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2+ Telegram Writing Bots: How To Use It (Latest)

Telegram Write Bot – For those of you who often use the Telegram application on a daily basis. Whether it’s for work, schoolwork and other matters. Some of you may not know about the Telegram writing bot feature.

The Telegram Writing Bot is one of the chat bot features in the Telegram application, whose function is to change text or chat messages, into handwriting automatically, which is displayed on an image of a physical book.

How to use online writing bot on Telegram? For more details, see the tutorial using the following Telegram writing bot.

How to Use the Latest Telegram Online Writing Bot

Here’s how to convert text into your own handwriting automatically via Telegram bot:

1. Using Telegram Write Bot

Here’s how to use Telegram’s online writing bot:

  1. Run the Telegram Application on HP / PC.
  2. Next on the chat list page, select the search menu icon in the top right corner.
  3. Then enter the keyword “bot write by @its.will ” in the search field.
  4. You can choose the Telegram channel with the most subscribers.
  5. Or you can directly visit the Telegram Write Bot link.
how to use telegram writing bot
  1. Now in the List Bot section, you can choose one of the writing bots that still works 100%.
  2. For example here I chose the top one.
the name of the latest telegram online book writing bot, 2022 telegram writing bot, telegram writing bot, telegram writing bot
name of bot writing online book on telegram
  1. Next to start using your bot select the button Beginning.
  2. Then you select the menu Write a Book > and also Book 1.
  3. After that you enter a message or text in the chat field.
  4. Anything is free up to you, then press Enter to send to the bot.
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how to use online telegram writing bot
  1. Later the bot will send you a physical book image.
  2. Where if we zoom in or bring the image closer, there is our own handwriting which is automatically converted from typing our message or text.

2. How to Quit Telegram Writing Bot

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how to get out of chat bot writing telegram

Here’s how to remove the chat bot writing a telegram:

  1. To reset or clear all chats in the Telegram writing bot, all you have to do is select the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Next select menu Delete History.
  3. Then you select the button Delete History once again.
  4. Later the Telegram writing bot will restart from the beginning again.

This bot is indeed very suitable for school children, who want to do assignments from teachers. But you are lazy to write with your own hands.

Therefore, with this Telegram writing bot feature, it is hoped that it will make it easier for you to make automatic handwriting, which is neat and can be read by others.

You can also apply the above method for the Android / iOS operating system. As well as for desktop platforms on Windows PCs / Laptops.

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That’s the article on how to use writing bots on Telegram. Hope it can help you, using an online writing bot on Telegram.

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