22e5 Results: Promotional Cycle Statistics

Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs released a promotional cycle statistics results of 22e5. Let us see this numerical data

22e5 Results

Airforce promoted 9,706 senior airmen to staff sergeant out of 45,991 eligible. The selection rate is maintained at around 21.1% in 22e5 Promotional Cycle Results. This results have included supplemental promotion opportunities too.

This promotion cycle selection rate was impacted by enlisted grade restructuring, a leveling-off of end-strength growth, and high retention levels. The 22E5 cycle also uses the Promotion Recommendation Score, which places value on the experience of Airmen and sustained superior performance. These changes are followed for long-term efforts to increase experience levels within the noncommissioned officer corps.

About The staff sergeant promotion list

This list will be live on Air Force’s Personnel Center website Enlisted Promotions. One can check their name under the list.

The Airforce Expects lower enlisted promotion rates

The Air Force is expecting lower advancement rates for the following couple of years because of enrolled grade rebuilding, an evening out off of end-strength development, and high maintenance levels.

In view of design updates and end-strength prerequisites, grades E-5 through E-7 will be affected. Through this realignment, the Air Force plans to adjust and increment experience inside its noncommissioned official level.

“We value the experience Airmen bring to their work centers and we want to ensure we are aligning our enlisted force grade structure appropriately,” expresses Lt. Gen. Caroline Miller, deputy chief of staff for Manpower, Personnel, and Services. “Although this news may be discouraging for some, this revision is absolutely needed and allows us to grow the Air Force our nation needs.” 

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