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15 Complete List of the Best Strategy Games on Android

In this article, you will find out about the top 15 best strategy games on Android that you can find on the Play Store. Even so, each game will come with a few brief reviews and download links at the bottom. So if you are interested, just follow the link.

Strategy games are available not only on PCs, laptops and other console gaming devices. The reason is, PlayStore now offers and provides many of the most challenging strategy games that you can play on Android smartphones.

The strategy games offered by the PlayStore are also interesting. The following games will be reviewed by Clover this time will definitely be very interesting, both online and offline. Is there a game with the concept of royal war? Are you attractive? Come on, see the following review.

Lords Mobile

Besides being one of the best online Android games chosen by Clovers, Lords Mobile can also be a smart choice for those of you who like to play strategy games. Lords Mobile is a game in which players set a war strategy.

Of course to win against the enemy, you need to set the right strategy, starting from the strategy of attacking positions, alliances, and so on. Apart from that, Lords Mobile also has lots of fun features to play with. Come on, download the game here.


Not strange anymore in this game, right? Yes, chess is one of the most popular strategy games. Well, this chess game is now available as a digital game so you don’t have to bother carrying a chessboard everywhere.

In Chess, you can enjoy different features, from 5 attractive themes to choose from, 7 levels of difficulty, two-player game mode, the interface is simple but still pleasing to the eye, even the capacity of this game is relatively small. So what are you waiting for? Let’s immediately play Chess here.

Plants vs. Zombies

Maybe many of you already know this one game. Although it looks simple and straightforward, Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy game that is quite challenging. In this game, you have to strategically place your zombie-fighting plant weapons so they don’t enter the park.

Sounds simple but challenging and very addictive, right? You not only place plants, but also face quite powerful zombies. There will also be zombies in each level, becoming stronger and harder to fight. Ready to beat the zombies? Download here.


Want to feel the thrill of playing action games? If so, you shouldn’t miss this PUBG MOBILE strategy game. Yes, you could say when playing this game you need to have a precise strategy so you don’t get rained on first. Because in PUBG MOBILE you have to kill other players to win the game.

Later, you will be deployed to an unknown location. You will be equipped with several weapons to survive, if your strategy is good you can survive until the end. But if you can’t plan well, you may be killed by other players. Oh yes, the weapons you carry at the beginning are very minimal so you have to be smart to find or steal other weapons. Want to know? Play here.

Card Thief

Have you ever played Solitaire on PC? Yes, Card Thief is a solitaire style strategy game. As is well known, Solitaire is not an easy game, but it is not a very difficult game either.

You have to find a way to arrange the cards by number and color. Likewise with the Card Thief game. You have to have the right strategy to put your cards together. Your goal is to dodge all attacks.

You will always be promoted if you can complete them one by one, and every time you level up, players can get rewards. What are the advantages? Just play the game by downloading Card Thief here.

WW2 US Army Commando Survival Battleground

This game is practically similar to PUBG where you have to have a good strategy to survive. You will be placed as a soldier who is at war. To win the war, of course, you must have a precise strategy, starting from shooting enemies to strategy with weapons.

If you cannot use your weapons wisely, you may run out of missiles when you are attacked by enemies. Therefore, in WW2, US Army Commando Survival Battleground also asks players to pick up weapons on the battlefield in order to survive. Otherwise, don’t expect to come back and win this game. Oh yes, here you can play in TPS or FPS mode. Interested? Play here.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a game produced by developer Klei Entertainment. Developers have created a strategy game where you have to be able to survive in all conditions and wherever you are. Players will be thrown into alien planets and your only mission is to survive.

Of course, there’s a lot to do when trying to survive, especially on a planet you don’t know where. You can build shelters, make tools, fight creatures from other planets, and of course, look for food. Can you survive this Don’t Starve game? If you can prove it by downloading the game here.


Back to the strategy game with the card concept. Hearthstone is a game that will challenge you to a card duel. There is a feature where you need to build a deck. You can collect the cards you earn in this deck.

After collecting a large number of cards, you can invite your opponent to a duel or card fight. Hearthstone is available online, meaning you need the internet to play. In online mode, there will be several friends on the list that you can duel with. Well, do you want to duel with your friends online? Just download the game here.

