15+ Latest Saliha Hijab Catalogs (INSTAGRAM, RESELLER)

Brothers, maintaining a syar’i appearance is very important, considering we are Muslim women who try to obey the commands of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Therefore, looking for clothes that match the portion of our body must be prioritized, so as not to be plagiarized on the body and comfortable to wear.

In addition, the type of fabric and the price must also be considered first.

The reason is that not a few of us want clothes at affordable prices but the fabric stitches are neat and stored durable.

As tried in-boom-right by the gamis and hijab products made by shaliha hijab in the current era.

Of course, so that we always look closed, we recommend the latest list from this brand!

The Latest Gamis and Hijab Models by Saliha Hijab

1. Nabila Maroon-Navy

Source: shalihahijab.com

Nabila robes combine red and maroon colors.

A-line shape with a button design on the front chest so it is friendly to nursing mothers.

One set is sold for Rp. 285.000,-

2. Pearl 1.0 Dress

latest hijab salihah
Source: shalihahijab.com

You can see the hijab models from Saliha through their official Instagram.

Like this one, it costs IDR 259,000 with specifications; Lux linen material is soft, thick enough, and cool to wear.

3. Azalea robes in the Navy

shaliha hijab production
Source: shalihahijab.com

Cheaper than before, the price of this robe is Rp. 250,000.00 excluding postage.

If you want, you can be retailer-his

4. Azalea Hazelnut robe

choco dress shaliha hijab
Source: shalihahijab.com

Still the same as the navy type.

This robe, which is designed with two pockets, is made of fiber, namely lux linen.

The width of the skirt that reaches more than 2 m must be very comfortable to wear.

The price is also cheap, which is Rp. 249,000, -.

5. Azalea Fanta

salihah hijab tunic
Source: shalihahijab.com

There’s nothing wrong with being a dropshipper either.

Moreover, this type of azalea is among the best-selling because of its simple design.

There are various sizes from XS to XXL.

Price: IDR 249.000,00 only.

6. Pearl Dress 3.0 Broken White

bergo shaliha hijab
Source: shalihahijab.com

Pearl robes are very fitting to be worn during Eid al-Fitr.

The price is a little more expensive at IDR 450,000.00 because it is made from arabian crepe material.

The model is very flowly and does not trace on the body.

7. Daily Azalea Pink robe

cute hijab salihah
Source: shalihahijab.com

The Azalea model is made for your everyday life.

The wrist part that is very easy to open and close also makes your ablution even more simple.

Price? Same, IDR 249,000-Rp 250,000.00.

8. Gamiz Zainab in Dusty Blue

new hijab saliha
Source: shalihahijab.com

Looks fall and like satin doesn’t it? Actually the material of this robe is toyobo cotton.

Equipped with a pocket on the right skirt and a belt at the waist.

You can get it with a nominal value of IDR 285,000.00.

9. Arsyifa Salem Khaki robe

whatsapp saliha hijab
Source: shalihahijab.com

Exclusively designed specifically for Eid, Arsyifa’s robe in shaliha hijab uses sexy madame material combined with diamond georgette.

While the khimar is also designed with a double layer with georgette material.

Plus there is a sweet impression of the lace on the bottom layer.

Price: IDR 530,000.00

10. Black Abaya Medina

black robe from shaliha hijab
Source: shalihahijab.com

The black color looks so elegant.

Like the abaya medina robe which carries the jaguard material and is enhanced with straight buttons.

You can buy it starting from Rp. 330.000-Rp. 345.000,-

best selling hijab shalha product
Source: shalihahijab.com

Arsyifa’s robe does look luxurious because the model is somewhat similar to a flowly dress.

The circumference of the skirt also reaches 2.5 m.

IDR 530,000.00 for a set of this dress is enough.

12. Pearl Abaya 2.0 Avocado Color

saliha hijab instagram account
Source: shalihahijab.com

The green avocado attached to this type 2.0 dark avocado pearl robe is even more beautiful because it is enhanced by asymmetrical ruffles.

In order to look feminine with this robe, you need to prepare a pocket of around Rp. 270,000.00.

13. Syafira Brown Coral Gamis

image of saliha hijab robe
Source: shalihahijab.com

With a standard price of Rp. 350,000.00, you can wear a coral syafira robe made from toyobo.

You can also complete it with choco chaurice or choco cream colored khimas.

14. Shafira Dark Cyan Dress

saliha hijab limited product release
Source: shalihahijab.com

It’s still the same model as the syafira coral bown, for the dark cyan one, you can mix & match with the peach or dusty pink color.

The price provision is IDR 350.000,-.

15. Arsyifa Baby Pink

gamis maroon saliha hijab
Source: shalihahijab.com

If you just buy the robe, then you have to spend an amount of IDR 530,000.00.

Meanwhile, if it is a set (along with khimar), then you have to pay IDR 755,000.

Maybe the price will increase or vice versa, it can also go down.

So make sure you buy at the right time.

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