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2R Photo Size In MM, CM, Inch & Pixel Size – Previously we explained about 3R size photos. On this occasion we will discuss the same as before, will explain about the size of a photo. But there is a difference that we will discuss Photo Size 2R. Where, this 2R-sized photo is quite small and not suitable for decoration on walls, tables or cabinets.

Photo size is a measure of the length and width dimensions that have been adjusted to the standard specified in mm, and can be converted into cm, inches or pixels. This size is also included in the standard R series paper size which can be adjusted according to your wishes.

For photos measuring 2R or others, it is usually used with photo type paper to print passport photos or various other types of paper. Until now, there are so many different types of photo paper that are often used to print a photo such as glossy photo paper. The important thing is the size is the same, as the standard size of 2R photos in mm, cm, inches and also pixels.

Explanation of 2R Foto Photo Size

Photo Size 2R is a type of photo size that is printed for certain uses. Where the R unit shows a certain size photo that has a certain length and width dimension, according to the size that has been set. Do not equate the size of R with the size of ordinary printing paper, because the size in the world of photo printing is different from the size we usually use for publishing paper.

For publishing or printing will usually use paper types in series A, B, C, F and others. As for the photos used are R units, such as 2R, 3R, 4R, 5R to 30R. Various sizes of the R series. You can decide which size you want to use. Each size in the R series is different.

Printing photo size 2R is usually chosen for certain needs. Likewise, you choose to keep in photo albums, wallets, diaries, and wall hangings with string snaps. Especially for photo albums, you can paste as many photos as possible, because it will fit quite a lot with this 2R size photo. Usually what will be stored in the photo album such as wedding photos, reunions, birthdays and others.

By placing it in a photo album, all these 2R-sized photos will look more attractive and neatly arranged. You can also easily see it with sequential concepts if you want to make it according to the moment you want to capture. With this, you can reminisce about beautiful memories with the people in the album.

2R Photo Size in Units (mm, cm, inch, pixel)

For those of you who want to print a photo, you should use a large resolution image such as 600 x 1050 pixels. The goal is that the photos that are printed are of high quality and also do not break. Usually when you want to print a photo, the officer will ask what size the photo will be printed on. To get maximum results, you can use photo paper such as glossy paper.

Well, for those of you who don’t know clearly about 2R photos in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm) and inches (in). You can see the explanation below, as follows:

2R Photo Size in mm

Photo Size 2R in mm, which is 60 x 90 mm. Where this millimeter unit is a unit according to international standards. With this size, it can be concluded that a 2R-sized photo has a width of 60 mm and a length of 90 mm.

Photo Size 2R in cm

Not only in mm, 2R photos can also be converted into cm. The 2R-sized photo is 6 x 9 cm, where according to the information, it can be concluded that this 2R-sized photo has a width of 6 cm and a length of 9 cm.

2R Photo Size in Inches

Photo size 2R in units of inches which is 2.3 x 3.5 inches. Where, for photos measuring 2R this can be converted into units of inches with a width of 2.3 inches and a length of 3.5 inches.

2R Photo Size in Pixels

In addition to mm, cm and inches, this 2R-sized photo can be converted into pixels. The 2R photo size is 600 x 1050 pixels. Where, for photos measuring 2R this can be converted into pixel units with a width of 600 pixels and a length of 1050 pixels.

Use of Photos with 2R . Size

By printing a 2R photo, what can it be used for? The use of photos with a size of 2R itself, one of which can be used is stored in a wallet. Those of you who have a partner, will usually store a photo of their partner in a wallet. But there are also those who keep photos of their parents. Well, here we will give some of the uses of the 2R-sized photo. As follows :

Saved in Photo Album

This 2R photo is a very small size. So it is not suitable if you display it using a photo frame. Therefore, this 2R-sized photo, which only has a width and length of 6 x 9 cm, is usually stored in a photo album. Photo albums can usually hold quite a lot of 2R photos. You can document important moments such as weddings, birthdays and so on.

Then you can print the photos in 2R size, then save the photos into your photo album. By storing in a photo album, your photos will not be damaged quickly. You can also remember those important moments.

Stored in Wallet

Not only can it be stored in a photo album. This 2R size photo, you can also store it in your wallet. In a wallet, usually a special place is provided with a transparent place and indeed serves to store a photo. A special place to store the photo is indeed not large in size. It’s only enough to store 1 sheet of 2R photos.

The photos stored in the wallet are usually the photos that are considered the most special or important for the owner of the wallet. Such as spouse, children, parents or even friends.

For High Quality 2R Photo Size

Produce 2R photos with high quality, actually not difficult. What’s more, with the camera and all types of cellphones are equipped with lenses with high pixel resolution. When you want to print a 2R photo, at least you have to take a photo of the object with a 1.2 MP resolution camera.

By using a 1.2 MP resolution, you can make good 2R photo prints. In fact, the current average cellphone is equipped with a camera feature with a resolution of 3 MP to 24 MP. If the cellphone alone is able to make photos with good quality, especially with a digital camera that will certainly produce photos that are much better.


That’s all we can explain about 2R Photo Size. Hopefully what has been explained above can be useful for all of you. Thank you for reading it to the end. See you in the next article!


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