13 Ways to Create a Quick and Easy PIN for a Mandiri Credit Card

As we know that credit cards have a lot of uses. In addition, the service is very attractive to its customers. This is the advantage of a credit card. Every bank in Indonesia has a credit card product, including Mandiri. Every credit card product has a PIN, so how do you generate a Mandiri credit card PIN?

Before the main discussion, how to make a Mandiri credit card is really easy and there are only a few requirements that you have to fulfill. Usually, after registering and getting a Mandiri credit card, you will of course also have to create a credit card PIN which will be used for security for each transaction. For more details on how a Mandiri credit card PIN works, see the next method.

How to Generate a Mandiri Credit Card PIN Easy and Fast

Generate Mandiri Credit Card PIN via SMS OTPCC

The first method is via SMS OTPCC. Format SMS for PIN request from Mandiri is very easy. For unregistered emails, you can still use this method. However, if you did not receive a paper PIN, you can request an OTP code to generate your PIN via an ATM. How to make a Mandiri Credit Card PIN via SMS OTPCC, you can see below:

  • Type SMS via the mobile number registered with Mandiri and send it to 3355.
  • Fill in the text message: otpcc (space) 16-digit credit card number and send to 3355
  • Example: otpcc 413718 ************ Send to 3355 (otpcc must use all lowercase).

Create your Mandiri Credit Card PIN at the ATM

  • Insert the credit card into the ATM.
  • Enter the OTP code (the six-digit number is received via SMS)
  • Select the PIN Create List (not the Change List, but Create)
  • Re-enter the six-digit OTP code you received via SMS.
  • Enter a new PIN (a six-digit number that is easy to remember as desired).
  • Confirm the new PIN by entering it again.
  • A receipt will appear as a sign that the PIN generation process is complete.

Request Mandiri Credit Card PIN via SMS

  • SMS format: REQPIN (space) CC (space) 16 digits of your credit card number and send to 3355
  • Example: text REQPIN CC 4137180000000000 to 3355

For this method, you will receive a 6-digit PIN in the email that is registered with Mandiri Bank. Then the PIN can be used directly for transactions, but we recommend changing the PIN to make it more secure.

Changing your Mandiri Credit Card PIN at ATMs

  • Insert the credit card into the ATM
  • Enter the 6-digit PIN that you received from Mandiri Bank.
  • Select Change PIN menu
  • Re-enter the 6-digit PIN you received.
  • Enter a new PIN.
  • Confirm the new PIN and re-enter the new 6-digit PIN.
  • The receipt will be issued and the Mandiri Credit Card PIN change process completed.

Above, you can see that there are several ways to generate a Mandiri credit card PIN that you can choose from. Don’t forget to read another article on How to Beat Forgetting BNI Credit Card PIN which was previously published. Perhaps this is all we can pass on, hopefully it will be useful and add to your vision.

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