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15 Elek Elek Aphorisms Gus Baha

In order to fight them, you need to have a really bad move. But this ugly red mouth movement should not be attributed to the Prophet.

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Here are 20 aphorisms of wisdom from mbah kiai maimun zubair.

Elek elek pearl words gus baha. Skip navigation sign in. In cangkem elek language, it can be interpreted as a dirty mouth, bad bad. Gus Baha offers a new way that can be used to silence groups who like to disbelieve and innovate, namely the cangkem elek movement.

Hopefully useful and add knowledge, don’t forget. This movement can be carried out by all NU residents without the condition that they must be pious. Everything here is guaranteed to be funny and make you laugh out loud.

Gus Baha gives examples of the application of the cangkem elek movement as follows. Read the interpretation of Gus Baha. During a recitation at PWNU, East Java in October 2019, Gus Baha, in his special way, which always invited the audience to stir, said that one of his strategies in preaching was to carry out the cangkem elek movement.

When they forget to bring their cellphones they are also not calm. Gus baha live gus baha latest 2020 recitation lectures gus baha gus baha live streaming images of aphorisms for wa status etc. First, often the nosy takfiri think that people who carry kris and certain objects, as is commonplace on the island of Java, are something that can calm the mind as polytheists and associate partners with Allah.

This movement only relies on simple but intelligent logic. Funny words a collection of funny words to make the latest laughs that are really funny and suitable for facebook feeds. On Instagram, Smart Studies, the Hikam Book of Recitation, the essence of the Indonesian Translated playlist, are popular playlists, share to social media so that the reach of Gus Baha’s recitation is wider.

Funny words illustrated with funny wise words about love, confusion, Javanese, Sundanese and also added funny videos that tickle. I don’t understand why Gus Baha calls the movement against takfiri groups the term cangkem elek. Gus Baha often utters words that are full of meaning and even pearls taken from mahfudzot or papers from various books that are well-known among students and commentators.

The jewish man, this biyen, got paid for the gelem mulang angger, but akehe kiyai saiki hung out with the roast, or the rokoan, didn’t want the gelem mulang, didn’t get paid. However, if one may interpret the term cangkem elek, this might indicate that it is enough to have a mouthful of cangkem to utter simple words. This movement may sound quite exciting if it is captured only from its literal meaning.

This keris is clearly the same as city people whose lives depend on ATMs and or cellphones.

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