select Huawei modems in the Select Manufacturer column.
Select Huawei Modem Option
  1. Then choose Auto Detect (recommended) in the Select Model column so that this application system will search for the connected Smartfren modem series.
Select the Auto Detect Unlocker Option
  1. If everything is configured, please click Unlocking.
Select Unlocking Option
  1. Wait for the process Unlocking until it’s done, it usually takes only a few minutes.
  2. Done.

You need to remember, if the DC Unlocker 2 Smartfren modem cannot be unlocked, it means that the series does not support unlocking.

Because the frequency of the Smartfren modem series you use is usually different. The solution, maybe you can buy a Smartfren modem with a series that supports unlocking.

2. Using Balong USB Downloader

In addition to the above method, there are actually others, namely flashing. The goal itself is so that the Smartfren modem can be unlocked by updating the firmware and WebUI.

Now for the method, you can use Balong USB Downloader. The method is more or less the same as the video above.

The steps are more or less like this:

  1. First, install driver from Huawei to unlock.
  2. Open casing from the Smartfren modem. Then use tweezers and do it test poin.
  3. Connect modem the PC with a USB cable. If so, open the app Balong USB Downloader.
  4. Select the button Detect to detect the Smartfren modem. Then click the icon point 3 in the second column.
  5. Search files bin usblsafe according to the type of Smartfren modem used.
  6. Next click Load and wait for the process Loader.
  7. Open file Update according to the type of Smartfren modem used.
  8. Then click Start and wait for the update process. Run file OneClick and click Start.
  9. Wait until the process OneClick done. If so, then open WebUI.
  10. Click Start and wait for the update process. When the WebUI installation process is complete, please unplug the USB cable.
  11. Please enter GSM card others to the Smartfren modem to do testing.
  12. Next open in the browser.
  13. Click the menu Settings. After that, replace Username and Password WiFi so that it can be used.
  14. Done.

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3. With Huawei Unlocker

Finally, you can also use the Huawei Unlocker application. If the two methods above can permanently unlock your Smartfren modem, here it’s the other way around.

Simply put, you can only unlock this Smartfren modem when it is connected to a PC only. Meanwhile, if it is not connected, it will be locked again.

But if you want to try it, you can follow the steps as follows:

  1. Install it first SIM card another to the Smartfren modem.
  2. Then connect the modem Smartphone the PC.
  3. After that, open the app Huawei Unlocker.
  4. Click button Refresh to detect the modem.
Select Refresh Option in Unlocker
  1. If so, please enter the number IMEI from the Smartfren modem to the Code Calculate column.
  2. Then click the button Calculate.
Click Calculate IMEI
  1. Later it will appear NCK Code and Flash Code.
  2. Here, please select Read MDM Data.
  3. Then click Unlock.
  4. If successful, a message will appear Unlocked di Modem Status.
Example of Successfully Unlocking Smartfren Modem
  1. Done.

List of Smartfren Modems that Can Unlock

You need to know, otherwise all Smartfren modem series can be unlocked. This is because each Smartfren modem series does not use the same frequency.

There are several series that use a certain frequency that makes it unable to function even though it has been successfully unlocked.

The following is a list of Smartfren modems that can be unlocked:

While the list of Smartfren modems that cannot be unlocked, such as:

  • M3S
  • M1
  • CE 782
  • CE 682
  • And others

Simply put, the new Smartfren modem can only be unlocked in the 5 series that we mentioned above. In addition, it can be unlocked, but the modem doesn’t work.

How to Restore Smartfren Modem to Default

Meanwhile, if you want to lock the Smartfren modem again, then you can just do a reset.

Later the Smartfren modem that has been previously unlocked will be locked again. Likewise with the profile, ID and password of your Smartfren modem.

Here’s how to return the Smarfren modem to default:

  1. First, turn it on MiFi Smartphone first.
  2. Then open it casing from the MiFi Smartfren used.
  3. Finally, press the button with the words Reset in the hole using the tip of a pen or needle.
  4. Done.

In conclusion, how to unlock the Smartfren modem is not 100% successful. Especially if the Smartfren modem you are using does not support unlocking.

If you have questions, you can send them in the comments column. So that we can help you to unlock the Smartfren modem.

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