3 Easy Ways To Split One Blog Post Into Multiple Pages

You must be wondering how to split a blog post into multiple pages, especially if you are a blogger and frequent news sites.

By knowing how to divide blog posts into multiple pages, your site will also look more professional. In addition, readers will also be very comfortable, especially if the post contains a lot of writing. Interestingly, each page that is shared can also be indexed by search engines, so the better for the seo articles you write.

By dividing one post into several pages, it will also speed up the loading process, especially if the article written contains many images. To divide a post into several pages, you can actually use a plugin, but even without a plugin, this can actually be done easily.

How to Share Posts with Keyboard Key Combinations

To share your posts, you can actually use a combination of keyboard keys, namely by pressing the Shift, Alt and P keys simultaneously. As for the way, when you write a fox post first in the visual editor, then press the key combination to bring up the page break tag in the desired content paragraph.

Repeat these steps as you wish to divide the number of pages on a single post. So if you want to divide one post into 3 pages, please do this step 3 times in the desired paragraph.

To bring up the actual page break, you can also do it by typing it like the image below. However, if ever displayed, this menu can also appear directly as a menu of choice in the writing process.

how to display WordPress page breaks

Using . Tags

To divide the post into several pages, my friend can also use the manual method, namely by adding the tag.

To use this method, the WordPress editor must be of type Text (not visual). After that you just type in the paragraph of the article you want to share the post with. You have to rewrite the tag as much as the desired number of post shares, if you only copy and paste the tag, usually this step will not show the desired results.

By doing one of the methods above, the number of posts you make will be several pages, according to the number of page breaks that you give to the post. In this post, pagination 1,2,3,4 and so on will appear according to the style of the theme that your site uses.

The URL form of the post will also be divided according to the number of pages, for example as follows:

  • https://duniaelektronik.net/judul-postingan
  • https://duniaelektronik.net/judul-postingan/2
  • https://duniaelektronik.net/judul-postingan/3
  • https://duniaelektronik.net/judul-postingan/4
  • and so on.

Hopefully this method of dividing a blog post into several pages is useful. Let’s increase our passion for work, write things that are good, useful, full of knowledge and inspiration. Don’t forget to intend worship, so that what we do hopefully can lead to our happiness in this world and the hereafter.

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