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As smartphone users, of course, we have to be frugal in carrying out daily activities. Starting from batteries, internet packages, credit, and other needs that we consider important. A social media application such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LINE, WhatsApp is very influential in draining internet quota.

If the application is allowed to continue to be active, over time it will eat away at the quota to its lower point. Moreover, social media has an addictive nature which the more often you open it, the more users will continue to be interested in using it. Communication is important, but at least we have to save quota and control the use of social media.

Previously I have shared a tutorial on how to save Instagram internet quota (See Also: How to save internet data when using Instagram), but this time I will share tips on saving quota when using WhatsApp. Want to know how to do it, see the following review.

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How to save WhatsApp internet quota

Previously you have to make sure that your WhatsApp application is on the latest version. Or at least already on version 2 and above. The WhatsApp data saving feature is only available in the latest version. If not, you should update first, and if you have then you can follow some of the tips below.

1. Use WhatsApp’s data saver feature

1 Activate WhatsApp call data saver feature
1. Activate the WhatsApp data saver feature. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

The first way, use the “Low Data Usage” data saver feature for phone and video calls. This feature actually makes data usage more efficient than not using it at all. However, it should be noted that using this feature will reduce the quality of your calls, especially video calls where the resolution will be reduced.

  1. Click icon Three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Settings » Storage and data.
  3. Then activate the section Reduce call data usage.
  4. Done.

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2. Turn off automatic data download

2 Turn off WhatsApp automatic data download
2. Uncheck automatic data usage for media. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

Automatic media data downloads such as documents, photos, videos, audio, and the like consume the most quota. Unlike when you only receive text messages the size is usually relatively small, while the media has a relatively large size. To solve the problem, you need to reduce automatic downloads. You can choose which media is important to download.

  1. Open the menu Suit » Storage and data.
  2. View section Media auto download. In section When using mobile databetter uncheck all the checks.
  3. While in choice When connected to Wi-Fiyou don’t need to uncheck it.
  4. Done.

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3. Backup chats only when connected to WiFi

3 Delay WhatsApp Chat Backup
3. Backup WhatsApp chats to Google Drive only when connected to WiFi. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

WhatsApp actually brings a backup feature that helps back up data online (Cloud Storage) to Google Drive. However, it should be noted that the more data stored on WhatsApp, the bigger the backup to the cloud. For that, you need to limit this feature to only when connected to WiFi or when tapping “Suggest”.

  1. Suit »Chat» Chat suggestions.
  2. On features Google Drive Settingstap Back up to Google Drive.
  3. Then select features Only when I tap “Suggest” or if necessary you can choose never ever.

Still on features Google Drive Settingsselect Suggest through. Then set WiFi agar backup occurs only when the device is connected to a WiFi network.

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4. Enable Android data saver feature

4 Enable Android data saver feature
4. Use Android’s internet data saver feature. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

On Android devices, you can take advantage of the data saver feature (this feature is also possible on iPhone (iOS)). With the data saver feature, data usage in the application will be limited, especially social media, email notifications, message notifications, backgrounds, and the like. This feature is available for those of you who are already using Android 7.0 and above.

  1. Open the menu Settings » Network & wireless settings.
  2. Select Mobile data » Data saver.
  3. Then activate the feature Data saver.
  4. Done.

Notes: Each device has a different method, you need to adapt to the device you are using.

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5. Turn off the use of WhatsApp background data

5 Turn off WhatsApp background data
5. Turn off WhatsApp background internet data usage. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

In addition to saving data usage, you can turn off data usage for the background (background). WhatsApp works in real-time so that users can get messages automatically through notifications. This is indeed good but indirectly also eats up internet data usage. For that, you can turn off internet data in the background. Check out the following steps.

  1. Open the menu Settings » Apps & notifications.
  2. Select Application ” find app WhatsApp.
  3. Select Data usage ” turn off Background data.
  4. Done.

After turning off the feature, WhatsApp no ​​longer works in real-time. You also won’t receive message notifications automatically. Notifications will come only when you open WhatsApp.

Notes: Each device has a different method, you need to adapt to the device you are using.

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6. View WhatsApp data usage activity

6 View WhatsApp data usage statistics
6. View WhatsApp internet data usage activity. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

The latest version of WhatsApp allows you to view sent and received data usage statistics. This feature makes it easy for you to control data usage within a certain period of time. Available statistics from calls, media, Google Drive, messages, status and roaming.

  1. Open the menu Suit » Storage and data.
  2. Then select Network usage.
  3. View data usage statistics Sent and Accepted on your device.
  4. Done.

At the bottom, you can do a statistical reset. Tap Reset stats to see what data usage will look like in the future, whether it is more efficient or more wasteful. You can reset statistics every month to make it easier to monitor data usage.

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Those are some tips that you can do to save WhatsApp internet data, hopefully they can be helpful and useful. If there is a slight difference from the screenshot and the steps, you can adjust it. Share these tips to your social media to make it more useful and useful. If there is something you need to ask or convey, please write in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!

Writer : Rudi Dian Arifin | Editor : Revelation Faithful NCO

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