Ninja Village

Ninja Village can also be a great choice when looking for a unique strategy game, but still a relaxing game in your spare time. In this game you are crowned or you act as the leader of a ninja community or what is commonly called this Ninja Clan game.

Of course there must be a ninja clan defense strategy. There are several things that must be needed such as trains, weapons, and other equipment to defend the clan from enemy attacks. You too as president must help unite Japan.

So, in addition to your clan defense missions, you also have to unite a divided Japan. You must calm those who are at war. How? Of course, you can play it by downloading Ninja Village game here.

Not only some of the strategy games above that you can play on your android phone. The reason is, we still have some recommendations for strategy games that are fun to play on Android. Here is a list of recommended games.

Kingdom Rush

Talking about war games, you definitely need a strategy to defeat your enemies. Like Kingdom Rush, a game but it can also be called a strategy game that is quite challenging and interesting to play.

Here you become a commander who has the right to organize and give orders to the soldiers. Of course you can’t just give orders, you have to set a strategy so that the orders you give are right on target and don’t harm your team, right? Well, that’s what we’re going to play in Kingdom Rush. Download the game here.

Out There

Previously, strategy games were about past wars, unlike Out There. In this game you will be an astronaut. Unfortunately, you’ve been sleeping too long in a capsule called cryonics.

When you wake up, you are somehow already on a planet in the middle of nowhere. A planet far away in galactic space. Well that’s why here you have to survive to save yourself on an unknown planet. Can you survive on this unknown planet? If you can, prove it by playing the game. Download here.


The spread of disease-causing viruses is the concept of this strategy game. Plague offers a game that is classified as complex and complicated. Despite this, the game is quite successful and has a lot of fans.

There are 12 types of plagues or diseases in the game. It is the duty of the Plague players to develop and conduct deeper research on this Plague so that the disease does not spread. Curious about the sequel? Install the game by clicking here.

Vainglory 5V5

Playing by forming a team, of course, must have a very good and tight teamwork strategy. This is what this strategy game has to offer. Vainglory V5V can be played online three on three with friends.

Here you can choose the hero character that you will use. There are more than 30 heroes that Vainglory 5V5 players can choose from. Well, are you also the hero of the Vainglory game and are you ready to win the battle? Win games by downloading Vainglory games here.

Age of Civilizations

You can definitely play strategy building with the concept of war on your Android phone. You can choose Age of Civilization as your war strategy game which is fun, interesting and also unique.

You can play based on a map on a land with 342 cities. In addition to a map of the earth, Age of Civilizations also includes a map of Kepler-22b with 404 cities. This game requires you to keep an eye on the created capital city.

Players will be declared defeated when your capital or main city is destroyed for 3 turns. For separate capital there is a +15% surplus in defense and offensive. Do you want to play it? Download the game directly here.

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay is the last best Android strategy game in this article. I chose it because this game is able to take RTS elements to a new level. Offers great gameplay with simple packaging.

The game will take you to a world full of pirates and immerse you in the epic gameplay of mobile strategy. At first glance, this game is very similar to the popular game Clash of Clans.

As a player in Monkey Bay, you have to manage your own settlement, attack enemies, loot their resources, and build structures such as defensive buildings, resource-generating buildings, and so on.

The game starts with a short tutorial where Pirate lets you learn all the technical details of the game and guides you through various aspects. How to build buildings like Gold Mine, BBQ Chicken Poke, and more. How to use gold as your main fuel element and hire more Pirates with Chickens and more.

They are all part of the tutorial. There are other types of “Gems” resources that can be purchased for real money and used to speed up your production. On the other hand, defense is an important part of the game because no base is complete and safe without proper defense.

Monkey Bay encourages the use of resources to build defensive structures and manufacture ammunition such as bombs, mortars, pistols and more. Strategically, both troops and defense must be equally strong.

With addictive gameplay, beautiful visuals and great RTS experience, Monkey Bay is one of the best Android strategy games to play and enjoy. Download the game here.

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Here is a complete list of the best and most difficult strategy games for you to try in your spare time. Well, is there one of the games above that you want to play?


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