3 Carbohydrates Substitute Rice?

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There are several carbohydrate substitutes for rice that can be consumed. So what are carbohydrates? This content is a nutrient that is needed by the body, the amount needed is quite large. In addition, these nutrients contain calories and can be a source of energy for the body.

So it is natural that if you do not consume this type of nutrient, the body will feel weak. As we all know, this type of nutrient is often found in rice.

Source of Carbohydrates Substitute for Rice

Consuming rice is a way to get energy for the body. However, what happens if a person cannot consume rice or avoid it for some reason? You can replace carbohydrate sources with other types of food, so that your energy is fulfilled. These meal replacements include:

1. Potato

Initially potatoes came from America and were cultivated there, besides that potatoes were also included as tubers that could be consumed. This type of tuber has even become a staple food in several countries. So, don’t be surprised if you see that in restaurants or places to eat outsiders, you tend to eat steak or something else with french fries or boiled potatoes.

Because it is included in the main menu. Maybe people in Indonesia tend to think that potatoes are not the main food or staple food and when cooking potatoes, they will definitely be used as a side dish. This is because in Indonesia, the staple food or main menu is rice. Then where do outsiders get their energy, if they don’t eat rice?

It turns out that even outsiders choose potatoes as a staple food not without reason, but potatoes are believed to contain carbohydrates so that they can be used as a source of energy for the body. Potatoes themselves contain about 66% to 90% carbohydrates and have lower calories than rice. Thus, you can consume potatoes instead of rice.

  1. Corn

This one food is often processed for snacks, even used as an ingredient to make ice cream or cake. So it is not surprising that this type of food is so loved by many people. However, have you ever seen your friends or anyone else make corn a staple food and eat it with side dishes?

From this, it is like finding that corn is eaten like rice. Can you be full and fill your body with energy, if you only eat corn? Of course you can, because every 100 grams of corn contains 69.1 grams of carbohydrates, 9.8 grams of protein, and 366 calories.

So do not be surprised if people who consume corn still look fit or fit because they still get energy. Maybe for those of you who are not used to it, this looks strange. However, this is indeed true and like rice, corn will be ground before cooking so that it is easier to consume.

3. Rice Substitute Carbs: Oats

Oats are made from wheat, where this wheat is consumed still in a state that has endosperm, bran, and microorganisms. Maybe you also often find people eating oats for breakfast, right? The content that makes oats has advantages compared to other carbohydrate sources is a fiber called beta glucan.

Where this fiber can support heart health. So many practitioners and doctors recommend this type of food to be consumed because it is safe to eat everyday. The content of every 100 grams of oats, according to records from the United States Department of Agriculture states that this type of food has various contents.

Among them are 66.3 grams of carbohydrates, 389 calories, 10.6 grams of fiber, 6.9 grams of fat, 8% water content, and 16.9 grams of protein. That way oats can be said to be one type of food that contains a lot of calories and carbohydrates. So, do not be surprised if consuming it makes you feel full. However, if you are worried that you will gain weight, you should not consume it excessively.

You can eat this carbohydrate substitute for rice every day. Given this content is very important so it must be fulfilled. However, keep in mind that although this type of nutrient is very important for the body, it is still necessary to avoid consuming it in excessive amounts because it can cause the body to be unhealthy. So, which food will you choose instead of rice?

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