10 Ways to Overcome Laptop Keyboard Not Working At All

Problem a malfunctioning keyboard when typing must make you anxious, right? Without a keyboard you can’t run the computer properly. No need to worry, you can use this method to overcome the laptop keyboard not working when used.

The malfunctioning of the laptop keyboard may be caused by several factors, such as problems with the laptop system, keyboard errors, broken keyboards, and so on.

For that, you need to first identify the problem, then use the following repair steps on how to fix it: the laptop keyboard does not work.

How To Fix A Laptop Keyboard Not Working

1. Restart Device

Problems with software or drivers installed on a laptop can cause the keyboard to malfunction. To solve this problem, you can restart the laptop. After restarting usually your keyboard will be back to normal and can be used again.

However, if this method does not work, you can immediately enter Safe Mode. If you can’t enter the Safe Mode menu, it could be that your laptop keyboard is really damaged and needs to be repaired by an expert.

2. Check Software and Hardware

Keyboard problems that don’t work can be caused by a faulty support software. Some signs of a laptop software having problems are that numbers and letters do not appear on the screen even though the keyboard buttons have been pressed repeatedly.

Here’s how to determine whether the software has a problem or not.

  • Restart the laptop first.
  • Enter BIOS mode by pressing the button directed to your laptop screen.

Enter BIOS mode by pressing the button directed to your laptop screen.

  • If the keyboard can still move, that’s a sign that your laptop’s software is having problems.
  • Fix the software problem by repairing Windows or reinstalling it.
  • If the BIOS still can’t be moved with the keyboard, it’s a sign that there is a problem with your laptop’s hardware.

Because the hardware is problematic, the solution is you still have to take it to a repairman.

3. Reinstall Laptop Drivers

Laptop drivers are an important part that supports the use of several parts of the laptop, starting from the keyboard, mouse, Wifi, and many others. No wonder if this driver damage can cause keyboard problems too.

Driver damage can be caused by a clash of Windows systems or drivers that are not up to date.

For that, you need to reinstall the laptop driver by:

  • Click the menu Start in the taskbar.
  • Open Device Manager by typing it in the search box.
  • Click button Enter.
  • Look for options Keyboards then click the arrow on the left.
  • Right mouse click on HID Keyboard Devices then click Uninstall.

Right-click the mouse on HID Keyboard Devices and then click Uninstall.

  • Click the menu Restart after the uninstall process is complete.
  • If the keyboard is not damaged, then the keyboard can be used again.

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4. View Keyboard Settings

The automatic keyboard settings on laptops are sometimes changed by users without knowing what impact it will have. Changed keyboard settings can cause the keyboard to experience errors and not work, you know.

If this is the case, check your keyboard settings again to detect whether there is an error or not.

How to open the keyboard settings on a laptop is as follows.

  • Click the menu Start on the taskbar.
  • Type “Control Panel” in the search field.
  • Once open, click the Ease of Access menu.
  • Click on an option Change Your Keyboard Work.
  • Uncheck the options Turn On Sticky Keys and Turn On Filter Keys.

Uncheck the Turn On Sticky Keys and Turn On Filter Keys options.

5. Restore Windows

Restore Windows can be used to restore the system to its original state. This can be done when the system collides with an application or software that has just been installed until the keyboard cannot be used due to incorrect settings.

To restore Windows, you can use the System Restore feature in the following way.

  • Open the menu Control Panel in the same way as before.
  • Go to the menu System and Security then select option Back up your computer.
  • After entering the new page, select Recover your system settings or your computer.

After entering the new page, select Recover your system settings or your computer.

  • Click option Open System Restore then follow the wizard’s instructions.
  • Wait for the reboot or restart process to complete.
  • Try using your keyboard, whether it works or not.

6. Restore Keyboard Layout

The next method you can use when your laptop keyboard cannot be used to type correctly, for example letters into numbers or vice versa. This kind of keyboard error can be solved by returning the keyboard layout to its original state.

How to return the laptop keyboard layout to its original settings is as follows.

  • Click the menu Start in the taskbar.
  • Type “Control Panel” in the search field.
  • Once open, select Clock, Language and Region.
  • Select a menu Region and Language to open the window.

Select the Region and Language menu to open the window.

  • Search options Change Keyboard in the window that opens.
  • Click button Add then select option UK.

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7. Cleaning Laptop

A keyboard that is rarely cleaned can cause dirt to accumulate and make the keyboard error. To overcome this, of course, you have to be diligent in cleaning it, especially if the laptop is often used in an open room.

To clean the error keyboard because it is dirty, here are the steps you can follow.

  • Make sure your laptop is turned off or shut down, if not shut down immediately.
  • Turn the laptop over to make the keyboard face down.
  • Try pressing the keys on the keyboard as if you were typing.
  • Clean between the keyboard in an inverted position using a make-up brush or a special keyboard cleaning broom.

Clean between the keyboard in an inverted position using a make-up brush or a special keyboard cleaning broom.

  • Return the position of the laptop and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner so that the dust on the surface of the keyboard is gone.
  • Restart the laptop and check the keyboard by typing.

8. Fix Problem with Connector

Fixing Problems with Connectors

If the keyboard is partially faulty, there may be a problem with the connector. The problem could be because the connector is bent, loose, or loose from the slot.

If that’s the case, you have to be willing to open the laptop to fix it because the connector is inside the laptop. If in doubt, it’s best to leave it to a repairman to sort it out.

9. Remove Laptop Battery

Remove Laptop Battery

A problematic laptop battery can spread to the keyboard and cause it to be unusable or an error. If the laptop battery is damaged, you should immediately replace it with a new one by removing it.

However, to remove this battery you need to be careful so as not to cause further damage. To uninstall it, make sure the laptop is in a state of shut down when removing the battery. Once removed, check by connecting the charger cable.

If the keyboard can function properly, the battery should be replaced immediately so that the problem does not spread everywhere.

10. Change Keyboard

Change Keyboard

If the previous methods didn’t work, that’s a sign that your keyboard is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one. To replace it, you can go to a trusted laptop service repairman near your place.

You can also go to the service center of the company that issued your laptop brand. And that’s the recommendation from the toraccino team in overcoming an error laptop keyboard.

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The 10 ways to fix a laptop keyboard not working above can help you solve the keyboard problem you are experiencing. If the problem cannot be solved, please ask a service repairman to repair your laptop.

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