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24 Hours Hangout Place in Central Jakarta

24 Hours Hangout Place in Central Jakarta – Finding a place to relax in and around Central Jakarta is not a difficult task, as there are places to hang out in every corner of the city. Not only popular among young people, not infrequently adults also visit these places. But it’s a bit difficult to find a suitable place for new people in Central Jakarta. That’s why the following authors offer several places you can use as a great conversation starter with friends or to help you with your homework:

There are many interesting places to visit in Jakarta, but if you are looking for a place to visit for 24 hours, the answer is Happy Cat Cafe and Kitchen which is known as an instagrammable cafe, not only for teenagers who visit this place and not only teenagers visiting this place. today’s youth, but many adults visit it. In addition, you can not only drink coffee here, but also get a lot of food from other food and beverage menus, including heavy meals. This cafe is also known as a cozy place where you and your friends can linger.

24 Hours Hangout Place in Central Jakarta

ROCA is a unique and interesting meeting place located on the ground floor of Artotel in Jakarta. This meeting room is divided into 2 different points and of course you can choose according to your wishes, namely. indoor or outdoor meeting rooms. Although divided into two parts, in fact the atmosphere offered by this meeting is very artistic, so that visitors often use it as an object to take pictures and capture precious moments with people. Plus, as a nice touch, the food and drink menu is also quite extensive, so it’s no surprise that visitors always come and go.

Cafe in North Jakarta Unique, Romantic, Cheap, Newest and Instagramble

Unlike other conversations, this one looks unique in a retro turquoise green bus. Therefore, many people, especially young people, are attracted to visit their friends or relatives. To visit this meeting place, you can go to Ruko Pantai Indah Kapuk Garden House. Besides being famous for its affordable prices, this place also offers a variety of food and drink menus, so you and other guests will be more free to choose the menu you want.

Starbucks is very popular in various parts of Indonesia, especially among young people who hang out in cafes while doing their homework or just hanging out with friends. This is about Starbucks coffee which is spread in various big cities in Indonesia, but even though there are many, Starbucks coffee shops are rarely open 24 hours a day. . But for those of you who live in Central Jakarta, you don’t need to worry anymore, because even if you want to go out at night, Starbucks Cafe Sarinah is always open for guests. So, if you feel hungry at night, try meeting your friends at Starbucks Cafe located on the 1st floor of Jakarta Theater Square (Skyway), Jl, MH. Tamrin No. 9 Menteng.

Dim Sum, as the name suggests, is a type of Chinese food that is usually served as a breakfast or lunch menu. However, this cafe is different in that it is open 24 hours a day so you can enjoy a small amount whenever you want. In addition, the cafe’s small menu is also called a delicious menu and is suitable for drinking with friends. Due to the public’s interest in this unique menu, two more branches were opened in the Kuningan and Kemang areas.

In general, unlike cafes, this model looks like a modern cafe. Worth a visit for those of you who wake up in the middle of the night and feel hungry. Besides getting to know the menu, this place also offers a buffet system. In addition, this space can also be used as a gathering place with friends, it can’t be separated from a comfortable enough place to eat, drink, chat or do group homework together.

Places to Eat 24 Hours in Medan City Non-Stop and Super Economical

As the name suggests, the main menu here is available with toast and of course more varied choices. This place is perfect for those of you who are looking for a place to relax with friends or meet your partner. Apart from being a well-designed and youth-friendly hangout, this cafe offers a variety of drinks and food in addition to toast, so you can choose according to your preferences.

In addition to the various chats above, there is also Waha Kitchen which is known as a 24-hour chat. In addition to the menu served, this place is also known as a Peranakan restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. on par with Chinese food menu. But for those of you who don’t like the Chinese menu, don’t worry because there are other Asian food menus available here. For those who want to visit the Jl. Wahid Hasim No. 127, Central Jakarta.

The cafe is one of the places that many young people visit today to get inspired to do homework or just hang out with friends to enjoy the outdoors. Black Canyon Coffee is one of the best choice to meet your friends. Besides being famous for its varied menu with a cool atmosphere, this cafe is also easy to reach from the Cikini area.

24 Hours Hangout Place in Central Jakarta

Supercup Coffee Shop, known as a small meeting place in downtown Jakarta, is famous for its variety of coffee offerings. Also convenient to use as a meeting place with friends at night.

A Cafe To Make Tasks, Hang Out And Have A Coffee

This can be a brief description of several hotspots in Central Jakarta and its surroundings, with Wi-Fi facilities that you can visit 24 hours a day. For those who live in the capital city, Jakarta’s nightlife is an oasis to recharge drained energy. Here you can meet friends and chat with them on an empty stomach. Some places are open until midnight. There are many who work 24 hours a day.

After a long day at work, you should have dinner. For those who like spicy food, you can only go to Warung Pedes. There is grilled rice, bakwan and other side dishes to support the stomach.

Besides being free, this amazing place in Jakarta is also open 24/7. For those who are in Kemang, there is nothing wrong with visiting Warung Pedes.

Jalan Raya Kemang has a nightlife with a rooftop bar concept that you can visit in Jakarta. This is a great place to hang out with friends after a busy day. This is because the per capita budget is quite expensive, but in line with the facilities provided. The open terrace allows guests to have a casual chat from 1am to 1am.

Cafe & Coffee Place In Blora To Hang Out

For those who want to spend time at home from morning to night, you can stop by Coconut & Curtains by Wakimukud. Even though the night show in Jakarta only lasts until 21.00, you can capture some interesting moments at several indoor art spots. Those who like photography will feel at home for a long time here which is located in the Taman Ria Senayan complex.

To make your after-work chat agenda more interesting, it never hurts to visit Late Night Talks Jakarta, which serves a variety of seafood. One of them is Lovester’s Hut. Here you can enjoy a menu of crab preparations with delicious secret spices.

Located in the Cilandak area, this restaurant also offers other heavy food menus, including burgers, hot dogs, and lobster. You can hang out here until 10 pm and go home with a full stomach.

24 Hours Hangout Place in Central Jakarta

Warung Nagih is one of the cheap places to eat that should be recommended in Jakarta. Located near Mampang Prapata, this food court that offers a variety of food and drinks is open from 01.30. until 01:30. In terms of price, the menu sold here is no less than 50 thousand rupiah per meal. Great place and price for casual conversation, right?

Don’t be afraid to be hungry anymore, these 25 places to eat in Jakarta are open 24 hours!

In the Radio Dalam area, Jakarta, there is a place to go out until the evening, namely KopiCoboy. Open since the morning, this cafe offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for its visitors. Prices for food and drinks are also available. Even if you get hit, it won’t empty the rest of your money in your wallet.

Jakarta’s nightlife with a US-style dining concept can be found at INDODINER Bar & Diner. This site is located in Pluit district in North Jakarta. The interior and decor reflects the atmosphere of the restaurant often seen in American films and series. The menu is also varied. What makes this day trip even more exciting is that this place is open until 2 am.

Taman Ismail Marzuki may be a place to stay in Jakarta until it gets dark, a favorite of art activists.

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