24 Traditional and Modern Communication Tools, COMPLETE!

A communication tool is a device that functions as an intermediary when conveying information from one individual to another.

Delivery can use a variety of intermediaries, both connected and unconnected.

With the development of the era that occurs, of course, a transformation of the types of communication tools is increasingly changing and innovating.

Communication tools are divided into two main parts, namely traditional communication tools and modern communication tools.

This division is based on changes that occur during the development of human civilization and of course there are many ways to convey actual information.

There is a lot of information about Traditional and Modern Communication Tools and Pictures, COMPLETE! which you can know as explained below.

Understanding Communication Tools

The definition of a communication tool is a device that is used to convey information (communicate) from the sender to the recipient of information, be it one person or for many people.

In general, communication tools are divided into 2, namely modern communication tools and traditional communication tools.

Communication tools have existed since ancient times, even before the presence of increasingly sophisticated electronic communication tools such as in the current era.

In the past, the communication tools used were very simple, and made of materials that came from nature or materials that were around it.

However, this traditional communication tool cannot be used for long-distance communication and does not include advanced features.

Traditional communication tools are intermediary tools that do not use technological tools or are still manual and often rely on object functions to convey information that is intended as an intermediary.

Several kinds of traditional communication tools can help someone who is lost or in an emergency.

Therefore, the time in replying to information from individuals who reply to answers from traditional messages will be longer because it requires a recipient to receive it, and of course if the recipient is not available then the information will fail to be received.

The Inventor of Communication Tools

Communication tool

There are several figures who invented communication tools who have an important role in the development of communication media to date, among these figures can be seen in the table below:

Communication tool Inventor Year
Telegraph Samuel Thomas von Soemmerring 1809
Telegram Samuel Finley Breese Morse 1837
Mesin Fax Alexander Bain 1843
Cable Phone Alexander Graham Bell 1876
Phone Update Antonio Meucci 1849
Mobile phone Martin Cooper 1973
Radio Guglielmo Marconi 1896
FM Radio Waves Edward Howard Armstrong 1933
Television (TV) John Logie Baird 1927
Computer Charles Babbage 1822
Internet Leonard Kleinrock 1969
Email Ray Tomlinson 1971
Smarphone Martin Cooper 1973
Social media Karl Bunyan 1997

From the list of inventors above, it can be seen that the inventor of the first communication device was Samuel Thomas von Sommerring who succeeded in making the world’s first modern communication device called the Telegraph in 1809.

As for the inventor of the telephone communication tool, Alexander Graham Bell who was a scientist from Scotland in 1876.

The invention of the telephone also began when Bell researched the harmonic telegraph which finally succeeded in finding a simple device capable of converting electrical power into the form of sound.

Examples of Traditional Communication Tools

Communication tool

Below are some examples of traditional communication tools that you can know:

1. Kentong

Kentongan can still be found and is still used by the community today.

The main function of this tool is to gather people, it is used in night patrols, which means a soft knock means you have to stay alert and if the sound is loud it means there is danger coming.

2. Palm Leaves

Palm leaves function as a substitute for paper nowadays, where their function is the same as for writing messages and also storing important notes and information to remember.

3. Bells

A tool made of metal that produces sound and has meaning according to the area or place where the bell is installed.

Usually the signal produced by the sound of this chime will let the listener know if something needs to be done.

Can also be used to gather people, remind worship times and warning signs

4. Animals

Animals that are trained to be easy intermediaries such as pigeons, dogs and other animals that can convey what will be conveyed to the recipient of the message.

5. Stick

In ancient times, the role of the stick was very important for the king, namely to provide information without having to make a loud sound, just stomping the stick and each beat had a different meaning that the people had to understand.

6. Surat

Using paper or leaf media aims to convey writing that is made specifically to a person, group or organization.

Until now correspondence is still being done even though it has been replaced by many communication applications.

7. Trumpet

In various regions in Europe and the West, the use of a trumpet is synonymous with a celebration, so if you hear the sound of a trumpet, it means that a festive event is being held.

8. Asap

It is very easy to ask for help when lost in the forest, beach and remote places, that is by blowing smoke in a structured manner that allows people to see the puffs of smoke that are created.

So they will understand if the puff of smoke produced is a message asking for help.

9. Inscription

In ancient times important information would be written in a stone to be able to keep messages and regulations from being easily damaged with age.

This goes to an inscription used for it, because it is very strong and also durable.

10. Bedug

With the rhythmic sound of Bedug, it can make the listener understand the message in question.

This tool serves to call the time, remind the time of worship and also the existence of an entertainment.

11. Gong

This metal instrument is identical with its distinctive sound and is still used today, its function is not only as a complement to musical instruments but also as the inauguration of sacred events.

12. Gamelan

With this instrument, people who listen to it will understand that where the sound is heard, there is a performance.

13. Phone Cans

With a classic method that allows for interaction without making a loud noise even though it’s quite far away, the Can Phone can be used.

14. Flag

Flags can be used as a means of communication from a considerable distance, for example by using Morse code.

15. Signals

Gestures are very easy to use for those who have problems with communication tools, or can also be used between two communicators who have different languages.

With sign language, of course, it will be easier to understand the meaning of the sender of the message.

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Examples of Modern Communication Tools

Communication tool

Next Modern Communication Tool is a tool that can connect two or more communicants to be able to interact easily through tools that have advanced technology.

The advantages of this modern tool are that it allows the recipient to reply to information messages quickly, is able to display the sender’s form virtually and is easier to understand by many people.

The following are some examples of modern communication, namely:

1. Phone

The telephone is an effective communication tool in today’s era, even though it is in a faraway place, information can be easily captured and can be directly addressed to the recipient.

2. Media Mass

The information presented by the mass media becomes general information and makes it easy to be able to provide important information needed.

3. Television

Television is a perfect tool in providing information to the recipient of information because it is in the form of sound and real images.

Only the task of Tv is to provide information, not as a receiver, meaning that information will only go one way.

4. LCD Projector

The projector is an easy tool to provide clear and real-time information in a group to each member.

Therefore, the projector is very suitable for use during meetings and learning material at school.

5. Facsimile

Facsimile is a machine that can directly send messages in paper form and is effectively used in office spaces as well as institutions or institutions.

6. Radio

A tool that serves to provide information with sound produced which will be packaged by broadcasters which are then listened to by all the public to obtain various information needed.

7. Computers and Laptops

The computer has become a sophisticated tool capable of processing various information.

And with a computer with lots of media, it will be easier to run operations to the fullest.

8. Internet Network

The internet is a digital network that is very important in modern times, because without an internet network all important information cannot flow quickly and causes lags that can have an impact on financial losses.

9. Microphone and Toa

That is a communication tool to provide important information in real time in an area, a microphone as a sound receiver and Toa has a function to make a loud sound.

It is very easy to use if you want to send information of sudden public interest.

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A communication tool is a device that functions as an intermediary when conveying information from one individual to another.

Where in the science of communication there is a sender and a receiver, both of which have their respective roles so that there is a continuous process of delivering information.

That’s why the science of Traditional and Modern Communication Tools and Pictures, COMPLETE! very important to know.

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