11 Android and Ios Home Design Apps (Full Features)

newsinfilm.com – Before deciding to build a dwelling, of course there are various things that must be considered. One of them is the position, the placement of each interior space (bedroom, etc.), and also the exterior. This needs to be done so that the house feels comfortable when occupied later.

Home designs can be made manually in the form of sketches with pencil and paper. But what about those who don’t have skill draw? Actually, there is no need to worry, because at this time there are various home design applications that will help realize your dream dwelling.

11 Android and iOS Home Design Apps

Are you looking for an offline android home design application for android and ios that can be accessed without internet? Please see the direct reference below:

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Unlike other design applications, Houzz offers a concept in the form of sharing ideas. Users will get access to see various ideas, stories, and design drawings created by other users. So, just look for what you want.

This application has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million people, with millions of high-resolution interior and exterior design photos offered. So, users don’t have to bother to start designing from scratch. Surely this would be very profitable, right?

2. Room Creator Interior


As the name suggests, Room Creator Interior This is specially designed to do the interior design of the house only. Even so, still very recommended to be downloaded especially for those who want to build a dwelling. This is because of the interface features.

How to use it is also fairly easy. So users will have no difficulty in learning it. The concept carried by this application is drag and drop, because the goods have been provided. Users just put it where they want it.

Although Room Creator Interior does not allow the user to complete the entire interior design of the room at once. But don’t worry, because the process won’t take long. It only takes about 15 minutes.

3. Home Design 3D


Not much different from Room Creator Interiorthis one application also carries the concept of drag and drop. So, it is highly recommended for those who are not proficient in making detailed images. This is because the user only needs to paste furniture home only.

An easy example is, if you want to add a window. Users don’t need to design windows from point zero, because they just need to choose the design model that has been provided. After that, just put it on the part of the window that is being worked on.

Home Design 3D has two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) options. In addition, it is also equipped with various interesting features such as changing the size, height, color, position of components, to beautify the house.

It is not surprising that this 3D android home design application has been downloaded by more than thirty million users. For ios users, apps Home Design 3D can also be used as the best alternative solution.

4. Magicplan


This application is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Exist variety advanced features that are guaranteed to make the design of the house look better. In just a matter of minutes, anyone can design a luxury home with Magicplan.

Excellent features of Magicplan among others are augmented reality. However, to be able to access it, the smartphone must have support for Project Tango. For 3D designs, you can take pictures using a smartphone camera.

5. Planner 5D


Apart from offering 2D and 3D modes, the home design app Planner 5D also offers fashion Virtual Reality. So, the design made looks more real. Interestingly, this application can also be used to create interior and exterior designs of buildings.

When users feel they have not mastered how it works Planner 5D, then you can choose the completed home catalog option. However, the catalog provided for the free version is very limited, only 150. If you want more details, please upgrade to the paid version.

6. Homestyler (Interior Design and Decorating Ideas)


This application allows users to design homes virtually like a professional interior designer. How to use it is also very easy, just choose a picture of the room to be designed. After that, just experiment.

Homestyler brings 3D mode with high resolution so that user can assess how good the design of the house that has been made. If you need help from other users, don’t hesitate to join the user community to get feedback.

7. Design Home


Application Design Home offers interface features that can simplify the process of designing a dream home. Here, users can choose the 3D mode option so that laying furniture is also easier to do. Moreover, this application carries the theme drag and drop.

Interestingly, Design Home allows users to view the work of other designers. In addition, they can also give each other suggestions, so that they can be used as references. This will certainly increase the creativity and quality of the designs made.

8. SketchUp


SketchUp is a lightweight android home design application with a small size. Of course very worth to install on your favorite smartphone, because it will not make the memory full. In addition, it will not make the phone slow.

This home designer application is already very famous, especially among professional graphic designers. Apart from designing houses, SketchUp can also be used to design hotels, apartments, and even machines.

To pamper its users, SketchUp offers two versions, namely free and free full version paid. To get the most complete service, it is recommended to use SketchUp Pro with the latest features.

9. Floor Plan Creator


For those who are looking for an application for home design from scratch, it is recommended to download Floor Plan Creator APKs. Here, users can manage residential development starting from zero. Because this application offers a feature to set the land area as well.

Just like his name, Floor Plan Creator indeed will make users design their own home designs. Although the process is quite time consuming and more difficult. But guaranteed to be satisfied with the results, because it can facilitate the construction of houses real.

For now, the free version of the application is only available for PC and Android users. But if you want to enjoy more complete features, you can choose paid version. Guaranteed not to feel disappointed even if you have to spend money.

10. Home Design Architectural


This application can be used to work on interior and exterior designs. Comes with 3D technology that will make sketches visible real, users will more easily realize the plans that have been made. So, very much worth to have.

One of the excellent features of Home Design Architectural is Render 360o Panoramas. This feature allows users to view the design view in high panorama mode. Although it was launched in a paid version, you can try it for free with a trial version.

11. House Designer (Fix and Flip)


Carrying the concept of a fun game, application House Designer highly recommended as a stimulator in renovating or designing a house. Users must use their creative side to be able to complete the given mission.

Interestingly, for the interior of the house furniture has been provided in full. So just take what is needed, and then put it in a certain place. That way, users don’t need to be confused about how to make furniture.

If you successfully complete the mission, the user will get a certain amount of money that can be used to buy or renovate a house. For those who are lazy to make designs, please try this application to provoke creativity.

Every home design application must have advantages and disadvantages. Especially if you use the free version, where there must be some incomplete features. But if it’s just to design a private residence, it’s still worth a try.

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