2 Ways to Flash Oppo A11W Flashtool and SD Card (Successfully)

Oppo A11W is one of the series of Oppo Joy 3 with support for Android OS v4.4 KitKat. The speed of the Oppo A11W is 1.3GHz because it has been equipped with Quad Core. Unfortunately, this smartphone has too long a system and you have to know how to flash Oppo A11W.

This smartphone, which was launched in 2015 or 6 years ago, must have experienced several problems, it can hang, restart itself, slow to use or even bootloop. If that happens, then you must know how to flash this one smartphone.

How to Flash Oppo A11W Via SD Card

Problems with smartphones that have been around for a long time are the same, on average they will experience hard bricks. If so, you need to do flashing to solve this problem that occurs on your smartphone.

Forgetting the pattern is also sometimes a problem for smartphones so it needs to be flashed. If you want to flash the Oppo A11W using an SD card, here are some ways you can use:

1. Save All Data First

Flashing makes all the data on your smartphone disappear. So make sure that you’ve moved all the stored data if you don’t want it to be deleted due to the flashing process.

2. Minimum Battery Must be 50%


Flashing requires a long process so your Oppo A11W battery must be charged at least 50%. If your battery is below 50%, then the flashing process will be hampered and your Oppo A11W may die.

3. Download Oppo A11W Firmware.


After confirming the two things above, then immediately download the Oppo Joy A11W firmware and move the downloaded file to your SD card. Make sure you enter this firmware download in the root, yes! Do not put it in a folder together with other data.


After everything is completely ready, then you must enter. If everything is ready, the first thing to do is enter the “Recovery” menu. You can turn off the smartphone, then press “Power Button” and “Volume Down” simultaneously.

The smartphone screen will then display a language to choose from and you can press the “English” option. After that, you will enter the “Recovery” mode. Choose the option that says “Wipe Data and Cache”, after that you can press the “Yes” button and select the “Install From” option.

5. Search Firmware File Download


Next, you need to find the firmware file that you previously downloaded and insert it into the SD Card. Look for the firmware and once found, download it by pressing the “Yes” option.

6. Wait for the Reboot Process


After pressing the “Yes” option, your Oppo A11W smartphone will display the option to “Reboot”. Press “Yes” to continue the reboot process and your task will only have to wait until it is completely finished.

Rebooting with this SD card will take an hour at most. Without having to use a laptop or computer, you can use an SD card. If this method doesn’t work, then you can use the flashtool on your laptop to do the flashing process.

Dear Flash Oppo A11W via Flashtool

The second way you can do to flash is by using a PC or laptop. Some steps for flashing the Oppo A11W smartphone via its own laptop are:

1. Prepare a Laptop or Computer


First, you have to prepare a computer or it could be a laptop with windows operation. If you use a laptop, it’s better if the battery is not in a state of dropping.

Meanwhile, if you use a computer, then it’s better if there are no obstacles such as power cuts. In addition, you also have to prepare an Oppo A11W USB cable that is still in good condition.

2. Download Multiple Files


Before starting flashing, then you can download some of the files needed such as:

To download the various files above, your laptop or computer must be connected to an internet connection.

3. Oppo A11W battery must be above 50%


Whether using an SD card or laptop, flashing a smartphone still takes a long time so your cellphone power must be above 50%. If your smartphone is low later, then the flashing process will fail.

4. Extract All Files


To start the flashing process, then you have to extract all the files that you previously downloaded on your laptop or computer. This extracting process will take some time, so please be patient until everything is finished extracting.

5. Open All Extract Results


If all the files have been extracted, then you can open the file by opening it in SP Flashtool, how:

  • Search file bernama “Flash_Tool.exe”
  • After that run the file by clicking the right cursor
  • Select the “Run as Administrator” option

6. Connect Smartphone to Laptop

Actually, every problem on the Oppo A11W has its own way of flashing. There are two types of SP Flashtool flashing that can be done, namely because the smartphone is completely dead and because you forget the pattern. For the case of the Oppo A11W totally dead, then you can use methods like:

  • You can connect smartphone to PC
  • After running flashtool, next you need to find a file with the name “MT6582_Android_scatter.txt”
  • Click on “Open”


  • Wait for the scatter file to open in flashtool
  • After that remove the check mark on the words “Preloader” so that your smartphone doesn’t die completely because the firmware doesn’t match your smartphone
  • However, if your smartphone is already completely dead, then you can check the words “Preloader”
  • Make sure after checking “Preloader”, the option listed is “Download Only”
  • If there is only “Download Only” option, then you can press click “Download”


  • You just have to wait for the flashing process to finish
  • Meanwhile, if the case on the Oppo 3 A11W is forgetting the pattern, then you can use several steps such as:
  • Remove your smartphone battery then plug it in again
  • After that, press the old “Volume Up” button while plugging the USB cable on the smartphone to connect it to a laptop or computer
  • Once connected, then wait until your smartphone screen shows a yellow bar on SP Flashtool
  • If there is a yellow mark, then the flashing process on your Oppo A11W has started
  • Wait for your flashing process to finish until there is a “Download OK” notification


  • After the flashing process is completely finished, then you can disconnect the USB cable from your phone
  • Remove your smartphone battery then plug it in again
  • After that, turn on your smartphone until it turns on

With the two ways to flash the Oppo A11W above, the bootloop problem, forgetting the pattern or the cellphone that often restarts itself will be resolved. You can choose the most suitable method, both an SD card and a computer, all of which can solve your smartphone problems.

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