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20+ Samsung Secret Codes for Network (Complete)

Samsung is one of the leading electronic brand in the world. This product from South Korea is known to have a very long durability so it is suitable for use by people who need a durable cellphone.

Apart from being durable, Samsung phones are known to have many other advantages, such as the presence of a secret code that can display certain information on the screen.

What is a secret code at Samsung and what are the codes? Check out the full explanation of the following secret code.

What is Samsung Secret Code?

Secret code is a shortcut command or a way to give orders to the phone to do something quickly.

Just like other codes in general, this secret code is in the form of a combination of numbers and symbols. Usually, the symbols used are stars and fences.

Different codes will produce different command results, which is why it’s important that you know what codes you can use on your Samsung phone.

Function of Knowing Samsung Secret Code

Knowing this set of Samsung secret codes in the form of numbers and symbols may seem trivial, but it is very important.

When your phone can’t be used or you forget your password, you will only be able to access the dial menu.

By knowing the Samsung secret code, you can give orders to your phone without having to sign in with a password.

There are many other functions of knowing Samsung secret codes such as more time-saving and efficient.

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20+ Samsung Mobile Secret Codes

There are more than 30 secret codes owned by Samsung brand phones that you can use. Each code certainly has a different function.

The following is a list of 20+ secret codes that you can use on your Samsung phone along with their uses:

  1. The code *#1234# is used to check the type and version of the firmware used in your cellphone.
  2. The code *#0001# is used to check the mobile phone serial number that was given when you bought the product.
  3. The codes *#0228# and #8999*228# are used to show information related to the battery used in the cellphone.
  4. The code *#8999*837# serves to display information related to the hardware version used in the cellphone.
  5. The code *#8999*782# is used to display the current time and date according to the location.
  6. The code *#9998*523# functions to increase and decrease the brightness level of the cellphone screen.
  7. The code *#8999*636# is used to find out the amount of internal storage in the cellphone.
  8. The code *#8999*638# is used to display information related to the cellular network.
  9. The code *#8999*289# is used to check the currently used ring tone.
  10. Code #*2286# is used to display phone battery usage data in the form of percentage and estimated battery drain.
  11. The code *2767*3855# is used to perform a factory reset or factory reset. Be careful when using this code because when you click it, all data in the phone will be deleted.
  12. Code #*2562# works to restart Samsung phones.
  13. The code *#92782# is used to display information related to the phone model.
  14. The code *#2255# is used to display a list of previous calls.
  15. The code *#0000# is used to reset the language.
  16. Code #*5376# is used to delete all messages on the cellphone.
  17. The code *2767*226372# is used to reset the camera settings.
  18. Code #8999377# serves to display error log information on Samsung devices.
  19. Code # 232337 # serves to display the Bluetooth MAC address.
  20. Code #2474# serves to display information related to charging or charging time on the device.
  21. The code *#06# is used to display the IMEI of the device being used.

There are many other secret codes that you need to know, but you can remember some of the codes that have been shared above.

Samsung Secret Code Collection For Network

If you need to know the secret code on Samsung phones that is specifically intended to check the network, then you are in the right place.

The first code you need to know is ##197328640## which is used to check the network that is being used.

If you are using a WLAN network and want to test it, please use the code ##526## or ##528##. You can use one of the prepared codes.

Another code you need to know is the secret code to check mobile network information. Please check the cellular network information at *#8999*638#. Finally, if you want to check the network service mode, you can type the code *##2263#.

How to Use Secret Codes on Samsung Phones

After knowing the various secret codes that have been given previously, it’s time to try to practice how to use these codes.

  • First, open the dial menu on your phone. The dial menu is the menu that you often use to call someone.
  • When the dial menu is open, enter the secret code according to the function you want. Just choose one of the secret codes above.
  • After you dial the Samsung secret code number, wait for the screen to display the information according to the code you entered.
  • There are some Samsung phones that run the command after you click call, therefore after entering the secret code number you can click the call button.

How to Solve Samsung Secret Code Not Successfully Using

There are some Samsung users who say that they have tried using the Samsung secret code and the code did not work to show the command as desired.

There are several reasons suspected to be the cause of this. For that, here are the reasons why Samsung secret codes can’t be used and how to fix them:

  • The code has changed. Along with the development of the era, Samsung often changes the secret code without notifying the customer. You may no longer find the information you need through the code because the code has changed. To work around this, you can find out the latest code information that provides similar functionality as before.
  • Device is not compatible. Only certain Samsung devices are compatible with the Samsung secret code, so if your device is not compatible then you may not get the desired result. To work around this, you can try entering the command manually instead.
  • Busy service. Not only the network can be busy, the secret code shortcut service can also be busy. This can be one of the reasons why you can’t get information through secret codes.

Does Using Samsung Secret Code Work?

There are some codes that until now have not been replaced or changed by Samsung so that they still work properly.

You are also safe using the shortcut code above because it does not harm the phone or the data in it.

However, there are some codes that have been changed by Samsung so that they can no longer be used as command shortcuts.

Well, that’s a collection of secret codes that you can use on Samsung phones. Not only mobile phones, you can also use these codes on tablets and other compatible products. Good luck.


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