13 scary ghost in Indonesia, one feared in Maluku and Papua

scary ghost – In Indonesia, there are many mystical stories that have developed in a region or even throughout the archipelago.

The mysterious story can become a legend or known as Urban legend – urban legend Or until it becomes an open secret that many people know.

The mysterious story becomes a scary thing due to the presence of ghosts in the story.

Ghosts will definitely appear as something very scary. In fact, many believe that ghosts will turn into characters that humans think of for the purpose of intimidation.

Now a lot of scary ghosts in Indonesia have been made into big screen movies. This inevitably adds to the popularity of the fearsome ghost. So, what are the scariest ghosts in Indonesia? Check out the reviews.

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1. Kontilanac

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Kuntilanak is one of the most famous and terrifying ghosts in Indonesia. Her figure is feminine, she wears a long white dress and long hair.

The Kontilanac often inhabits large trees, and it is believed that it likes to disturb young children and pregnant women.

The reason is that Kontilanac is believed to be a ghost that comes from a woman who died in childbirth. So he searched for his son.

2. Pokong

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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Pokong is a scary ghost for many people. Its form is that of a corpse wearing a shroud.

Many people think that the game of pokong appears because the body is not disassembled during the funeral procession.

It is said that the pokong more often jumps around, but there are also those who say that the pokong actually does fly. Pokong is also said to be black-faced and damaged.

3. Searching

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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This scary ghost has become a scary ghost in Kalimantan. It is described as a long-haired female who flies without a body. It has only a head and internal organs.

Quyang is believed to be a human who has mastered black magic. It needs the blood of the newborn or pregnant woman to preserve his knowledge.

4. Not a bitch

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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This ghost is familiar because it was made into a movie and played by Susanna, the queen of Indonesian horror films.

The sundel bolong is believed to be a woman who died during pregnancy. When she was pregnant, her unfortunate fate was to be raped by an irresponsible person.

His character roams around to get revenge on him. The distinguishing feature of this fearsome ghost is the hole in the back, which is filled with worms.

5. Sister Sucks

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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Just like sundel bolong, nun ngesot is increasingly being recognized because it has been made into a movie. As the name suggests, this ghost is believed to have been a nurse or nun during his lifetime.

Not walking, he thinks Nurse Njesut is scaring him by pulling his body with both hands. It is also believed that this ghost often appears in hospitals or schools.

6. Gender

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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Genderuwo is described as a ghost with a very large body, thick hair, long fangs, long nails, and red eyes. It is believed that they occupy old buildings, large trees, and forests.

This ghost is believed to come from a man who died unnaturally. Even the legend that this ghost can change his body into a human and disturb a woman.

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7. Leak

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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The spill is a scary ghost for the people of Bali. It is believed that this infusion is human but has high spiritual knowledge.

During the day, they take on the form of humans but at night, the Leaks can transform into ghosts who steal organs for their magical power.

The leak is also believed to be able to transform itself into animals such as monkeys, pigs, or even tigers.

8. Banaspati

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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This ghost was originally only heard in the Central Java region. But it began to be heard more often in the ears of the Indonesian people.

This ghost is in the form of a flaming fireball that can suck human blood and burn the humans who disturb it.

Banaspati is also believed to be a ghost or evil spirit with a high level of black magic. Often used to perform magic.

9. Toyol

13 of Indonesia's scariest ghosts, one feared in Maluku and Papua

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This ghost has a small body shape, bald head and very short. It is believed that tuyul is often used by humans to do evil such as stealing money and pesugihan.

The legend of Toyol comes from the first child who was born prematurely and died. Some even say that if you keep tuyul, then the person who keeps it should take care of it like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

10. Suanggi’s Ghost


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Suanggi has become a well-known ghost in Maluku and Papua. A suanggi is believed to be a sorcerer or shaman with high black magical abilities.

It is also said that Suanggi is able to transform herself into a beautiful woman and seduce men.

If a man is tempted, the suanggi will attack and eat her genitals. This ghost looks like a fireball over the victim’s house.

11. You’re Gumble

You are Gumble

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Older parents often fear that their children will be kidnapped by Wewe Gombel if the child wants to play outside at night.

Not without reason, it is believed that this ghost loves young children and even often kidnaps them. Even if he kidnapped a young child, Wei Gumble is said to have not harmed him.

It is believed that this ghost was in the form of an old woman who committed suicide. The reason why she was accused of killing her cheating husband.

12. Lamps


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Lampor has also become one of the ghosts that has been made into a movie. Lampur stories are often heard in Central Java. The shape of a lampor is a flying ark that is said to be powered by a life remover.

Being a frightening ghost, it is believed that the victims brought by the camphor will return in a frenzy or even die. If you hear the sound of a horse-drawn cart at night, it could be a light.

13. Jinglot


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Jenglot is called a small, doll-like ghost, dark-skinned, with long fangs and nails.

Although it looks like a doll, many actually believe it has a soul because its nails, hair, and fangs can grow.

Several opinions are circulated about the origin of jenglot. As someone said that jenglot is a hermit who wants immortality. There is also an opinion that jenglot is a pesugihan that is kept by shamans.

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