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20 Hilarious AEW Memes Wrestling Fans Will Love

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is the latest wrestling company to try and challenge the all-conquering World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Owned by Tony Khan, whose dad is billionaire Shahid Khan, the company has offered wrestling fans a product that is quite different from the now Triple H-led WWE. As well as wrestling, AEW memes are also very popular. As with anything that gets popular and impacts pop culture, AEW memes are everywhere. It also helps that there is lots of backstage drama going on with the company at the moment, meaning there is plenty of great material to mine for hilarious AEW memes.

These memes cover everything from wrestling feuds to funny moments and everything else in between. Some don’t even relate to wrestling. What they all have in common is how funny they are. So if you love wrestling and memes, these AEW memes are sure to crack you up.

20 Hilarious AEW Memes Wrestling Fans Will Love

1. Which Kenny Omega Are You Today?

Kenny Omega/Facebook

Choose which Kenny Omega best reflects your current mood.

2. Cody Made the Right Choice



After CM Punk lost his mind during the All Out press conference, all the backstage problems in AEW came to light. This meme shows Cody Rhodes lighting up after realizing he got out just before everything went to shit.

3. Le Dinner Debonair Playset



Chris Jericho and MJF are two of the biggest heels in AEW, and this imaginary playset of the two would no doubt be a big seller. It features both men as action figures dressed in their best clobber ready to sit down and dine on steak and red wine.

4. The Dolly Parton Challenge

This take on the famous Dolly Parton meme challenge where you select different profile pictures to represent your social media platforms uses the one and only Orange Cassidy. As you can see he looks pretty much the same bar his Tinder picture, where he is jacketless and giving the ladies a smile.

5. MJF is Squidward

The similarities are uncanny.

6. What Your Parents See



This is not the image you want your parents to see when watching wrestling. It looks more like something you’d see on an adult website.

7. That Skinny Guy at the Gym



Why is it that the skinny guys always strut around with their tops off like they are god’s gift to women? Poor old Adam Cole. At least he’s got Britt Baker to keep him company.

8. The Ocho on Commentary

New Ring of Honor champion Chris Jericho has been doing a lot more commentary of late, and this meme envisions him as the funny commentator Pepper Brooks from Dodgeball.

9. I Got a Lotta Problems With You People

Another meme taking the piss out of CM Punk’s shit-stirring press conference. This one references Festivus from “The Strike” episode of Seinfeld, with Frank Costanza preparing to air his grievances. This is the type of professional wrestling meme everyone can get behind.

10. Hook Over MJF

This hilarious meme uses the classic Drake “Hotline Bling” meme, with Taz’s face superimposed over Drizzy’s. Here Team Taz is not keen on the Devil (MJF), but more than happy when it’s the Handsome Devil (Hook, his son).

11. If R-Truth Turned up in AEW



Imagine R-Truth rocking up on AEW Dynamite and challenging Jon Moxley for the AEW 24/7 European Championship. Stranger things have happened.

12. Is Orange Cassidy Just Bryan Danielson in Disguise?



This meme seems to think the two are both the same person.

13. Leave Me Alone, Mom



We all remember what it was like when mom went for a kiss dropping us off at school.

14. Thank You for Making AEW So Damn Awesome



Unfortunately, Dr. Luther doesn’t get any props with this meme. Nobody cares about the main event Japanese Deathmatch King.

15. Scissor Me, Daddy!



This hilarious meme puts Anthony Bowens of the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn and his sons Austin and Colten Gunn into Michelangelo’s famous painting “The Creation of Adam.” Scissor me, daddy!

16. AEW Backstage



When you complete the level of acquiring all of WWE’s backstage talent for your own show. The AEW roster just keeps on growing, although who knows how long Punk will stick around after recent events.

17. AEW or WCW?



People compared the early years of AEW to WCW, forgetting what it turned into, as this meme depicts.

18. A Little Bit of the Bubbly


The Sportster

Taking the “Guys Literally Only Want One Thing And It’s Fucking Disgusting” meme to new heights, this is a classic Chris Jericho meme sure to have every AEW fan chuckling.

19. Let Me In!


The Sportster

This is an accurate meme representing the Revival (FTR) wanting to get from WWE to AEW. thankfully for them, it worked out in their favor.

20. AEW Fans

This is a pretty accurate description of hardcore AEW fans who don’t really get the fact that they can love any wrestling product they like without bagging the other.


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