3 Best Money Making Novel Reading Apps and Most Money Making Apps


3 Best Money Making Novel Reading Apps currently as Most Money Making Apps which you should try to earn some extra money.

Currently, there are many money-making applications that are widely circulated on the internet. And one that is in great demand right now is Applications Read Novels Earn Money. Because of that, many are looking for information on Applications to Read Novels to Earn Money, Applications to Read Novels to Earn Money without Inviting Friends, Read Novels to Get Paid, Read Novels to Earn Money, Read Novels to Earn Money, and Most Money Making Apps.

For those of you who like to read, especially reading novels, the following three best money-making novel reading applications are a pity to miss. What are the applications Read Paid Novels the? The following is not just news, give a list 3 Novels Reading Applications Earn Money best of 2021.


The first Best Earn Money Novel Reading Application is Novelah. Novelah is a money-making application and a novel-reading application that has quite a number of novel genres for you to read.

Novelah is officially available on Google’s application marketplace, the Play Store. Based on the ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store provided by Novelah users, this application is proven to be able to be used to make money and actually pay.

You can withdraw the money you earn through this application to your Dana, OVO, GoPay account, or transfer it directly to a bank account.

To use the Novelah application, you can directly download it on the Play Store or by clicking / Open / Open the link below.

Download Novelah >>Click/Open/Open Here

After you finish downloading the application, please continue with registration. How to register is very easy. You can use your Google or Facebook account.

To get a reward of 30,000 points during registration, you can enter/write an invitation code 2441620. After entering the invitation code 2441620you will immediately get a reward of 30,000 in your Novelah account.

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To earn money with this Novelah money-making application, you can complete the available missions. Some of the missions are as follows.

First, of course you can earn money by reading novels.

There are many novels from various authors available for you to read. To get points, you can read the novel according to the specified chapter/time. After that, the points will go directly to your account.

Second, you can become a novelist in the Novelah application.

You can get a stable income from Novelah by signing a contract as a writer. If you like writing novels, there’s nothing wrong with trying to become a writer in this Read Novels Get Money application.

Third, you can review the novels you read.

In this mission, you must be active to comment on the novel by the author you read. You can’t just comment randomly. The comments you write must match the contents of the author’s writing.

Fourth, you can invite as many friends as you want to install and join Novelah.

This fourth method is one of the fastest ways to collect coins. But to get more points, the friends you invite must also read novels or do the available missions.

If you invite a friend, and he reads at least one novel chapter on the first day, then you will immediately get 30,000 bonus points.

If the friend you invite reads five novel chapters every day in a row for 7 days, then you will immediately get 52,500 bonus points.

To become your referral, the friend you invite must enter an invitation code.

For information, one smartphone can only be used for one-time registration. If you register multiple accounts with one smartphone, your registration will be rejected.

Friends you invite must also read novels using the application to be able to get reward points.


Applications Read Novels Earn Money Without Inviting Friends the second is GoNovel. GoNovel is Applications Read Novels Earn Money which provides many types and titles of novels for you to read.

Because you can get reward points that you can exchange for money without the need to invite friends, then GoNovel is referred to as the Best Friend Reading Novel Application.

You can download GoNovel via the Google Play Store or just click/Open/Open the link below.

Download GoNovel >>Click/Open/Open Here

The Money-making Novel Read application has many genres for you to read such as romance, fantasy, horror and other genres written by famous writers.

There are quite a few ways you can make money from GoNovel. Apart from reading novels, you can also earn money by playing spin wheel, playing dice, treasure hunting, and many others.

The amount of money you can get is around $10 to $50 or a range of 150,000 to 700,000 rupiah.

In addition to withdrawing money to your OVO, GoPay, DANA or bank account, you can also exchange these points for credit.

You can download this GoNovel application for free without having to pay a penny.


Money-making Novels Reading Apps the third is Finovel. Finovel is one of the Most Money Making Apps by reading novels.

You can download the Finovel application on the Google Play Store or by clicking / Open / Open the link below

Download Finovel >>Click/Open/Open Here

With this Fivonel application, you can earn points by reading articles, submitting articles, correcting errors in other authors’ articles, completing assignments, and so on.

One of the highlights of Finovel, you will get different points for each paragraph you read. In addition, you can also collect points by revising writing errors. For each word that you successfully revise, you will get 100 points.

In addition to performing the tasks above, you can also earn points by checking in every day, completing available missions and inviting friends.

Finovel does not ask you to top up your balance before you go on a mission, so this application is considered safe.

And based on information from users, until now Finovel has been proven to pay for every requested withdrawal of money. However, you will need a PayPal account to withdraw funds from this Finovel application.

That’s what the article is about 3 Money-making Novels Reading Apps best at the moment as Most Money Making Apps. Hopefully this article is useful for you, and good luck.

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