11 Free and Easy-to-Use PC Photo Editing Apps

The digital world makes many people increasingly required to be able to do everything. One that is growing very rapidly is image processing. Even today, you can find lots of photo editing applications for PC or laptops.

Now for those of you who want to follow the development of the digital world, you can learn to use photo processing applications. Because this skill will continue to be needed in the digital era as it is today.

11 Photo Editing Apps

1. Adobe Photoshop

Nah photo editing app The first thing you can try is the most famous application, Adobe Photoshop. Nowadays, who is not familiar with this photo editing application.

In fact, there have been a lot of amazing works just with this application. The Adobe Photoshop application has experienced continuous series improvements starting from the CS series.

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Then there are also applications that have the CC series. Although paid, this application remains the idol of many people. Because it tends to be simpler to use.

You can edit photos with various tools such as merging two photos, splitting photos, replacing background and others. You can also do photo manipulation by combining two to more photos with interesting backgrounds.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App

Still from one center, namely Adobe, photo editing app Next up is Adobe Lightroom. This one application is also no less famous when compared to Adobe Photoshop.

The Lightroom application is claimed by users to have many tools that can be excelled. One of the advantages that you can find is processing photos in RAW format. Not all applications can process photos in RAW format.

In fact, many users always rely on Adobe Lightroom if the photo format is RAW. So you can edit photos to be much more leverage when compared to JPG or JPEG formats.

3. DxO Photolab

DxO Photolab

Then there is an application called DxO Photolab. For those of you who rarely use PC or laptop editing, you may be a little unfamiliar with the name of this application. DxO Photolab is an application with features and tools that are quite complex.

The number of tools that make it complicated makes the DxO application more recommended for professionals. Because they will not be difficult to learn and use all the tools and features that are in the game photo editing app this.

4. PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro Photo Editing App

Many think that the PaintShop Pro application is a pretty good application for editing your photos. There are even those who think that PaintShop Pro will be able to compete with the superior Adobe Photoshop CC application.

So the features and sophistication of this one application need not be doubted. There are lots of features that you can enjoy if you have PaintShop Pro. Another advantage that is not less important is the purchase price.

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You can get this application only around $63-$64 just. Once purchased, you can use it forever, unless there is a new policy.

5. Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar is an application that is quite unique for editing photos on a PC or laptop. Because the use of this application is like an editing application for the device. You can find a variety of interesting photo filters in it.

There are about 45 filters that you can choose from if you are not very good at processing various editing tools. This filter feature will indeed be very useful. In addition, there are also features automatic correction where your photo will be edited automatically.

6. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

For those of you who want to find photo editing app with excellent features, try using Affinity Photo. All the tools you need to edit photos are in this application. So your edited photos can be maximized.

There are some very unique features in this Affinity Photo application. You can try features for like full HDR Merge. Then there is also a 360 degree photo feature which is also no less unique than the previous feature.

You can edit photos with detailed steps with this application. Of course the results will be more satisfying than other applications.

7. Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro Photo Editing App

To be able to experience the features that are no less interesting, you should try the Capture One Pro application. This too is photo editing app which is good for PC or laptop devices. There are many advantages in it.

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To improve the final result of a photo, you can reduce noise with the feature reduce noise. There are also useful features to make photos more colorful and alive. That feature is color correction and also retouching.

So you can adjust what colors will stand out in your photos. For example, in a cloud photo, you can emphasize the blue color. Then the photo of the trees, you can increase the green color.

8. Exposure X5

Exposure X5 Photo Editing App

Expertise in photo editing is indeed a problem for beginners. Now for those of you who want to be instant and fast, use the Exposure X5 application. Because this application has a large selection of effects that can be applied to each photo.

So it is highly recommended for those of you who are beginners and want to get maximum photo editing results. If you want to try different editing tools, there are plenty of options for you to try.

Like other editing applications, Exposure 5 also provides more color processing features. You can use color processing with curves, regular image enhancements as well as color adjustments and a few other tools.

Unfortunately this one application does not provide features image layers. So you can’t merge images or other editing activities that involve image layer. The application only focuses on processing one image to make it more optimal.

9. PhotoScape


Now there is also an application that is very simple to operate, namely PhotoScape. You can enjoy various basic photo editing features such as cropping, rotating and others.

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Although it is very simple, you can fulfill basic photo editing needs with this application. Unfortunately you will not find advanced features like in other applications.

10. Artweaver


Artweaver has a unique feature because it is able to create a photo sketch. This Artweaver application is perfect for those of you who like to paint. Because you can edit paintings with this powerful application.

There are also various interesting features in it to make your photos even more perfect. So you can enjoy two features in one application, namely the photo editing feature and the very interesting sketching feature.

11. GIMP

GIMP Photo Editing App

Most video editing apps are always paid. But you can enjoy one of the free but Photoshop equivalent applications, namely GIMP. This application is perfect for those of you who like the world of design and photography.

You can even find features and editing tools from most of the apps. You can operate this application with various operating systems such as Linux, Mac and Windows.

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After you know 11 photo editing applications, you can choose which application is suitable. Make sure to choose the application that you are most good at first. Then start learning with more professional apps.

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