20 Best Free Live Wallpaper 2022 Apps

Are you bored with mobile wallpapers that are just like that? If yes, now is the time to use a moving wallpaper app. In this way, you can combine new nuances when you unlock your mobile phone so that it is definitely more interesting and fascinating.

You can combine 3D images and animations as you wish. So, don’t miss to use the mobile wallpaper app. The resulting image quality is HD, so you don’t have to worry about cracking.

Not only that, but some live wallpaper apps offer a way to create your own wallpaper. In this way, each user can customize at will. Of course this can be one step to hone creativity.

No wonder some of these live wallpaper apps are so convenient to download. Especially if you want to replace it with the most unique feature so that it is different from others. Of course, it will make the mobile phone look more attractive than before.

Having this application will help you to make animated wallpapers on the mobile screen. And therefore. The wallpaper is not just an image so it would be very boring. Therefore, be sure to find out the recommendations of the application right away.

The best and free live wallpaper apps

If you can’t wait to use a live wallpaper app, try to learn the recommendations first. This way, the application will be easier. Here are some of these applications:

panoramic screen

It is included as one of the coolest animated wallpaper apps that you must try. This same panoramic screen will make your Android phone screen move in 3D. Users will also be able to adjust the image in manorama format to make it more beautiful.

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This app by itself is perfect if you prefer pictures with a landscape theme. Like beaches, mountains, etc. Moreover, there is a movement mechanism that can be used as an option. Starting with the gyroscope or swipe the screen.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

Computer moving wallpaper app

Another app that you can use is Photo FX Live Wallpaper. This application can help to adjust each frame of the animation on the screen. Users can also adjust transition and opacity so that slides are shown on each photo.

No wonder it is so convenient for converting photos into videos so that it can be used later as a smartphone background screen. No wonder this moving wallpaper app is highly recommended.

Free GyroSpace 3G

moving wallpaper app download

It’s a suitable live wallpaper app if you like the world of astronomy or outer space. The application will provide GyroSpace 3D Free with a background display in the form of planets and objects around them. So, be sure to try downloading this app.

The wallpaper app named GyroSpace 3D Free is also available with customization features for each user. This way, you have the opportunity to modify the details of the planet yourself to your liking, add a shooting star effect, and much more.

Mi Carousel Wallpaper

If you are a Xiaomi phone user, don’t miss to download this moving wallpaper app. Mi Wallpaper is named Carousel which provides a set of interesting images as smartphone wallpapers. In this way, users can apply it to the lock screen.

Later, the images will change automatically either when the screen is off or on. Not only does it provide great photos, but each photo also has its own story. Users just need to swipe or tap on the screen to find out.

wallpaper engine

If you are using this mobile wallpaper app, it can make the look of your computer or laptop wallpaper more attractive. No wonder that until now there were so many people using it. So, don’t miss wearing it.

However, the app is paid fairly so it is not possible to get it for free. However, the wallpaper collection is very complete. Users will also be pampered with great customization features so that they are convenient to purchase.

Free Snowfall Live Wallpaper

As the name suggests, this animated wallpaper app will display animated snow wallpapers on the screen of your Android phone. This way, there was no longer any need to travel abroad to see it. Just download this Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper app. Then select the snow wallpaper as you wish.

The application will make your smartphone screen full of cypress trees covered with snow. Of course it would be interesting to see it. Not only that, there is also a snowfall effect that makes the wallpaper more beautiful.


Another recommended app is DesktopHut. As the name suggests, this live wallpaper app can be used on a PC for free. Of course there are many features that can be used. This app even has its own website so many cool animated wallpapers are available.

This same application is even available on a multi-platform basis. In this way, it can be used for both Windows to Android. You can have different background themes. Like animation, games and many more.

Dream Scene

This application can be used on Windows 7 and earlier devices. DreamScene itself is also fairly light, so it doesn’t really affect CPU performance later on. So, there is nothing wrong if you download it and start using it.

