3 Easiest Ways to Move Contacts from iPhone to Android

When you decide to change your smartphone from iPhone to Android, of course you also have to transfer data stored on the old device, especially contacts. Yes, this is of course very reasonable because contacts are very important data which will help you stay connected with other friends and relatives.

Talking about how to move contacts from iPhone to Android, it might be very tiring if you have to do it manually. The reason, you have to type the number and name one by one. Besides being tired, of course there is a long enough time wasted to do it.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss how to move contacts from iPhone to Android more easily and faster. This way, of course, you can save time moving those contacts even if they are thousands. Apart from that, you are also free from fatigue.

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Various Ways to Move Contacts from iPhone to Android

As mentioned earlier, how to move contacts from iPhone to Android one by one will certainly make you tired and also take a lot of time.

Not infrequently, many users feel lazy to do it. Fortunately, there are other easier and more effective ways to move those contacts.

Those of you who want to move contacts from iPhone to Android due to changing cellphones, can use several methods below.

1. Sync Google account

google account sync

One way that can be done to move contacts from iPhone to Google very easily is to use the Google account sync option.

This is a fairly simple and also fast method. The reason is, both Android and iPhone will use Google’s system to operate the device.

Well, by using the Google account synchronization option, it means that the Google account that you previously used on the iPhone device will be reused on the Android device.

The way to sync this Google account is as follows:

  • Make sure you already have a Google account beforehand. If you don’t have one, then you can create one first with a unique name and password
  • If you have, then open the Settings menu on the iPhone device that you are using
  • Next, select the mail, contact and calendar options
  • When it is found, look for the add account option and select the Gmail option
  • In this step, you can later set what data you want to connect with Google
  • To move a contact, then select the contact option in the sync option
  • If the synchronization process has been completed, then add the Google account on the Android smartphone you are using
  • Open the settings on the Android smartphone that you are using
  • Click account
  • Then click add account and select Google
  • Log in to the Google account with the data previously used on the iPhone device
  • If you have, do the synchronization by selecting the Google option on the account menu and selecting the contact data you want to retrieve
  • Done.

At first glance, the above method can be done very easily. However, there are important notes that you should also pay attention to.

In this case, the Google account that has moved from iPhone to Android of course can only be used on Android devices.

In addition, contacts that can be moved are contacts that have previously been stored in a Google account. This is why you should always save contacts to your Google account when adding new contacts.

2. Transfer contacts via cloud

transfer contacts via cloud

Another reliable way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android very easily and quickly is to transfer them via the cloud. This is a method that is quite recommended because it can be said that currently cloud technology always makes it easier to access file storage.

So, what should be done to move contact files stored on iPhone to Android device?

Well, to move contacts from iPhone to Android via the cloud, there are several steps you need to do beforehand, namely:

  • Go to settings on the iPhone device you are using
  • After that, select the mail, contact and calendar options in it
  • If so, then select the account and then search for iCloud which is a typical service of the iPhone
  • Then, change the toggle available contacts
  • If there is a request to merge, then put an agree sign
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • When the process is complete, then open the iCloud.com address through a browser on the computer device
  • Login as usual and then select the available contact menu
  • Select all data by selecting the gear icon at the bottom left
  • Next, select select all to select all contacts
  • Click the gear icon once again and now select the export v-card option
  • After that, open the contact.google.com address
  • If so, select the more option and select the import option
  • Klik choose file
  • Choose the v-card that was previously obtained
  • Sync Google account with Android device like before
  • Done.

Well, with the above method, you can also move contacts from iPhone to Android very easily. The advantage of this method is that you can later move all the contacts on your iPhone even though they haven’t been saved in your Google account before.

3. Moving contacts with the app

move contacts with app

In addition, you can also transfer contacts from iPhone to Android very easily and quickly using the application. Currently, there are quite a number of such applications that can be relied upon.

In general, the way the application works is by saving all the desired contacts through the iPhone device. After that, later you can login to the application with an Android device and then move the contact. One application that can be used is My Contact Backup.

The size of this application is also quite small, so it will not burden the phone’s performance.

Some of the steps above are what you can do for how to move contacts from iPhone to Android very easily. You just have to choose which is the easiest way.

Where are iPhone contacts stored?

If you enable the iCloud contacts option in the settings, the contacts will automatically be saved in the iPhone cloud. However, if not, the contacts will be stored in the internal memory.

Can contacts that have been saved on the SIM card be moved?

Of course, I can. The way to move it is the same as the various ways that have been discussed at the beginning.

How to delete iPhone contacts?

It’s very easy. You just have to open the contact options and mark the contact you want to delete. Click edit and scroll down. Select delete contact and select delete contact again to confirm.

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