12 Best Bluetooth Printer Brands For Business Cashier Equipment

For business owners, Bluetooth printers are an important tool for printing consumer purchase receipts. In addition to facilitating the buying and selling process, the cash register can also increase prestige business. Therefore, find the best Bluetooth printer brand for your business.

Best Bluetooth Printer List

Currently there are so many brands of Bluetooth printers or portable thermal printers on the market. The difference is not only in terms of size, but also the ability to print, print receipts, and compatibility with certain cashier applications. So, what brand is a good mini printer?

To find a good thermal printer, you also need to pay attention to the type of application or application software what cashier do you use. So that both can connect and print purchase receipts smoothly. Here are some recommendations for the best Bluetooth printers for you.

1. Epson TM-P80 Series

If you ask, what brand is a good Bluetooth printer? Then Epson is one of the best answers. This well-known printer manufacturer also presents several variants of Bluetooth printers to support the buying and selling process of your business.

Choose the Epson TM-P80 Series which is a development of the previous series. The main advantage of this printer lies in its very long battery life, which reaches 33 hours. That way you can run the buying and selling process smoothly without fear of the printer receipt battery running out.

This printer uses 80 mm paper with a super fast print speed, which reaches 100 mm / sec. High-quality prints with sharpness levels that are clearly visible. Buyers who receive receipts will be satisfied to see the clearly printed shopping list from this printer.

Interestingly, this Epson TM-P80 Series printer can not only be connected to bluetooth. But it can also be connected by WiFi as well operating system Windows. In fact, this printer also supports Android and iOS operating systems.

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2. BellaV ZCS-103

Printer Bluetooth

This mini-shaped Bluetooth printer is portable and easy to take anywhere. You can use it in the store or at home, depending on your needs. Similar to previous Epson printers, this BellaV ZCS-103 printer can also be connected to bluetooth and Android devices.

The speed is close to Epson printers, which is 80 mm / sec and does not require ink when operating actively. So that it is more practical, the work desk is neater, and you are not afraid of ink splattering everywhere. Most importantly, the prints are good and clearly visible.

This printer also uses a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery and has a power capacity of up to 1500 mAh. In addition to low power consumption, this printer battery recharging time is also fast, only about 1-2 hours.

In terms of product design, this printer is quite simple with two main buttons on the front. However, there is also a battery and paper indicator to let you know when the battery or paper is running low.

3. Iware C8-L

Printer Bluetooth

The advantage of this printer lies in its relatively low power consumption and the presence of a rechargeable battery. This printer also supports bitmap density and is capable of printing graphics with stunning results.

This printer is also compatible with ESC/ POS printing instructions. Be the right choice for those of you who want to print purchase receipts for various businesses/services. Starting from shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hospitals, to recording warehouse inventory.

As a Bluetooth printer, it is certain that this printer is also connected to Bluetooth 4.0 and you can use it directly from your gadget. Both from gadgets that use the Android and iOS operating systems.

Interestingly, this printer uses a smaller type of thermal paper, so it consumes less paper. The print speed is also quite high. That way, you can print receipts faster and you can save energy consumption at the same time.

4. Giime ZJ-5890K

Printer Bluetooth

Moving on to the recommendation for the next best Bluetooth printer brand, there is the Giime brand which is well-known as a manufacturer of various electronic devices. Starting from CCTV, smart lamp, mouse computers, and now Bluetooth thermal printers to support your business cash register equipment.

This Bluetooth printer works with the method direct thermal which works simply by heating the printer. So you don’t need ink to print shopping receipts. The print results from this printer are also quite satisfactory, because the writing looks clear and neat.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, this printer has also support USB. So that users can use it easily on various types of devices, including smartphone. Of course, it greatly facilitates the buying and selling process that you run on a daily basis. Ranging from shops to other payment services.

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5. Zjiang Printer Thermal Bluetooth ZJ-5802

This Bluetooth printer from Zjiang carries a minimalist and simple design. The concept portable and makes it easier for you to connect it with various types of devices. However, for now Zjiang printers only support devices with the Android operating system.

The print speed of this printer is also quite fast, reaching 90 mm/second and can load up to 384 points on each line. The paper capacity is also quite a lot, which is up to 40 roll with a paper width of up to 58 mm.

