2 Ways to Get Free Fire’s Snow Badge To Get Laura’s Character

2 Ways to Get Free Fire’s Snow Badge To Get Laura’s Character

Hola survivors, especially free survivors like mom! August has passed. Now is the time for free survivors to move on from the prize-laden event in August 2019. In September 2019 Free Fire is still providing interesting events with good prizes. One of the events currently taking place is a token collection event in the context of the lively FFAI esports competition.

Still remember the excitement of the event last August. Starting from the Booyah Merdeka event to the 2nd Anniversary event, it left sweet memories in Mom’s heart because through these 2 events, Mom managed to get free magic cube items. How about you guys?

Back to topic. You already know that Indonesia will be the host of the Asian free fire esports competition event or what is called FFAI. At this year’s FFAI, the RRQ team had the honor of being the team that represented Indonesia. Garena Indonesia did not forget to invite Indonesian survivors to support Indonesia in the FFAI event by creating an FFAI token collection event.

What are the details of the FFAI token collection event? Let’s see the discussion from the following mother!

How to Get Snow Badge Free Fire & Fire Token Free Fire

Okay, in the FFAI exchange event itself, you only need to collect two kinds of tokens, namely:

  1. Token Snow Badge (Snow-shaped token)
  2. Token Fire/Flame (Token Shaped Fire)

This FFAI token exchange event lasted quite a while starting from August 30 – September 10 2019. The prizes that you can exchange with these 2 tokens are pretty cool, namely:

  1. Laura’s Character : 10 Fire Badges & 2 Snow Badges
  2. Halo Emote : 30 Fire Badge
  3. Crate Gunskin M4A1 Cataclysm : 5 Fire Badge
  4. Loadout Summon Airdrop : 1 Fire Badge

If you pay attention, you will know that the most exclusive prize at this FFAI token event is the character Laura. Laura is a beautiful agent who specializes in being a sniper. So, for those of you who really want to have this beautiful Laura, let’s see how to get the free fire snow badge and fire badge below.

How to Get Fire Tokens on Free Fire

The first token you need to exchange gifts at the FFAI token excange event is a fire-shaped token. There are 3 ways to get api tokens, namely:

  1. Login to the game: Get 1 Token
  2. Play 3x Game: Get 2 tokens
  3. Reach Top 10 rank 1x: Get 3 tokens

You need to know that the mission to get fire tokens will be reset every day. So don’t worry it means you can get a maximum of 6 fire tokens every day if you successfully complete these missions.

How to Get Snow Badge Free Fire

The second token that must be collected in order to have Laura’s character is the snow badge. This snow-shaped token is very mysterious because Garena has not yet informed how to get it in the game.

However, the mother managed to find information via the official Garena Free Fire Indonesia fanpage. There are 2 ways to get the free fire snow badge, namely:

  1. Play on the peak day of the event on September 7: 1 Snow Badge Token
  2. Reach 300k viewers on live streams simultaneously : 1 snow badge token

In conclusion, the way to get the snow badge free fire is that you have to wait until September 7, 2019 tomorrow. The chance to get a snow badge is only on September 7th, friends! So write down the date, if you need to set a reminder right now because your mother has already installed it!

So, that was information about the FFAi token exchange event and how to get the free fire snow badge. Hopefully this article is useful for you survivors who read it.

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