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20 Coolest Empty Lobby FF Backgrounds Without Characters 2021

On this occasion we will share the blank FF lobby without the coolest characters before and after the (latest) update which will make your Free fire game character look cool and many other players glance at.

As a battle royale game which is currently the best-selling game for free, the conversation about this game made by Garena seems to be endless in Indonesia.

There are so many Fans from all walks of life from teenagers to adults until they make a lot of Tournaments to communities from all over the city.

There are also those who show off their full Free fire account characters using a rare Bundle, which is very difficult to get through photos with beautiful and beautiful backgrounds.

There are also those who deliberately look for raw photos of the FF lobby for the purposes of creating Free fire content such as for the needs of YouTube videos, Tiktok and other promotional videos.

Well, if you yourself want to edit the Free fire character yourself to display it on the frame, it would be better if you set the Polosan FF lobby to be empty from now on.

20 of the coolest FF Lobby without Characters 2021

You can directly download the Lobby image file with the following JPG, Jpeg or PNG extension in HD quality that is not blurry and does not break below.

If you have your own FF lobby image that you think is very charming, but there is still the character of the account owner. Then you can also eliminate the main character using the guide below.


How to make an empty FF lobby image

If you want to delete a character and only need a picture of the lobby, you can create and delete it yourself effortlessly through the following tutorial.

  • First, you prepare the Lobby, which still has characters.
  • Next, you download or use a site called Remove BG at the link
  • If you have, you upload the lobby image + character on the main page of the website.
  • Next you delete the existing characters directly.
  • If the character has been lost, you press Download to Save the Loby Photo earlier.
  • Done, you have got an empty FF lobby.

In using the Remove BG site, you do not need to shade the edges of the area in detail to be removed because the site will detect the area to be removed automatically.

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How to make a video from an empty FF lobby raw

The following method is specifically for smartphones that have a mobile screen recorder application such as Xiaomi, Oppo and other smartphones. The next ingredient in addition to the default screen recorder, you also need to install the Kinemaster Video editing application.

If it is available, you can follow the steps as follows.

  • First you open and run the phone’s default screen recorder application.
  • If a screen record pop up button appears, you open Game Free fire.
  • If you have entered the Training mode.
  • After that you start recording the cellphone screen by pressing the screen record button.
  • After training, the next step you can turn off the screen recording process.
  • Open the Kinemaster Editing App.
  • Import the video earlier with a quality ratio of 16:9.
  • When the video displays an empty FF lobby, precisely after clicking start and before loading training.
  • You crop the video with the Cut feature marked Scissors.
  • When you have, to save this empty FF frame, you select the take and save option.
  • Done, now you have got Polosan lobby Free fire directly from the video.


Thus the article on Retaining the Lobby FF Background in the newest and best Free fire game that we can convey.


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