It doesn’t stop there. The prints from this printer are also very good with a resolution of up to 8 dots/mm or the equivalent of 203 dpi. In fact, you can also print your logo or trademark very easily on receipts.

The battery capacity itself reaches 1500 mAh and you can refill it easily. This printer also has an LED indicator that shows the battery capacity. As for time standby-its about 5-6 days.

How to use this Zjiang printer is also very easy. You can easily connect it with the device mobile only by Bluetooth. You can count on it to print various payment receipts, especially when you are at work outdoor.

6. Eppos EPP200 Bluetooth

Printer Bluetooth

Eppos printers are also one of the best Bluetooth printer brands that you should consider. How it works wireless alias does not require a cable at all, so it is more practical. It’s also mini in size and doesn’t take up too much space.

Eppos printers also have spring and support with various types of well-known cashier and PPOB applications, such as PayFazz to several mobile banking. That way you can print shopping receipts more easily from the various types of applications that you use.

There is no doubt about the print results. The resolution is about 8 dots or the equivalent of 203 dpi and allows the writing on the shopping receipt to be seen clearly. It has a column capacity of 384 dots per row and has a paper width of up to 58 mm.

7. Coretech CA58

The Coretech CAA58 printer can also be the best choice for those of you who want to switch from manual receipts to automatic payment receipts. One of the advantages of this printer is that it is connected to a PC and supports Android and iOS operating systems.

Another advantage is that it has a fairly high print speed of up to 90 mm/second. The print quality is very good with the letters appearing thicker and clearer.

The most interesting thing, this printer also has a transparent cover that is able to protect the printer paper roll from being dirty or dusty. In addition, the cover can also make it easier for you to see the remaining paper rolls.

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8. Kozure Thermal BP906

This Kozure receipt printer gets review which is very good from many people. One of them is because the price is very affordable for the excellent features offered. The price of this printer ranges from Rp. 920,000 only. Cheap enough for a printer portable at a speed of 80 mm/sec.

Another advantage lies in the smooth and quiet sound of the printer, so it doesn’t disturb the people around. The paper capacity in it is also quite a lot, which reaches 40 roll. Of course, the prints are of high quality and can be seen clearly.

9. Ultron CX-58BT

The next best Bluetooth printer brand is the Ultro CX-58BT which has been support latest Bluetooth connection. This printer can also be connected to a laptop or PC very easily using just a USB.

This thermal printer supports the process of printing receipts with 58 mm paper size. The prints are clearly visible with a width of 48 mm. The print speed is also fairly high, reaching 90 mm per second. So there is no need to wait long to hand over receipts to consumers.

10. Digit DT 58B

If you are looking for a thermal printer that is compatible with many applications at once, the Digit DT 58B printer is the right recommendation. Many popular cash register applications can be connected to this printer. Starting from Moka, Pawoon, PayFazz, GoBiz, Majoo, to BRI Link.

That way, you can also use it for buying and selling pulses and other PPOB services. This printer has a transparent blue cover that can make it easier for you when checking the rest of the paper and prevent it from being dirty or dusty.

In addition to being connected by Bluetooth, this thermal printer has also been support with Android and iOS devices. You can also connect with Windows. So you can connect it with a PC / computer easily.

11. EYES H-58

This thermal printer also doesn’t need ink anymore for printing. The thermal technology is of high quality and is capable of producing clearly printed receipts. You can print receipts with paper sizes up to 58 mm.

This Bluetooth-connected printer and Android system can also be connected to several types of USB. So you can also connect it to a laptop or computer. Of course, it makes the process of printing various types of shopping receipts easier.

12. Canon Pixma Mobile iP110

Canon as one of the leading printer manufacturers also presents a Bluetooth printer that can support your office or business needs. Its main advantage lies in its ability to save energy and has met the qualifications Energy Star.

This printer also has features auto on/ off which can set the machine to turn on or off automatically. So, no need to be afraid if you forget to turn off this printer. Because the printer can off automatically.

Not only that, this Canon printer also has a fairly large paper capacity and you don’t have to fill it up repeatedly. To get maximum printing results, make sure you are actively doing cleaning printer periodically.Some best Bluetooth printer brand you can consider the above when equipping your cashier equipment. Choose the one with the most appropriate specifications according to your business needs. Also make sure the price fits your current budget.

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