The reason is that this mobile wallpaper app is very suitable for devices with limited specifications. You can get wallpapers with videos in WMV format and can be played continuously. Not only this, users can use their videos as well.

BioniX wallpapers

If you are looking for a wallpaper app for laptops, the recommendation is BionX Wallpaper. This is only because the specifications are very light. However, it offers many features so that every user can easily explore them as they wish.

You can also make use of animated GIF wallpapers with their own animations using slide show format. This app also has a very simple user interface. Users can also use it on old school operating systems.

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

An app named KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker can also be the best choice if you want to use the best moving wallpapers. There will be many full features in it. Users have the opportunity to create their own image as the main display.

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Not only that, but this app also offers a variety of interesting features. From the weather info app, Google Fit data, and RSS feeds. All of these services can be enjoyed for free. If you want more details, you can just subscribe.


It is one of the essential applications that you can use on a PC or laptop. This same application offers many advantages compared to others. The reason is that each user can create his own live wallpaper and set it according to his wishes.

In this way, not only smartphone wallpapers can be made more attractive. Now it’s time to design your own wallpaper on your PC or laptop using this app. This is nothing but to make him look different from the others.

3D Asteroid Live Wallpaper

If you are a fan of space objects, don’t miss to use this app. Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper can be the most suitable choice if you want to have an animated smartphone display that will attract attention with your asteroid theme.

Later, this application will present various wallpapers with the theme of an unusual sight in the sky which is very impressive. There will be plenty of wallpaper themes to choose so that it is easier if you want to beautify the look of your smartphone on the home screen.

Sharingan Rinnegan Live Wallpaper

Another no less quality application is Sharingan Rinnegan Live Wallpaper. This app is perfect if you are a fan of anime like Naruto. This is just because there are many wallpapers with interesting themes to choose from.

This app also provides many effects that will make your screen look cooler and different from others. Each user can use it for free. You can also adjust the image rotation speed and adjust the background texture to your liking.

3D parallax background

When you want to create a 3D animated wallpaper, there is nothing wrong with that. Make sure 3D Parallax Background is selected. The app itself offers a variety of multi-layered effects with multiple themes. Of course he will be more flexible in his choice.

There are more than 80 wallpaper themes for you to choose according to your taste. Moreover, the app developer is always updating and adding the latest themes. Of course, you will not run out of ideas when using this application and you will not be afraid to be outdated for sure.

BTS Live Wallpaper

It is an animated wallpaper app created by SN Studio. When using the app, you can view BTS idols on the smartphone screen. Moreover, all available wallpapers can move on their own. Of course this is so much fun

Users can not only make the gif as wallpaper, but also lock screen. The app itself is available for free. So, no need to wait any longer, be sure to download and use it right away.

Vivid Anime Live Wallpaper

Are you a fan of anime? If so, then you should definitely have this one app. Lively Anime Live Wallpaper is a complete option because there are many animations that can be used as a screen on your smartphone’s home screen. Starting with Tsubasa, DragonBall, OnePiece, Naruto, etc.

Moreover, every animated wallpaper that this app offers is also very interactive. When the user touches the screen, the anime character will move by itself. So, don’t miss using this app.

Hatsune Miku Live Wallpaper

Another app that you can use is Hatsune Miku Live Wallpaper. Including a wallpaper application that provides beautiful and adorable anime characters. As the name suggests, every user can see the Hatsune Miku moving on the device screen later on.

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Not only that, but users also get the freedom to set the frame rate on the wallpaper they want to use. The function is to set the motion whether you want it to be smooth, slow or fast. This same app is available for free. This way, you can use it without internet.


This was a recommendation for a live wallpaper app that you can use. After knowing this, it is of course very easy to create cool wallpapers for mobile phones and definitely more interesting, unique and good than others.

Hence, this time the discussion hopefully will be very helpful to all of you and don’t forget to share it on your social media so that other Android smartphone users can know some of the things I mentioned above.

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